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D-Wash and Dansby gone, Cards throw in towel...


Everyone needs to Calm The F&%$ Down.......

Why the Cardinals will win 12 games in 2014


We examine why the Arizona Cardinals could possibly win 12 games this year...

Bobbie Massie vs Bradley Sowell:


One of the biggest battles in camp is going to come down to a few things.... Lets take a look at the match-up....

AZ Cardinals 2014 NFL Draft O-Line follow up


NFL Draft 2014 Follow up: Not a single F was given about O-line.... and thats OK

NFL Draft: Who's Left?


A quick look of who's left and who may be available come the 160th pick.....

Adrian Wilson....part deux


Looking at Deone Bucannon and what we hope he can live up pressure buddy.

Arizona Cardinals and the "S" word.....


In depth look at the cardinals schedule (not the s word) and there upcoming season...(also not the s word)

Need vs Best Player Available.....


Looking into what the Cardinals may be doing in this years NFL Draft......(is it May yet)

My response to Jess...


Jess Root wrote an article on what the Arizona Cardinals did wrong in Free Agency, Here is my counter point to that, not necessarily what they did right just what I think of his views.

AZ Cardinals may have a Top 10 line in the making.


With our latest free agent pickup of Jared Veldheer and Cooper coming back, our line just went from laughing stock to one of the top 10 in the league



I said in 2012 we needed to get Payton Manning, by any means necessary, im glad they didnt, because our team would be worse off for it.

The AZ Cardinals didn't deserve a playoff spot....


Looking back on a great season and everything is exactly the way it should be.

Salary cap decision for the Cards


While I am pretty sure Coach Arians and Steve Keim is safe, We can take a look at some of the cuts that can be made this year to free up some cap space next year.

Arizona Cardinals, Where do we go from here?


Perhaps we can look at past mistakes and learn from them as we build off of a winning season to make this team a champion.....


I would like to give a giant Middle Finger.....

To everyone at ESPN and the East Coast bias. who in gods name would take a team.. a team that beat the best team you have and drop them below a team they beat by 30 points.... I should probably...

Time for karma to pay up for the AZ Cardinals


We look back at what it takes to knock someone out of the playoffs..... we have first hand knowledge....

Playoffs Start Early for Cardinals


Coming down to the wire and Cardinals chances of getting to the playoffs are getting slim...

I told you so: 9 or 10 Wins


A look back at what one person said was a stretch to win 9 or 10 games this year.....

Can the Cards win the NFC West?


One hopeful fans look at how we can get that first round bye.....


Why the Cardinals Will Win on Sunday......

Your Arizona Cardinals are currently sitting at 6-4 on the outside looking in on the playoffs. Here is my reasons that I think the cardinals are going to win this coming weekend: - Cardinals are...


Left Tackle Situation.....

We started this year with Levi "Ole" Brown at our starting left tackle this year. He was anything but elite, and was in my opinion quite bad at pass protection. BA and Steve Keim had the ability...

Too bad the Cards aren't in the NFC East anymore


A look at the Cardinals in a completely different light, and looking forward to the next three games.


Dear NFL

Dear NFL: Its nice to know that you really care, In a world where non for profits take advantage of the system and spend frivolously all the while you are there to show them the true meaning of...

What did the Cards really get in Levi trade?


Embattled LT Levi Brown Shipped to Pittsburgh, What did we get?

Cards on their way to 10 wins?


After a 2-2 start, could they reach double digits?

11 has cards losing by 20 points

I am starting to feel like Rodney Dangerfield here. Cards aint getting no respect..... Tampa bay limited them to 16 points but there is no way that the cardinals do that because Tampa Bay is...



Why is it when the cardinals win, no matter the reason, anyone outside of us here at ROTB and cardinal's fans in AZ is basically letting the world know why the (insert team here) lost the game and...

How to run the ball successfully against the Lions


A look at how a team can have success on the ground against a very stout Lions defensive line.

Zone blocking: A look at an actual NFL play


After showing you the theory, here are some actual NFL stills showing how it works.

Zone blocking: The cutback


A look at how this running back move fits into the blocking scheme

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