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After The '09 Offseason Fiasco, We Still Want Ireland Making Decisions?

This is one of the worst offseason FA periods ever and Ireland was a part of it (I know, I know, it was all Parcells fault). On the bright side, he can't screw this offseason up as much as that one, can he?

Mike Sherman Isn't Doing His Job

Here is a quote in the article from Brian Hartline: "It was a (defensive) look we weren’t prepared for," Hartline said. "It threw me off a little bit and I think it threw him off a little bit, too. Just a little hesitation. We ran out of space in the back of the end zone." How is that possible? NE didn't invent a new coverage this last week? How many other times during the year has Miami's offense been unprepared? This is on Sherman and is inexcusable!!! Not being prepared is a cardinal sin in coaching.

CK Parrot's All-22 Breakdown Of The Texans Game

From our friends at Finsnation.com. CK knows his stuff. It is a long read but well worth it.


Tipped Passes: Who Is To Blame? - A Look at Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill's Deflected Passes

Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill had several passes deflected at the line of srimmage on Sunday. Here's a fan's break down of who should take the blame for those deflections.


Who Is Miami's "Kevin Ogletree"?

The Importance Of A 3rd WR In Today's NFL

Houston, ct1361 is about to land!!! Thanks to my brother, I have a ticket in a Luxury Box AND a...


Houston, ct1361 is about to land!!! Thanks to my brother, I have a ticket in a Luxury Box AND a Sideline Pass for the Texans game!! Can't Wait!!

Did Philbin Just Throw Ireland Under A Bus???

This is an interesting read. Here is a quote from Philbin: "Football is 90 percent about players, coaches are 10 percent," Philbin said, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. And this from the post: It is clear listening to Philbin these past couple of weeks and months, he doesn't think much of schemes or strategies being the difference between champions and chumps. He gives the credit for success on the field to the talent on the field. And, it should be noted, he puts much of the blame for failure on the field to the talent on the field. The way I read this, he doesn't like the talent he has on the field.


Are We Still Going To Blame Bill Parcells? Updated ...

Since no one else seems to want to say it, I will: Why hasn't Jeff Ireland, the GM who is responsible for getting players for the coaching staff, gotten any blame for the absolutely miserable play...

Jason La Canfora's Take On Miami's Future

Best line from the article: "So Philbin must also be graded on a curve this season -- seeing the talent put together by general manager Jeff Ireland."

Ochocinco Does Something Really Cool For A Grieving Widow

Good story about Chad paying for a grieving widow (complete stranger) to attend his wedding.

According To Pete Prisco, Miami Has The WORST Starting QB In The NFL

The rest of his rankings aren't much better. Basically, his whole "Four-Pronged" premise is flawed. 5 out of his top 10 Teams didn't make the playoffs last year. 3 of the 4 teams in the Championship Games from last year are outside the top 10. What a bunch of BS!!

Brandon Jacobs Is A Cool Dude!!

Not Dolphins related, but this is a cool story. I've had these same type of conversations with my kids about why Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas played on other teams.

Nick Mangold Might Be The 2nd Best Athlete In The Family And A Complete Idiot

His sister Holley is a Power Lifter going to the Olympics this summer in London to represent the USA. Nick isn't going because it occurs during training camp. Rex is encouraging him to change his mind. Nick, miss a couple days of training and support your sister in what will probably be the defining moment in her lifetime. I wish Holley and all USA Olympic athletes the best of luck!! Bring Home The Gold!!

Safeties Are Getting To Be Even More Important

Great Article By Pat Kirwan!! Safeties are now (and have been) the 2nd most important position on Defense besides pass rusher, IMO.

3rd Down Sacks ... Where Did Miami Rank?

Success in the NFL basically comes down to what happens on 3rd Down. Offenses that convert 3rd Downs are usually very good. Defenses that stop offenses on 3rd Down are usually very good. Considering offenses throw over 80% of the time on 3rd Down, getting a sack is very important for a Defense. Miami Ranked 3rd in the NFL in getting sacks on 3rd Down. Imagine how good they could be if they had another pass rusher besides Wake?

