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did our rivals just release our new returnman?


Looks like the Chargers got too many of the same guy and are keeping Royal over Parrish. Maybe we can get a return man out of the deal.

Von Miller among afc west elite


Everyone be patient when you read this article. I almost stopped when Champ was in the honorable mention. I almost threw my phone at a wall when the top 2 guys where chiefs, but the more I read the more I liked. Just a hint, involves a very bold prediction in regards to Miller.

Champ Bailey Overrated?!


So OC Joyner from ESPN says Champ is overrated, if anyone has access to insider it would be great if you could post his explanation.


Ultimate BOOM or BUST Mock!

I must start by saying this is not what I want the Broncos to do. I wouldn't mind getting a couple of these guys but I don't think I want a whole draft of question marks. This is more just a fun...


All the cool kids are doing it!! (My Mock Draft)

I am a firm believer in the theory of drafting the best player available, and the higher the pick in the draft the more important it is. Later on it makes sense to fill some holes but it is best...

vote for who you want the Broncos to pick.


Walter is doing a fan vote mock draft, the Broncos are on the clock, some interesting names still on the board. Come back and let us know who you voted for and why.


The future CAN be NOW!!

After a very extensive post that disappeared upon previewing, I am going to give this another shot…I will admit this one is going to be a lot shorter, because honestly I am a little...

This just in.... Von Miller is a stud!


You gotta love this type of hype when it isn't just fans but national writers.


Our New Offensive Coordinator.....

As of this past week and moving forward i am rooting for Norv Turner. Wait!!! Don't stop reading yet, let me explain. This last week was obvious why I would be rooting for Norv Turner, ...

Espn expert predictions.


Looks like 3 out of every 4 ESPN "experts" predict von miller DROY. What's wrong with the other 25%? Every last one says that the chargers win AFC West.


4 Starter Mock w/ tebow tangent

Lifelong Bronco fan, long time reader, first time posting. Hope to help carry on a great tradition of well thought educated posts on this great site. I was driving down the street and must admit...

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