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I am a passionate Lions fan who missed having people to talk about the Lions with when I moved to California, so I got on POD. Part of the reason that I post FanPosts is so that I can improve my ability for writing even in a casual way, so if anyone sees some errors, grammatical, spelling, or if it just does not sound right please let me know.

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Cram9030's Notes on the First Day of Training Camp Part 3

Ahhhhh the ever growing fan post. I did not realize just how much content I had captured with my incessant scribbling yet here we are on a third fan post to cover it. So lets hop right in. Seven...


Cram9030's Notes on the First Day of Training Camp Part 2

Continuing on with my day one training camp notes. We are going to switch over to offense for this one and start with some of the passing drills. I tried to focus on Stafford the best I could but...


Cram9030's Notes on the First Day of Training Camp Part 1

Yesterday was my first time getting to go to training camp and I wanted to share it with all of you guys so I took a notebook and made some notes. I am going to start with some general things that...


How likely is it that one of our corners becomes a starter?

On the recent thread at about drafting corners high, BillySimsMadeMeDo poised the question "What are the odds they all ball out?" in reference to our young corners. He later referenced their...


Which young corner is the most promising?

Whether we need to draft a corner has been a matter of hot debate, with most of us agreeing that a corner in the first is probably not the way to go. The primary reason for this has been that we...


US Mens 7's Rugby

Hey everyone. When we signed Carlin Isles some people expressed interest in watching some Rugby. I just wanted to let you know that NBC will be showing US Men's Rugby in Vegas on January 25th. You...


Comparing Mayhew's Drafts to His Contemporaries

A few days I posted a fan post looking at Mayhew's draft picks performance against expected performance as generated by Football Perspective. Based off of some comments From Thorpac and Billy I...


Martin Mayhews Draft Record

With the end of the season and the firing of Schwartz there has been a lot of speculation on if the front office would be fired. This brought up the inevitable debate of Mayhew and his draft...


Big Willie Style, Willie Young Got Jiggy With it

With Suh being so dirty you have to watch dominatrix porn to get clean and any time left being (fairly) given to Reggie Bush, a very important someone got overlooked from this past game. Why...


The Wide Nine and Tweeners

As any Lion fan or national pundit could even tell you the Lions run the "Wide Nine" technique. Recent signing, Jason Jones, and Israel Idonije and some comments by Idonije regarding his use and...


Get Ready for a Crap Shoot

The day of the draft is nearly upon us. A venerable Christmas to those who worship at the church of the NFL. I had big plans leading up to this draft to unleash my mathematical predictions on...


Stafford's Deep Ball Accuracy

I have not posted a fan post in a while and in all honesty this is not the one I was expecting to post. (Delusions of grandeur and what not) But gothicpurple on one of his periodic visits to us...


Article Analyzing Stafford

Hey guys I wanted to pass along this article. I thought it was pretty good. I thought it was very interesting to see his analysis of the tight ends being to stiff to adjust to Stafford's slightly...


The Myth of the Lions Defense

I really did not want to post this mainly because I have a ton of other things that I should be doing but I could not stand it any more. A lot of people have been complaining about the offense and...


What we know about the Defense Three Weeks in

I haven't posted anything in a while and in wake of a 1-2 start and loosing to the Titans I had some questions. If any of you guys have read some of my post from the offseason you would know I have...


How Good Was our Dline Last Year?

I had actually intended this to be an analysis on why all the Bears fans are silly to insist that their wide receiver core is better than ours but while spending time on Football Outsiders I...


Megatron on ESPN and Suh in GQ

I am sure everyone has seen the article on ESPN about Calvin Johnson, if you haven't here is the link. It is a must read for any Lions fan. I went through it and thought just how awesome is Calvin...


What is the Type of Player we can get now, who could actually help?

This late into training camp there is not a lot of options for the Lions as far as quality players to add. So I take a look at what type of player that could be, who it could be, and ask your...

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