Matt Taibbi's 7 Rules For The NFL Draft

Matt Taibbi is one of my favorite writers. He usually covers Politics for Rolling Stone, but I stumbled on this from him last night. His 7 Rules Are: 1) Draft The Weed Guy 2) Steer Clear Of The Recently Arrested 3) Take A Chance On Small 4) Don't Sleep On Samoans 5) Draft A QB Late Every Year 6) From The 3rd Round On, Swing For The Fences 7) The Injury Arbitrage It's a funny read.


Mr. Negativity’s Be Bold Addition

The Miami Dolphins are a couple of days away from perhaps their most important draft in the last decade plus. We all have been discussing possible draft scenarios: who we like, who we don't, who...

Four Myths To Avoid In The NFL Draft

This should be mandatory reading. Dave Hyde knocks this one out of the park!!

History Suggests No Team Should Draft RGIII, Tannehill, Or Weeden!!

In the history of the NFL, only ONE QB, Vince Ferragamo, has ever started in a Super Bowl from the former Southwest Conference or from the Big 12 Conference. RGIII, Tannehill, and Weeden are Big 12 QB's.


Mr. Negativity Sprays To All Fields

There are several reasons I am writing this Post. Some of the things that I have heard this week have made my head spin. So I am channeling my inner Fr8train and going to "Spray To All Fields"....

"The Dolphins Need To Explain Themselves More"

"This goes against Ireland's persona. But when your season-ticket sales are falling, when you're under attack by players, when your moves are being wildly questioned, the one weapon in your arsenal is to explain yourself a bit. Often, a few words go a long way toward making people undrerstand what's at work." This is from Hyde5. I've been saying this exact thing for over a year now.

Omar Is A Little Late To The Game ... But At Least He Got There

It just occurred to Omar that by trading Brandon Marshall and releasing Yeremiah Bell, Miami created two more holes on the roster. That's why he is the big time reporter that he is. LOL

This Is Why I Love The NFL: Saints Get HAMMERED By The League For Bounties!!

Saints loose their 2nd round draft picks in '12 and '13 Saints are fined $500K Payton gets a full years suspension without pay. Loomis gets an 8 game suspension and a $500k fine. Williams suspended INDEFINITELY.

Is Jeff Ireland Toxic?

Watch the Video in the link of Joey Porter and Warren Sapp ripping on Jeff Ireland. Ryan Clark has been publicly critical (tweets) of Miami's FO (Ireland). Channing Crowder has been publicly critical (on his radio show) of Ireland. Players talk. Word gets around about people, whether right or wrong. But the old saying still applies: Perception Is Reality. So the question is whether you think Ireland has done a good job or bad: Can he do his job well if the players in the league think he is toxic?

"Manning Shows How Low Dolphin Brand Has Fallen": Must Read From Dave Hyde

Hyde Knocks This One Out Of The Park!!! Best Line Of The Story: "It tells you how far the Dolphins brand has fallen, how much the bar has been lowered in recent years, that few people even noticed Manning thought more of teams like Arizona and Tennessee, for heaven's sake. Those are two franchises with no pedigree. Two teams defined by unstable owners. Two subtitles on the marquee where the Dolphins once existed."

Miami On Manning's Short List??

According to a team official who wished to remain unidentifed "Miami, Washington, and Denver are the front-runners." Get ready for a bunch of these reports over the next couple of days.

Proceed With Caution On Flynn

I don't always agree with Pete Prisco, but I do in this case. This is the line I agree with most: "In the right system, he will work. But I never think he's going to be a top-10 quarterback." If he is going to be paid like a Top 10 QB, which I think he will be paid like that, then he has to perform to that level. I just don't see it with him. But I could be wrong.

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