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Dumb Dolphins Tweets - Michael Sam Getting Drafted Addition


First Mike Pouncey says something dumb on twitter after James gets drafted (and deletes his account). Now Don Jones says something dumb after Michael Sam gets drafted.

New Concussion / CTE Study - Treatment Found?


This is a cool article from MMQB talking about concussions and finding a possible treatment.


Ryan Tannehill: How much better was he in 2013?

I have an ongoing discussion (debate, argument, whichever term you want to use) with friends of mine who are big basketball fans. The discussion centers around PPG (points per game) and it goes...

GM Candidates Question Miami's Murky Front Office Structure ...


Seems some candidates aren't happy with the way the FO might be structured. It isn't clear who will report to who. From the article: "Candidates are unclear if Philbin would report directly to Ross or whether the new GM would have domain."

Mike Sherman Is Running The Dolphins?


From Adam Beasley @ the Herald: "One league source intimately familiar with the situation went so far as to say Sherman is "running the team." From anyone other than Beasley, I would question this. But if true, DAMN!!

Some Dolphins Being Uncooperative In Harassment Case


The more uncooperative the players are going to be, the worse this is going to get. From the article: "Dolphins players are being less-than-forthcoming with investigator Ted Wells, according to sources familiar with the ongoing probe, and in some cases are refusing to cooperate at all"

Miami Players May Have Harassed Staffer


Jason Cole of the National Football Post is now in on the problems with Miami's locker room.

From the article: "The most troubling element to this is that the behavior was done in view of other team staff members and was allowed to go on without being curtailed by team management or front-office staff."

[Editor's note: I am front paging this, because it is relevant, and should be reported. However, I am not making it a full report yet because I have gotten skeptical of the "sources" reports floating around right now. Jason Cole is usually accurate, but this is another report without context of the situation. Like I said, I am just skeptical of all these reports lately.]

Jim Turner, Target Of Interest In NFL Investigation ...


The most interesting line in the article is: "The NFL has received multiple tips of other potential instances of harassment inside the Dolphins organization". This might be bigger than Martin. If the NFL is getting information from sources other than Martin, look out Miami. This is going to get bad.

Will Tannehill Show This Type Of Leadership?


Tannehill has a rare opportunity to become the unquestioned leader on this team, a team that needs it. Will he seize that opportunity? We shall see.

Coach Killers: It Might Be Time To Go Joe Philbin


Wow. Ryan Wilson of CBSSports.com pulls no punches.


CT1361's Rant: This Offense Sucks Addition!!

I've been holding this rant for a while now. After last night's performance and a little digging this morning, I couldn't hold back anymore. So here it goes: Miami's Offense Can't Get Out Of...

What Coach Shula Wants For Miami .... "Just to get back that credibility"


I asked Shula what he most wants for this franchise, for his Dolphins. I thought he’d mention another Super Bowl. Instead, he mentioned something more important. "Just to get back that credibility," he said.

Don't Be Bullied By High Fares, Fly "Incognito" On Spirit Airlines


I don't know if this is disgusting or brilliant advertising ...

Great Article On Coaches & Their Health


My very first staff meeting as a 23 year old Grad Assistant Coach, the HC said that he wanted his staff to work "Smart" not "Hard". That no matter how many hours were worked or how "Hard" we worked that if we weren't "Smart" while working it wouldn't matter. He emphasized family, getting plenty of sleep, being energetic, and being "Smart". It's some of the best advice I've ever received.

This Is Why Football Is GREAT!!


Love these types of stories. Kids get it most of the time.

Pouncey Served Grand Jury Subpoena After Pats Game


Looks like he is a witness in Hernandez's Interstate Trafficking Of Firearms. Let's hope that's all it is.


It's Time To Get Greedy!!

How ‘bout them Dolphins!!! Sorry, had to do that. Miami has started the year 2-0 on the road with 2 victories against AFC opponents. That's a very good accomplishment. There are definitely...

Orlando Area Fins Fans Meetup


Where do Miami fans living in the Orlando Area meetup to watch games?

New to the area and would like to watch the game with fellow Phinsiders. Let me know.

Top 10 Reasons the Dolphins make the playoffs

A fan takes a look at the top ten reasons the Miami Dolphins could make the playoffs in 2013.

Experts Pick Biggest Bust: Wallace Is A Popular Pick ...


It is what it is .... There is a lot riding on Wallace's production this year. Let's hope he makes these "Experts" eat their words.

Brian Hartline's Anger Is Misguided ...


Brian Hartline calls the hit on Keller "Crap". (That Ohio State education is really paying off for the wordsmith ... LOL) Brian Walker of ESPN disagrees. Let the fun begin!!

Browns Fan Obituary


A Browns Fan, Scott Entsminger, passed away on July 4th. In his obituary in the Cleveland Dispatch, he requested "6 Cleveland Browns Players as pall bearers so the Browns could let him down one last time". It is a shame that a 55 year old man passed away, but at least he died with his sense of humor.

Taylor Dropped In The Draft Because Of High Blood Pressure & Damaged Kidneys


These conditions were discovered at the Combine. He has scar tissue on his kidneys. This is the reason he dropped to #54 in the draft. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

Coffee Is For Closers!! Are You Going To Get Coffee Mr. Ireland?


From one of my favorite movies, Glengarry Glen Ross. Tuesday is Mr. Ireland's big day to close. Hopefully, he is getting a lot of coffee!!

I Hope The NFL Finds Out Who These People Are And Fires Them!!!


Not only is this stupid and insensitive, it is against the law!

Dolphins Highest Paid Players In '12 Provided Poor Value


See Ben Volin's 2nd Point. Plus the breakdown of seeing Brady for another 5 years. Yeah!!

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