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Is Jeff Ireland Toxic?


Watch the Video in the link of Joey Porter and Warren Sapp ripping on Jeff Ireland. Ryan Clark has been publicly critical (tweets) of Miami's FO (Ireland). Channing Crowder has been publicly critical (on his radio show) of Ireland. Players talk. Word gets around about people, whether right or wrong. But the old saying still applies: Perception Is Reality. So the question is whether you think Ireland has done a good job or bad: Can he do his job well if the players in the league think he is toxic?

"Manning Shows How Low Dolphin Brand Has Fallen": Must Read From Dave Hyde


Hyde Knocks This One Out Of The Park!!! Best Line Of The Story: "It tells you how far the Dolphins brand has fallen, how much the bar has been lowered in recent years, that few people even noticed Manning thought more of teams like Arizona and Tennessee, for heaven's sake. Those are two franchises with no pedigree. Two teams defined by unstable owners. Two subtitles on the marquee where the Dolphins once existed."

Miami On Manning's Short List??


According to a team official who wished to remain unidentifed "Miami, Washington, and Denver are the front-runners." Get ready for a bunch of these reports over the next couple of days.

Proceed With Caution On Flynn


I don't always agree with Pete Prisco, but I do in this case. This is the line I agree with most: "In the right system, he will work. But I never think he's going to be a top-10 quarterback." If he is going to be paid like a Top 10 QB, which I think he will be paid like that, then he has to perform to that level. I just don't see it with him. But I could be wrong.

A Video Of Peyton Manning Throwing???


It sure looks like him, but who knows for certain. I will agree with Omar on one thing: I bet between now and the 8th more video will be released of his workouts to drive up the price.

Riley Reiff To The Dolphins At #8? Are You Kidding?


I think Armando has been reading what Earl and I (and others) have been saying here on The Phinsider!! LOL I have to say that I am in complete agreement on this one. The value of a RT at #8 is just not there. Best line in the Blog: "A top 10 pick is a premium, premium draft choice. It should be used to select premium, premium NFL playmakers. And right tackles, no matter how gifted, do not qualify."

Post Combine Mock Draft - I Like!


Justin Blackmon to the Miami Dolphins at #8. All I got to say is YES!!! This is someone that I wanted Miami to trade up to get, if a RGII trade couldn't be done. If he falls to Miami at #8, he better be the choice!!

Combine Experimenting With 40 Yard Dash Timing


I always wondered about some of the times that came out of the combined. FAT times are much slower than the hand held methods that are currently being used, by about 0.2 of a second. So from now on, when you hear 4.4 it is really 4.6 or 4.65.


I Just Fulfilled A Life Long Dream!!

I am now, for the first time in my life, a Miami Dolphins Season Ticket Holder!! Bought the Tickets this morning. I couldn't be more excited!! I won't be able to attend all the games living in...

What Does A 90+ QB Rating Get You? Into the Playoffs!!


9 out of the 10 teams with a QB that had a 90+ passer rating went to the playoffs last year. The last time Miami had a passer with a 90+ rating was Pennington in '08. That is also the last time they were in the playoffs. I made a Fanpost almost a year ago titled: "What Should Be Expected From A Dolphins QB". Basically it boiled down to a 90+ passer rating, 8 more TD's than INT's, and 62% completions.

"Tannehill Makes Players Around Him Better ... Like Favre ... Rodgers"


Mike Sherman REALLY likes Ryan Tannehill. I don't know if I would have gone out there and made comparisons to Favre and Rodgers though. That's pretty elite company to put on a kid that hasn't been a QB for 2 college seasons yet.

How Well Have The Trifecta (Ireland as GM) Really Drafted?


Omar does a nice job with this article. Here is the most telling sentence: "Truth is, the Trifecta’s Dolphins are built through free agency, which typically isn’t a good sign."


Trading Draft Picks For A Franchise QB IS NOT "Mortgaging The Future"!!

