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Vuelta Stage 19 Preview: Ávila - La Granja de San Ildefonso


Stage 19 :: Friday September 18, 2009 179.8km :: Ávila - La Granja de San Ildefonso One more stage before the denoument of this tour, and it's a nice one. Several rated climbs including two trips...

Vuelta Stage 18 Preview: Talavera de la Reina - Ávila


Stage 18 :: Thursday September 17, 2009 165.0km :: Talavera de la Reina - Ávila A saucy win for Roux! Nice to see FdJ at the sharp end of the race. Hopefully, we can now put the majority of...

Vuelta Stage 17 Preview: Ciudad Real - Talavera de la Reina


  Stage 17 :: Wednesday September 16, 2009 193.6km :: Ciudad Real - Talavera de la Reina I'm stuck under a time crunch to do a cell phone invoice cost analysis. All things considered, dead flat...

Vuelta Stage 16 Preview: Córdoba - Puertollano


Stage 16 :: Tuesday September 15, 2009 170.3km :: Córdoba - Puertollano A flat stage is in store for you. A couple of Cat.3 climbs on this one, some ridge running and plateau uh... planing?!? ...

Vuelta Stage 15 Preview: Jaén - Córdoba


Stage 15 :: Monday September 14, 2009 167.7km :: Jaén - Córdoba Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.  No use repeating myself, eh? Jaén to Córdoba.  Everytime I read Córdoba, I can only hear Alec Guiness...

Vuelta Stage 14 Preview: Granada - La Pandera


Stage 14 :: Sunday September 13, 2009 157.0km :: Granada - La Pandera Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum rhoncus semper sem, vel hendrerit elit bibendum nec. Morbi...

Vuelta Stage 13 Preview: Berja - Sierra Nevada


Stage 13 :: Saturday September 12, 2009 172.4km :: Berja - Sierra Nevada Well, I guess Garmin finally discovered they could set a waypoint on "Stage Win", eh? One would have though a guy with...

Vuelta Stage 12 Preview: Almería - Alto de Velefique


Stage 12 :: Friday September 11, 2009 179km :: Almería - Alto de Velefique Wow, I get to haul out the red highlighter again.  Crazy mountain stage?  Yep.  Looping course that re-rides a Cat.1...

Vuelta Stage 11 Preview: Murcia - Caravaca De La Cruz


Stage 11 :: Wednesday September 9, 2009 200.0km :: Murcia - Caravaca De La Cruz We start tomorrow's stage where we left off before, in Murcia, in the shadow of the Alto de la Cresta del Gallo. We...

Vuelta Stage 10 Preview: Alicante - Murcia


Stage 10 :: Tuesday September 8, 2009 171.2km :: Alicante - Murcia The Vuelta turns to Northern California for tomorrow's stage. Don't believe me? It passes through Salinas, Los Banos, and...

Vuelta Stage 9 Preview: Alcoy - Xorret De Catí


Stage 9 :: Monday September 7, 2009 188.8km :: Alcoy - Xorret De Catí Unfortunately, I have to be brief... Gavia and Frinking have the conn...   Spare me the madness Gavia... The Vuelta lingers...

Vuelta Stage 8 Preview: Alzira - Alto de Aitana


Stage 8 :: Sunday September 6, 2009 204.7km :: Alzira - Alto de Aitana This stage is teh crazy. Eight... count 'em eight(!) rated climbs and, because you asked for it... because you demanded i...

Vuelta Stage 7 Preview: Valencia ITT


Stage 7 :: Saturday September 5, 2009 30.0km :: Valencia ITT Well, I'm stuck sitting in the passenger seat of my truck as my friend is driving us north to the Sacramento area today (Hi...

Vuelta Stage 6 Preview: Xàtiva - Xàtiva


Stage 6 :: Wednesday September 3, 2009 176.8km :: Xàtiva - Xàtiva I believe it was Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II who once said to Maestro Salieri, "You are Xàtiva, court composer!" How much Xàtiva...

Vuelta Stage 5 Preview: Taragonna - Vinaròs


Stage 5 :: Tuesday September 2, 2009 174km :: Taragonna - Vinaròs The race in Spain rolls mainly in the actual country of Spain now. ¡Adiós, mis amigos holandeses, y hola mis hermanos españoles! ...

Vuelta Stage 4 Preview: Venlo - Lieja (Liege)


Stage 4 :: Tuesday September 1, 2009 225.5km :: Venlo - Liege Stage four of the Vuelta and I'm already sort of scratching my head. A lot of the Giro stages looked like "classics" stages. The...

Vuelta Stage 3 Preview: Zutphen - Venlo


Stage 3 :: Monday August 31, 2009 189.7km :: Zutphen - Venlo There is a great German word as coined in the movie "Top Secret": Flachmatuch. Since this is an entirely made up word, I'm going to...

Vuelta Stage 2 Preview: Assen - Emmen


Stage 2 :: Sunday August 30, 2009 203.7km :: Assen - Emmen Buckle your seat belts for this stage boys and girls.  Angelo Zomegnan Christiane Prudhomme Victor Cordero really pulled a corker out of...

Vuelta Stage 1 Preview: Assen ITT


Stage 1 :: Saturday August 29, 2009 4.8km :: Assen TT Circuit Hola, mi amigos, mi hermanas y hermanos!  Stage one is here of the final grand tour of the year!   My stunning grasp of languages...

Exclusive photo of Majope's tattoo


Exclusive photo of Majope's tattoo

Hey Bruce! Marco Melandri would like a word with you...


Hey Bruce! Marco Melandri would like a word with you...

Steven Cozza and Mondays


Steven Cozza and Mondays

Tourbecco Evidence...


We've had smatterings of reports from around France, and, really the world now, that have suggested that perhaps Tourbecco had escaped the clutches of Zombiecco and was now vacationing with Txirla...

R.A.M.R.O.D. Live Thread !!!


As you may or may not know, our dear leader, Chris... is currently participating in the "Ride Around Mount Ranier In One Day" ride, 154 miles winding up and around Mt. Rainier in Washington State. ...

Unofficial 2009 Tour de France Podium Cafe Awards


The time to celebrate the achievement of Alberto Contador, Thor Hushovd and Franco Ppeelliizzoottii has arrived; But let us also consider some of the other awards that we, the fans of the Tour and...


Ed. Liga VDS Smack

That's right, I took Lance with my first pick and you all scoffed with one person *cough* shebear *cough* suggesting that I should have used my valuable first pick to go with the shorter version of...

Tour Stage 21 Preview: Montereau-Fault-Yonne - Paris Champs-Élysées


Stage 21 :: Sunday July 26, 2009 164km :: Montereau-Fault-Yonne - Paris Champs-Élysées The large majority of us know this route by now like the back of our hands. A piano parade through the...

Tour Stage 20 Preview: Montélimar - Mont Ventoux


Stage 20 :: Saturday July 25, 2009 167km :: Montélimar - Mont Ventoux This is it, sports fans. The big one. If anyone has any shot at upsetting the classement général podium, this is their last...

Tour Stage 19 Preview: Bourgoin-Jallieu - Aubenas


Stage 19 :: Friday July 24, 2009 178km :: Bourgoin-Jallieu - Aubenas First a pair of Saint Bernards, then 5 rated climbs, then a 40k time trial with what proved to be a nastyCat.3 climb with a...

Tour Stage 18 Preview: Annecy ITT


Stage 18 :: Thursday July 23, 2009 40.5km :: Annecy - Annecy Animation on the GC Podium today as the climbers strutted their stuff. Tomorrow though, no team mates will pace you, no alliances will...

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