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L'Alpe d'Huez

Even though Chris foolishly has maintained my editorial privileges, I decided this was only worth a fanpost.  A little video I made in 2008 that maps out the final climb on L'Alpe d'Huez.    

Giro Stage 20 Preview: Bormio - Passo del Tonale


Stage 20 :: Saturday May 29, 2010 178km :: Bormio - Passo del Tonale Cioppino. Amore. Prosciutto. Pizza Margherita. Valpolicella. These words could all compete for favorites in the Italian...

Giro Stage 19 Preview: Brescia - Aprica


Stage 19 :: Friday May 28, 2010 195km :: Brescia - Aprica Prepare yourselves because chances are, this is the last chance for the remains of the GC hopefuls to really pull out the Buford stick and...

Giro Stage 18 Preview: Levico Terme - Brescia


A preview of Thursday's stage fo the Giro d'Italia.

Giro Stage 17 Preview: Brunico - Peio Terme


Stage 17 :: Wednesday May 26, 2010 173km :: Brunico - Peio Terme I'm under the gun here at work. No time to sit and play :( I do like the city names though, Brunico in particular does roll of...

Giro Stage 16 Preview: Plan de Corones (ITT)


A brief preview, with maps, of Tuesday's Plan de Corones time trial at the Giro d'Italia. Silly hard, this climb.

Giro Stage 15 Preview: Mestre - Monte Zoncolan


Stage 15 :: Sunday May 23, 2010 218km :: Mestre - Monte Zoncolan Zoncolan - do not beg him for forgiveness.  Zoncolan - do not ask him for mercy. How do these specs grab you:  four rated climbs...

Giro Stage 14 Preview: Ferrara - Asolo


A preview of the first of two climbing stages this weekend at the Giro d'Italia.

Giro Stage 13 Preview: Porto Recanati - Cesenatico


A preview- with maps - of Friday's Giro d'Italia stage.

Giro Stage 12 Preview: Città Sant'Angelo - Porto Recanati


Stage 12 :: Thursday May 20, 2010 191km :: Città Sant'Angelo - Porto Recanati Well, that wasn't solemn or somber was it, particularly not for my VDS team (Venga Sastre!) A new GC table and a few...

Giro Stage 11 Preview: Lucera - L'Aquila


Stage 11 :: Wednesday May 19, 2010 256km :: Lucera - L'Aquila Kind of a somber stage up ahead.  We're going to be heading into Abruzzo, the region that was absolutely devastated by an earthquake...

Giro Stage 10 Preview: Avellino - Bitonto


Stage 10 :: Tuesday May 18, 2010 220km :: Avellino - Bitonto Stop me if you've heard this already this year: from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Adriatic the riders will be crossing the ankle of Italy...

Giro Stage 09 Preview: Frosinone - Cava De' Tirreni


Stage 09 :: Monday May 17, 2010 188km :: Frosinone - Cava De' Tirreni This could very well be one of the more beautiful stages in the most beautiful of the stage races.  Heading to the Amalfi...

Giro Stage 08 Preview: Chianciano Terme - Terminillo


Stage 08 :: Sunday May 16, 2010 189km :: Chianciano Terme - Terminillo Everybody form a conga line!  Summit, Summit Finish!!!!  Summit, Summit Finish!!!! That's right, we're ending Sunday's stage...

Giro Stage 07 Preview: Carrara - Montalcino


Stage 07 :: Saturday May 15, 2010 215km :: Carrara - Montalcino If Saturday's stage doesn't smell like oregano and put you in mind of equilibrium challenged towers, then you're watching the wrong...

Giro Stage 06 Preview: Fidenza - Carrara


Giro Stage 06 Preview: Fidenza - Carrara Stage 06 :: Friday May 14, 2010 166km :: Fidenza - Carrara Continuing our southward jaunt, we head to the Mediterranean coast tomorrow in a (relatively)...

Giro Stage 05 Preview: Novara - Novi Ligure


A look ahead at Thursday's stage of the Giro d'Italia.

Giro Stage 04 Preview: Savigliano - Cuneo (TTT !!)


Stage 04 :: Wednesday May 12, 2010 32.5km :: Savigliano - Cuneo (TTT) The beloved Team Time Trial.  Also known as the eco-friendly way of transporting your entire professional cycling team from...

Giro Stage 03 Preview: Amsterdam - Middelburg


Stage 03 :: Monday May 10, 2010 209km :: Amsterdam - Middelburg How does La Gazzetta dello Sport describe tomorrow's stage to Middelburg: "plain".  Now that's just not very charitable is it.  From...

Giro Stage 02 Preview: Amsterdam - Utrecht


Stage 02 :: Sunday May 9, 2010 209km :: Amsterdam - Utrecht The Giro is underway now, the prologue is behind us and a road course awaits, 200+ km through the Dutch country side between Amsterdam...


Giro 2010 Google Earth File

Hey all... I just wanted to point you quickly to the complete Giro map we put together for the race. It's a KMZ file that you can download and then open using Google Earth. Load up the "terrain"...

Giro Stage 01 Preview: Amsterdam ITT (Prologue)


Giro d'Italia stage 1 preview.

Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt Preview


Oh, you thought it was all Ardennes and Cobbles and Maglia Rosa and Mellow Johnnies around here did you? Well, I drew the short straw and get to tell you all about the Rund um den Finanzplatz...

My favorite cycling photo ever. Stijn Devolder in Flanders, 2008. Full size here.


My favorite cycling photo ever. Stijn Devolder in Flanders, 2008. Full size here.


Google Maps, now with Bike Routing

Wired is running a crowdsourced review for Google Maps new "Bike Route" feature. They are asking for people to try it out and send in blurbs with pictures.  As I'm led to believe that there are...


Old race, but inspiring...

I put this together for the end of the '08 Tour de France, but I thought I'd repost it to raise the heat in the Cafe. Please, oh please bring on the cobbles already!  


Friday O/T: What is best in life?

Well? Tell your dear sweet Uncle Crashdan... what is best in life? (and Drew/Jimbo/Itswells/Jens don't just jump right in, I expect better of you. I expect a full answer, step by step).

Vuelta Stage 21 Preview: Rivas-Vaciamadrid - Madrid


Stage 21 :: Sunday September 20, 2009 110.2km :: Rivas-Vaciamadrid - Madrid The closing stage of the 2009 Vuelta. A rolling parade to Madrid with the typical closing circuit on the streets of the...

Vuelta Stage 20 Preview: Toledo ITT


Stage 20 :: Saturday September 19, 2009 27.8km :: Toledo ITT Is it done and dusted? Probably, barring some catclysmic performance in the top rankings of the sort only capable by a mutant...

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