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Finsnation's Take On The Will Allen Signing


As usual, DRK has a unique and insightful take on the cutting of Sapp and the signing of Allen.

Phins Twice As Likely To Win Division If They Beat The Pats?


"Since 1978 ..... Of the 474 teams that won openers, 251 went to the playoffs and 147 won division titles. Of the 474 teams that lost openers, 106 went to the playoffs and 63 won division titles." See #8 on this Week's 10 Spot. Also, glance at #1 for something to think about.


Andrew Luck To The Colts?

Now that Peyton Manning is out for the 1st Game of the year, it got me thinking. What if he misses the entire season? If that happens, does anyone think that the Colts aren't going to suck...


The Keys To The Dolphins Season

What will it take for the Miami Dolphins to take a step forward this season? The must improve in these five critical areas.

Mark Herzlich Makes Giants' Roster


I know this isn't Dolphins related, but you got to be happy for this kid! UFDA and Bone Cancer survivor now gets to play in the NFL. Well Done Herzlich!


What No One Is Talking About After Last Night

For the 2nd consecutive week, the starting defense didn't get a sack or a turnover. For the defense to become elite, sacks and turnovers need to be the rule, not the exception.


Is Andy Dalton Ready To Have A Breakout Season?

Andy Dalton last night against the Panthers: 11-17, 130 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, Rating 107.5, 24 points scored in one half against starters. Chad Henne a week ago against the Panthers: 15-24, 194...


Quarterbacking – 101 – An Introductory Lesson

  Playing QB in the NFL is extremely complicated.  On a pass play, the QB has to do the following:  call the play in the huddle, identify the defensive front, identify the pre-snap coverage,...


A Tip Of The Hat To Mosul!!

The Phins Need To Sign Soliai To A Long Term Deal


Look at #9 in the list. This makes too much sense. Soliai is going to occupy over 10% of the salary cap with his Franchise Tag! Ouch! Some of that $$$ could be used elsewhere.


No Advantages! No Disadvantages! No Excuses!

  The lockout is over and football is beginning now!  Every team will be playing by the same rules.  Every team will be under the same stresses.  Every team will be under the same timelines (see...

Greg Cote's Plan For The Dolphins Once The Lockout Ends


I don't usually like Cote but this statement made me cringe: "Season-ticket sales snore. The most recent playoff victory is beyond a decade past. No buzz or sense of real optimism surrounds the franchise."

Details Of Proposed CBA Leaked


Details of a proposed collective bargaining agreement being pitched to NFL owners Tuesday, according to sources: • Players get 48 percent of "all revenue," without extra $1-billion-plus off top that previously had been requested by owners. • Players' share will never dip below 46.5 percent, under new formula being negotiated. • Teams required to spend close to 100 percent of the salary cap. • Rookie wage scale part of deal but still being "tweaked." • Four years needed for unrestricted free-agent status. Certain tags will be retained, but still being discussed. • 18-game regular season designated only as negotiable item and at no point is mandated in deal. • New 16-game Thursday night TV package beginning in 2012. • Owners still will get some expense credits that will allow funding for new stadiums. • Retirees to benefit from improved health care, pension benefits as revenue projected to double to $18 million by 2016. -- ESPN's Chris Mortensen, John Clayton and Adam Schefter

Sorry OFF4L ... Ohio St. Is Screwed!


Tressel might be done. How many more players are going to come out these types of stories?

It May Be Time For A New Labor Strategy


The Players don't have a clue what will happen next. DeMaurice Smith doesn't have a plan for a permanent lockout. It is all but over for the Players. If they want any kind of deal at all, they better get back to the negotiating table and out of the courts.

The Big Question To Be Answered By The Courts: "Are The Players Still A Union?"


"The Players Are Screwed And DeMaurice Smith Is An Idiot!" could have been the title of this fanshot. After reading this I don't think there is any way the players get a favorable ruling next month.

No Draft Picks For Orton ... How About Langford Or Odrick?


This is an interesting idea from Bleacher Report. Trade from a position of strength for a position of need and not give up draft picks. Plus Denver needs as much help on defense as it can get.

A 3rd And A 5th For Orton?


Mike Berardino in the Sun Sentinel is reporting that is all it would take to get Orton from the Broncos. If that is the case I say go for it!


What Should Be Expected From A Dolphins QB

  I started to research this post prior to the draft.  At first I wanted to point out the many reasons why the Miami Dolphins needed to draft a QB.  But then I backed off on that assessment.  I...

Post Draft Super Bowl Odds Out ... You Ain't Going To Like It!


The Miami Dolphins are 50/1 to win the Super Bowl this year. Take a look at the teams that have better odds! Wow! On the plus side, the odds of any NFL games being missed due to the lockout is -500 (for those unfamiliar with betting that means you have to bet $500 to win $100)

The Best Breakdown Of The Phins Draft I Have Seen Yet!


CK Parrot of,, and a frequent guest on the NFL Network does a really nice job of breaking down the Dolphins draft, in a billion words or less. It is long but well worth the read.

John Beck Might Be The Opening Day Starting QB For The Redskins!


John Beck Might Be The Opening Day Starting QB For The Redskins!

Adam Shefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN just said that Shanahan really likes John Beck and he might be their starting opening day QB! OMG!

"Good Safe Pick That Will Help Phins Run The Ball And Kick FG's"


Dave Hyde at the Sentinel knocks this one out of the park unlike the Phins!!

Full NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow (Tuesday) Night @ 7:00 PM


Can't wait to see how this all sets up for the Phins. I bet Home Games with the Jets and Pats will be late this year.

Armando Is Right Again ... Misi Should Be An ILB


Armando must read this site often and followed our debates about this subject.

I Wonder Where Sparano Would Be On This List?


I'm thinking somewhere in the mid 20's. If you want to rank the Head Coaches in the league, here you go:


Miami Running Backs To Blame For Poor Rushing Attack?

There is a great article in the Miami Herald by Armando today in his Miami Dolphins In Depth Blog titled Report:  Williams, Brown Not Very Elusive.  h...


How In The World Were The Phins 7-9 The Last Two Seasons?

  Now that Matty’s State Of The Miami Dolphins series is complete (great job by Matty by the way!), I have one question:  How come the Phins were 7-9 the last two seasons with so many "Great" or...

If you want a franchise QB, you better draft in the top 13 of the 1st round!


For those who want to draft a QB in the late 1st round or 2nd round, read this.

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