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"The good outnumber you, and we always will." - Patton Oswalt

My 2014 Giants OL:
LT - Will Beatty
LG - Brandon Mosley
C - Stephen Goodin
RG - Geoff Schwartz
RT - Justin Pugh

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  • MLB New York Mets
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  • NFL New York Giants
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User Blog

2014 4-round mock

Welcome to my 4-round mock draft. Probably the last one that I will ever do since I have been working on this on and off for weeks, unless I can tame my OCD. This is based upon my own evaluations...


FANPOST: The market for MLB Jon Beason

BBV community member 'ct17' does outstanding work here, breaking down the potential market for Giants' free-agent linebacker Jon Beason.

2014 comp pick predictions


My full comp pick predictions for all teams have been posted.


Compensatory Pick Prediction for Giants

[Note by Ed Valentine, 03/24/14 9:46 AM EDT: With compensatory picks being awarded this week I thought it was appropriate to highlight this work by 'ct17' and push it back to the front page.] As...


The Giants New OL Strategy and Personnel Decisions

I originally was going to post this after the second preseason game, and was going to add lots of pretty pictures, but as usual life gets in the way. As a result of the delay I came to understand...


Roster Projections and Cap Calculations 2013-2015

This post not only looks at the upcoming season's roster and salary cap issues, but also the two following seasons as well, because roster-building is a long-term strategy game. I am more...


Run Play Analysis vs. Jets

I watched the Giants-Jets game on tape Saturday night intending to focus on the running game, and instead wound up obsessively focusing on the run game. I found out that HD provides no benefits at...


ct17's Giants mock

Sort of pointless two days before, but I'm in the frenzy thinking about football. Unlike BBI I have not found a way to inhabit the body of Jerry Reese. However, I have been meditating to...

4-round Pre-Free Agency Mock

I wanted to get this out before free agency changed everything, but it looks like I am running a little late. So of course this is not updated for anything happening today. I also left my Rams-...


Giants Draft History and Future

Since a few people have mentioned this post lately, I decided to get around to posting it here. I originally posted it on Mocking the Draft earlier than expected when too many mocks over there...


Roster Predictions with Salary Cap 2012-2014

This post not only looks at the upcoming season's roster and salary cap issues, but also the two following seasons as well. I was particularly interested in reviewing 2013 because so many of our...

Giants Draft History and Future

Warning - this is long. If you want to cheat and just get instructions on who to mock the Giants, you can skip to the end. This may be more appropriate on Big Blue View, but I know not to post...

2012 Compensatory Draft Pick Predictions

I have again this year decided to try to predict compensatory draft picks to feed my draft obsession. Last year I did rather well, in that I was able to correctly assign picks for players with the...

ct17 4-round Dec mock

Had to get this posted before the order reset again. I use NEPatriotsDraft, which updates the draft order by strength of schedule each week, and I modified it for playoffs. I placed guys based...


An "interview" with Kevin Gilbride

This was beamed directly to my head last night, so no one else may have heard it.  But this is my account of a reporter (R) questioning Gilbride (KG) after the game. I am not advocating a complete...


My problem with the Giants defensive alignment

  I may lack some of the technical jargon for this discussion, but I have a pretty good handle on the physics of movement, and this is something that has been bothering me since the start of the...

ct17's Big Board

It is too early in the season to reasonably guess at draft order, so I decided to just rank the college players based upon where I thought there talent should land them.  I have groups of QBs and...


Where o where will my Barry be?

  I started thinking about handicapping Cofield's chances of landing with another team a few weeks before the draft, then held off figuring the pictures of other teams would be clearer.  Little...

7 round mock

 BBI wins the readability award for his 7-rounder (I might steal that format next time).  I went for the detailed information route.  Thought I'd provide reasoning for most of my picks, share the...

Comp Pick Predictions

    It looks like AdamJT13 has abandoned his excellent work in predicting compensatory picks.  Since I want to start working on my final 7-round mock now, I decided to look at slotting comp picks...


Comp Picks Predicted for Giants

    For those of you not obsessed with the draft, you may not be familiar with the work of AdamJT13.  He is, as far as I know, the only person that has ever done original work to figure out the...

2011 mock 2 - 5 rounds

This started as a 4-round mock, but ENs and Montell shamed me into doing 5.  The 5th round was an easy round, actually, because the available talent really influenced the picks.  Explanations for...


Bowl games Giants fans should watch

The college bowl season is in full swing.  But how do you choose which games to watch?  I'd suggest doing some advance scouting for the draft.  See which players you would like to be Giants.  So...

Drafttek 7 rounds as per YOUR needs

So after Steve_Chiefs posted a 7-rounder from Drafttek here based on his own Chiefs picks, I became interested in how the picks were generated.  I thought that the idea of a more professional,...

Fitting OL with teams

  Most people know which teams play a 4-3 and which teams play a 3-4, which greatly affects which players they draft.  Quarterbacks get drafted on throwing ability and cornerbacks get drafted on...


Grading the Coordinators

I wanted to look at the coaches' performance from a more rational standpoint.  I broke up the coordinators' grades into their various duties.  I did not try to give an overall grade.  Grades are A,...


2011 mock - 2 rounds

I'm feeding my addiction by mocking this early.  I really need a healthier habit like drinking.  Did not want to spend a lot of time on draft order.  Borrowed Dan's top 10 (thanks), for the rest I...


The Optimist Sees

I'm actually in a good mood today.  Because I liked a lot of what I saw in the last game.  Since most of you seem to have missed it, let me tell you what I saw:   Bradshaw with 6 yards per carry. ...

mathematical analysis of draft success

I found the research paper linked below thanks to an article in my local paper.  Two college professors, trying to measure decision-making success, chose the NFL draft for their study.  They update...

*ct17 1-round mock for contest*

A few updates made from my last 7-rounder: 1ST ROUND:   1. St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma   2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska   3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy,...

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