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Alabama and Florida State Mirror Images


An N.F.L. scout who is familiar with Saban and Fisher and their approaches to recruiting and coaching and who has scouted their teams, said he believed the Seminoles would win a potential national championship matchup. He said the Seminoles have been built to be identical to the Crimson Tide as far as being a complete, complementary football team, but Florida State is "a little faster on defense," and Winston appears to be a better quarterback than McCarron.

College Football's Most Dominant Player? It's ESPN


The article is much more informative than the accompanying video, although both reiterate a lot of things that you probably already know or won't be surprised by.

More Good News for Miami of Florida


I'm going in for my sarcasoscopy tomorrow.

Among Butkus Winners, Paul McGowan Stands Out


Some of us are old enough to remember McGowan. Great player for a great defense.

2012 D1 Women's Soccer Tournament


FSU is in the Final Four and playing Penn St tomorrow night. TN needs to recruit a writer to cover FSU's women's soccer team: they are kicking it. (c;

FSU's Football Team is a 1-Seed


They're already through to the 2nd round. If everything follows the seedings, they'll face UF in the Elite 8.

A.C.C. Is Deep Enough to Fill Final Four Itself


Women's soccer, not men's basketball. Once you get away from (American) football (or "gridiron" as they call it in Australia), the ACC is really strong in just about every sport.

Posey Gets First Spring Hit


Buster making his way back from injury.

FSU Volleyball in the Final 4


What an incredible year so far for FSU women's sports. The 12th seeded FSU volleyball team beat the 5 seed Purdue and the 4 seed Iowa State to advance to the final 4.

FSU's Best Sports Team in the Final Four


Florida State's women's soccer team is into the final four. Amazingly, four of the elite 8 were ACC teams, including the Virginia team that FSU beat to advance to the final four. Similary, 8 of the final 16 teams were from the ACC. Note that FSU won the ACC tournamen as well.

Working the Perimeter of the Recruiting Game


Sounds like UCF is possibly trying to become the next $Auburn. Mostly about basketball, but football gets a mention at the end.

A Recruit’s Friend, a Team’s Fan and a Headache for Colleges


The N.C.A.A. allows coaches to correspond with recruits via e-mail, fax and social networking sites. But since 2007, it has prohibited all other forms of electronically transmitted correspondence, including text messaging, instant messaging and posting messages on a user’s Facebook wall. Alumni, fans and boosters, individually or in organized groups, are not permitted to contact a recruit for the purpose of enticing him to attend a particular university.

Seminoles Quietly Make Their Presence Felt


The NYTimes has noticed that no one is noticing the Seminoles in the NCAA tourney.

NYTimes on FSU-ACC Soccer Controversy


Interesting NYTimes story on Coach Krikorian's smart decision to leave his best players in Tally for the ACC tournament. FSU has made it through to the Sweet 16 of the NCAAs, while the ACC tournament finalists, WF and MD, lost in the second round. In spite of this, an all ACC final four is still possible (but highly unlikely).

Christian Ponder One of 16 recipients of Scholar-Athlete Award


Not only that, he's the spokesman for the class. What a great representative for FSU.

Big Ten Network


The NYTimes has a story today on the Big10 Network and its effect on college sports.


Expectations and Variability

After reading arrdub's Seminole Stock Report - Updated Expectations, I decided to finally do a fanpost that I've been thinking about since before the season began.  Bud and others on...

Posey Named NL Player of the Week


Obviously Buster had a good week. Meanwhile, the Giant's GM is really stretching it to justify keeping Buster in the minors for so long.

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