I've been seeing this statement "Mortgage The Future" about trading draft picks for a QB on the site and in the papers. Omar today says it will take a "King's Ransom" to trade up to get RGIII. ...


What Is Carl Peterson's Role Again?

This is from Dave Hyde's article in the Sun Sentinel: "Peterson picked up Fisher in the helicopter with Ross, was in on all the interviews and was the guy Demoff thought should be notified on...


I don't know if this can work ...?

"We always talked about - and he agreed - that you have to have a relationship between the GM and the coach, to act as a partnership," Ross said. "You can't have an organization where one is...

"Jeff Fisher Is Tony Sparano With A Mustache"


Alex Marvez rips the Dolphins Coaching Search on Joe Rose's Radio Show. Best line in the rant when discussing how Peterson and Ireland are looking for the next HC: "Well, again, this is just how the Dolphins do business. It is so backwards, it's just so messed up. They just don't give the fan base any reason to feel confident that this organization knows what they're doing. That's the whole thing about it, it just comes across as a bunch of bumbling fools. ... This is what the Dolphins continue to do, time and time again." All I got to say is: AMEN BROTHER!! PREACH ON!! LOL.

What Have Ireland's Dolphins Done? Evidently More Than Sparano's Dolphins.


A really good read from Dave Hyde at the Sun Sentinel. He is not too kind to Mr. Ireland or Mr. Ross.


A Winner’s Mentality!

  I have a new hero in the NFL.  His name is Jack Mula and he worked as general counsel-player personnel for the New England Patriots for almost a decade.  He currently is a co-founder of...

The Miami Dolphins Even Suck At Sucking!!


Chris Joseph, aka The Dude, and his "different" take on the Phins victory over the Chiefs.

Is Dan Marino Coming Around On Suck For Luck?


If Dan Marino is coming around to the idea, this is much worse than is being said publicly.

Fans Are Correct: Dolphins Better Off Losing


You want to know what "Suck For Luck" means? From the article: "But there is nothing wrong with those not associated with the team objectively looking at the big picture -- and that is where Dolphins fans are 100 percent correct. Miami already lost its first five games and will not make the playoffs this season. Therefore, the more the Dolphins lose in 2011, the better off they will be in 2012." I put in the BOLD emphasis.


The Ireland Draft Myth

  Sparano is gone as Head Coach.  It is just of matter of time now.  Any Head Coach in any profession with his recent record knows his days are numbered.  His record includes: ·         Losing...

Let's Do This Ross!!


The Dude @ Finsnation knocks this one out of the park!! Enhalen's Andrew Luck: The Introduction and this are must reads!!

For Anyone That Loves College Athletics, This Is A Must Read!


Not Dolphin related but it all about college football. It is extremely long, so hang in there. But this discusses the pure exploitation of college athletes by universities. This is one of the best written articles that I have ever read.

What If HGH Could Cure Peyton Manning?


Not Dolphins related, but I found this an interesting article from Deadspin. I wonder if HGH isn't completely misunderstood. I wonder if in 10 years we won't be looking at HGH in a completely different light.

After Another 0-2 Start, Dolphins To Implement The Wishbone Offense


Finsnation cracking me up again! DRK has the Sparano dialect down: "Dat derr at da end of da day k...we got to do a better job." Classic!

Channing Crowder On Chad Henne: "I Don't Like The Guy"


I give Crowder some credit, he definately speaks his mind!

Time For You To Go Chucklehead!


The Dude at Finsnation does another great job. Best line of the post: It's time to move on from Sparano and Ireland. And if you disagree and want to shove your rainbow thoughts and unicorn dreams in my shit and opine about how I'm impatient and not a real fan, kindly shove an entire subway car into your rectum.


What's At Stake Against The Texans!

The Dolphins are 1-10 at home since 12/7/09. From that date until now, the Patriots have more wins in Miami - 2 - than the Phins. The Steelers have more wins in Miami - 2 - than the Phins. If...

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