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Bengals fan since 1980. Who dey!
Dubs fan since 1991. Run TMC 4ever.
Penguins fan since 1988. Super Mario is the GOAT!
Giants fan since 1993. Followed Barry after being a Pirates fan.
Ron Harper is my fave pro athlete of all-time.

DJ ILLusive

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
  • NFL Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Golf Tigger Weeds
  • NASCAR I'm an F1 fan, sorry
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao!
  • General San Jose Sharks
  • Tennis Stefan Edberg
  • The Championship 95-96 UnstoppaBulls 72-10!
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Seth Curry Basketball Clinic - This Saturday 9/21

Hey GSOMers, Sorry for the late notice, but if you have any kids into basketball ages up to 17 and you don't have plans this Saturday, a friend of mine has a basketball clinic hosted by none other...

Has anyone copped their white Nike Limited AJ Green jersey yet? I'm having NO luck finding it.


Has anyone copped their white Nike Limited AJ Green jersey yet? I'm having NO luck finding it.

My new Dubs anthem. Jah!

My new Dubs anthem. Jah!

So much for using the MLE on Andre Miller

I thought he would be a perfect fit as the backup PG to Curry since he's more of a midrange, post-up 1 who has the knack to find the right teammate to pass it to and is a tough defender, despite being in his late 30's. So who now? Ramon Sessions? After watching him in LA, I think he's better fit to be a backup. I wouldn't mind him spelling Curry for 15-20min/gm. Kirk Heinrich? Injury-prone, but limit his minutes and he's serviceable PG who has a lot of experience. Raymond Felton? Very much a contrast from Steph and could be a great change of pace guy at the point. Remember, we only have so much much to work with using the midlevel exception to sign a free agent, so unless we make some trades to clear out cap space, there's only a certain group of guys we can go after.


"The Next..." 2012 Edition

Figured I give my take on the projected lottery picks and who I think their career will most likely compare to. Feel free to list your comparisons. Anthony Davis: Marcus Camby with a better looking...


How the NBA should fix the Dunk Contest

OK, most all of us were glued to our TVs this past Saturday night for all the All-Star festivities(or at least DVRed it) and saw what the dunk contest has come down to. Now, I don't know if you...




Steph's Sick Dime to DLee last night

Steph's Sick Dime to DLee last night


Sh*t Warriors Fan Say

Jumping on this youtube craze, I thought I'd start a post and y'all can add some of your witty one-liners. I'll start: "play some defense, for Gods sakes!" "did we just lose?" "where's Run TMC...


You know a team is bad when...

you lose a guy like Kwame Brown to an injury, who the Warriors' org took a lot of flack for paying him 7 mil for 66 games...and losing him to injury turns out being A BIG DEAL. Remember, this is a...

With All Steph's Ankle issues, why hasn't he used these kicks???

I was listening to the Rick Barry interview last week on Chris Townsend's show on 95.7 The Game and he mentioned these shoes he's been endorsing. At first, I thought it was just Rick going off on one of his shpeels but after reading about them, why the hell not try em if I was Steph. YES, I know he probably has a shoe contract with Nike, but hey, what's more important? A few mil or being able to sustain a pro basketball career. Just a thought, if you're listening/reading, Steph. :P

The drive and defensive collapse that may end up costing us a playoff berth.

The drive and defensive collapse that may end up costing us a playoff berth.

Only ONE sellout all season??? SMH

Cincinnati/Ohio Bengals fans, you should be ashamed of yourselves! Support your team and go to home games! High ticket prices is a crock of sh*t!!! Same goes for Raiders fans here in the Bay Area. Raider nation talks a big game, but they hardly ever sell out in Oakland. Inexcusable!


Would AJ Green made a difference between a win or a loss today?

OK, well...I think we've done enough of pointing fingers. Whether it be Dalton, one of the WRs,or the questionable calls by the officials, I keep hearing AJG18's name come up frequently. But do you...


Dissecting the tough 2nd half of the season

OK, l know we are all siked about the 6-2 start and winning 5 in a row. Everyone and their momma wrote the Bengals off before the season started, even I had my doubts! But the "Red Rifle", AJG18,...


First 4 games will dictate how this season's team will fair

If you've looked at this season schedule, which most of you have, it's probably pretty cut and dry that our strength of schedule is very favorable. No more is that seen than the first 4 games:...

You think we should buy this contraption for Beans???

You think we should buy this contraption for Beans???


Hand Down, Man Down. Not just a saying, but a philosophy.

OK, I know we have heard Marck Jackson say this all too many times, but in applying this to the Warriors case, its totally true and relevant. As he has stated on numerous occasions in this...


Trade ideas now that we got Green and Dalton

So assuming the Bengals are ushering in a new breed of characters on offense with the drafting of AJ Green and Andy Dalton, it looks like trading Carson Palmer and Ochocinco might be in the cards...


D-Wright deserves to be in the 3-pt shootout at ASG!

Someone in the Warriors organization needs to represent at All-Stat weekend, other than maybe Steph in the Skills challenge and Soph-Rookie game! Dorrell is 1st in made 3's and top 25 in 3pt PCT at...


Arrivederci, Quiet Storm...what now???

  We are now in need of a solid backup PG now that CJ has bounced. Who do we pick up? The list of available free agents 1's is pretty slim: Jannero Pargo - didn't really makes waves in the euro...


Monta + Quiet Storm + Beans for Granger + TJ Ford(expiring contract) - you listening, Riley/Rowell?

SF Gate Article I commented on some of the other fanshots, but if the Dubs biggest need is a top notch wing player/bonafide shooter, what better guy to set your sights on than Danny Granger? Big...


Mr. NBA Logo quite possibly be our new GM???

With Ellison on the cusp of completing the purchase of the Warriors franchise, there have been rumors that he has been courting his longtime chum, Jerry West to resurrect this team out of its...


So what's the scoop on this Reggie Williams guy?

Leading scorer in the D-league. Impressive numbers: 26PPG, nearly 6 boards and 3 assists, and his percentages are phenomenal (57/82/41). But like with every great D-leaguer, you have to take their...


Let's reminsce all the trends in oncourt fashion thru the years...

Kinda off-topic but I was thinkin about this the other day and wanted my fellow GSOMers to add their fashion trends past and present. I'll start it off... 1. Afros: Dr. J's fro was classic! 2....


Is it me, or does CJ Watson's game remind you of Speedy Claxton?

His mannerisms, size, shooting range, and ability remind me alot of Speedy Clax. And that's not a bad thing at all...for a backup point, which the Dubs need. I think he's definitely got a roster...

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