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Mets Ticket Promo Suggestions

At the behest of my 12 kids and them not wanting to see Citifield empty on a daily basis - (as will surely be the case all of 2012) – I’ve charitably donated my time to the Mets marketing...


Sandy Alderson's thoughts and tidbits on the latest free agent signings and hot stove happenings

On Reyes' 6 yr/$106 million contract with the Marlins: "Yea, we were willing to do 5 years for 90 million, but 6 years? No way, we're not stupid, everyone knows - Ya gotta watch out for that 6th...


Introducing Your 2012 New York Mets Lineup:

Introducing Your 2012 New York Mets Lineup:   (Opening Day Citifield 2012) Leading off, the next coming of Rey Ordonez, he's the only Latin player in history to lie about his age in reverse since...


Ed Wade, who are you working for? Are the Astros the new farm system of the Phils?

Roy Oswalt, Brad Lidge and now Hunter Pence - you mean to tell me that out of every other team in the majors, the Astros could not get a better deal and had to trade with the Phillies in every...


Jason Pridie - A Class Act ...and Mike Cameron as well

Was at the Mets@Marlins game last Friday night.  Hanging outside Sun Life Stadium after the Mets win since it was Fiesta Friday at the crummy Fish stadium, there were about 10-20 Mets fans, mostly...

Sandy says goodbye to 2011 with K-Rod Trade


Sandy says goodbye to 2011 with K-Rod Trade

Jeff Wilpon’s apology to the players: "You know Daddy doesn’t really hate you guys. Jose, he...


Jeff Wilpon’s apology to the players: "You know Daddy doesn’t really hate you guys. Jose, he said you were a racehorse and Daddy doesn’t shoot those unless they hurt their...ah legs…ah um….Carlos, he said only a tiny 30 % of your whole being sucks….and Wright…well fu*k, Dad’s right about him." Are we good fellas?


Exclusive: The rest of Fred Wilpon’s comments to the New Yorker:

  “CitiField sucks, I made this place too damn big and we can’t hit for sh*t” “Dickey smells, something’s growing in that beard of his” “Terry Collins?  Screw that moron, I rather hang with Tom...


10 Reasons the 2011 Mets are more entertaining to watch than the Yankees

After a lively argument with a Yankee fan on which NY team was more interesting and or entertaining to follow this season,a few of these points came up in the conversation.  A few I thought of...


Trade Reyes? No Way Jose!

  As the Mets continue their sleepwalk through 2011, their recent Sunday night marathon win notwithstanding, the prevalent thought among those “in-the-know” is that Jose Reyes will be swapped away...


Stop the Madness: The NL Must Adopt the DH Now!

This is a non-statistical blog - simply the opinion of an avid baseball fan - feel free to stop reading now if you're looking for stats to illustrate or highlight the text below - I work fulltime...


What's your Mets In-Game OCD Move/Superstition?

Do you ever think that you can influence the outcome of a Mets game if you do certain actions/superstitions during the game? Here are some that I'm convinced do work: 1.Scenario:  Mets are losing...


Does SNY have a Hot Stove show this year?

Do they need one in this dull and pathetic season?  If it exists, it should probably be canceled.   Maybe they can pre-empt SNY Hot Stove with "Where in the World of Citi Field is Kevin BurkDiego?"...

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