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"Malicious" NCAA


So if the NCAA might be found liable for civil damages in a malicious investigation, how malicious might it be if they didn't even bother with an investigation when another big University got nailed to the wall? It would be great to subpoena Emmert's emails from the last year to see exactly what was going on.

End the abuse, not Penn State football: Bud Shaw


Another sports writer who is willing to stick his neck out. In Ohio, no less. And for once, DO read the comments - while some are predictable, there are others that show some reason.


Bridget Franek qualifies for US Olympic team

Congratulations to Bridget Franek, PSU '10 who qualified for the US Olympic team with her second place finish in the 3,000 meter steeplechase qualifier on Friday. From USA Track & Fields's web-site...

Lanny Davis, your bias is showing!


Keep watching folks, as the BOT's and their hired hands continue to try and make this entirely an athletics problem. Once again, I ask where is the damage control firm that we are paying so much for? This project will surely destroy any credibility they might of had going into this.

Countering the Criticism of Paterno


I was annoyed when I read quotes where some alleged children's advocate criticized Thursday's memorial as insensitive. The above link to the Huffington Post is a refreshing alternative.


When it hit me hardest

I have two girls, 8 and 10, who were both lucky enough to see Coach Joe in action. Even though we live in the Buckeye state, they take pride in being a little different and being PSU fans is just...

What the BOT's could/should do better.


Highly recommend that you check out this article. I was going to cut and paste some of it, but in order to keep credit where it is due, will just share this link. Take a look at the sidebar and you will see her 9 tips for "Protecting your brand from digital assault." As I scanned it, I was not shocked to see that the BOT’s and their PR firm appear to have skipped from step 1 straight to step 9 and failed to do any of these relatively simple items to help address a fiasco. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but if any of those folks are actually watching what we say and do here, perhaps they would consider earning their keep by actually doing some of these things to protect our University and its reputation.

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