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Bowman: Braves willing to trade Jurrjens and Prado

Dunno what to think...I think both could be moved, but would guess that it's still less than a 50/50 chance on both. -C


NL East Type A and B free agents...

Free agency officially begins tonight. As negotiations progress, we'll likely see some moves that will impact the 2012 MLB Draft. The players involved: Philadelphia Phillies, Type A: Ryan Madson, R...

Tommy Hanson not a Super 2

Here's the list of players that did earn Super 2 status...Hanson's not mentioned, so it appears as if he'll make $500K or thereabouts next season...unless the Braves make a move to sign him long-term or buy out his arbitration years altogether. -C


Exploring SS candidates

  I thought I’d put out some info on players that will be available as potential candidates for the shortstop position in 2012. I may have missed a couple, but the list is pretty comprehensive....

It's funny how history has shown that September performance has basically no correlation with...

It's funny how history has shown that September performance has basically no correlation with October performance, but every year, the narrative ignores that.

Dave Cameron

All they are is dust in the wind...

As we get closer to the end of the regular season, fewer and fewer teams will be playoff-eligible. Their playoff candles will be snuffed, leaving the teams virtually nothing to play


Heave, ho, blow the man down!!

As we get closer to the end of the regular season, fewer and fewer teams will be playoff-eligible. Their playoff candles will be snuffed, leaving the teams virtually nothing to play


Beachy and Minor - Moving Forward

I believe many Braves fans found it surprising that Brandon Beachy beat out Mike Minor for this season's 5th starter spot in the Atlanta rotation, but both have seen considerable action this season...

"Dan Uggla and Kelly Johnson both have 14.3 Fangraphs WAR since 2007" Revisited Dan is now 2.2 WAR...

"Dan Uggla and Kelly Johnson both have 14.3 Fangraphs WAR since 2007" Revisited Dan is now 2.2 WAR ahead of Kelly for that time period...what a difference two and a half months make.


Ye Olde Fangraphs Article About SSS...

Going back all the way to 2009. As you can plainly see, SSS isn't just an April-May thing. It takes a long time for stats to truly stabilize and some never do. -C

Elias Projections...

Most interesting tidbit: Alex Gonzalez is ranked as a high-B, almost an A Type free agent... All the more reason to offer him arbitration next season...if he decides to go, we'll take that pick. Of course, there may not be FA compensation in the next CBA, but it's good to keep up. -C

Killebrew ends fight with cancer...

This saddens me. Although I am far too young to have seen him play, I remember watching him in the Home Run Derby reruns on ESPN Classic and what-not, and always have thought a lot of him as a ballplayer. When watching Home Run Derby, my dad would always impart his memories of the player, and he was also one of his favorites. He'd always talk about how he was second only to Mantle in home run distances. I'd have to explain my father's mannerisms to explain how much I loved hearing the stories, but suffice it to say they're some of my most vivid memories of my father from my youth. Best wishes, Harmon... -C


Sea Bass leads Team SSS...a look at the Braves 10% into 2011

So the Atlanta Braves have now wrapped up 10% (10.49%, to be exact) of the season. It's been a bumpy start, to be sure, and you can bet on a lot changing between now and October.The following...

Dave Cameron says "Deal With It"

More rational thought from the "It really doesn't matter that much," camp. Of course, I'm not saying it doesn't matter, as it's not the most optimal place, but I agree that it's gotten way out of hand at this point. -C

Beachy getting some Fangraphs love already...

Glad to see him catch the eye of Dave Cameron in his 2011 debut... Lots of money quotes in there, but I like this one about his "lack" of stuff. "How many major leaguer pitchers can sit in the low-90s, throw four pitches for strikes consistently, and feature two different breaking balls that are each effective in different ways? And how many of those are routinely knocked for lacking the stuff necessary to get hitters out on a regular basis? I’m going to go with zero." -C

Sporcle for Fangraphs fans...

Hat tip to NotGraphs on Fangraphs Here's the deal. It's a Sporcle. You answer questions in an allotted amount of time. That's how it works. This one in particular graphs the careers of 20 major league players, and you have to figure out who they are just from the graphs (which do include years at the bottom, a big help). I got 16 of 20, missing one because of a misspelled last name and another because of a wrong first name and misspelled last name. Hey, it happens, and Sporcle rarely gives you answers for free. None of the people are obscure, many have broken records of some sort, or have had career quirks that fit the graphs. You don't have to know a ton about each individual...just enough to get the name right. Pretty sweet one, in my esteemed opinion. -C

Fangraphs needs your help tracking ITBSOHL

Essentially, it looks as if they're compiling all the players who have been reported to be In The Best Shape Of His Life, to see how being ITBSOHL actually improves player's performance. If you can find ITBSOHL quotes from a reputable blogger/writer, send them to Fangraphs. There is an entry form on the link. The comments are already getting good, with Leyland's Cabrera comment and Miguel Olivo saying he's in the 4th best shape of his life. Find a quote, send it in. If it isn't using the exact verbiage, it's okay. Send it in and let them sort it out (imo). -C

Braves extend Wren

2 more years, thru 2013. Solid move, not unexpected. -C

Arbitration 2011: There's No Middle Road to Mordor

So there are going to be 12 arbitration cases this year, and the first is in!! Although no Braves will walk this path, it's still interesting to see how the cases turn out. I'm going to play with these a bit, because why not. ------------------------------------------------- Russ Ohlendorf ambushed a band of Pirates, netting $2.025 meelion Sacagaweas. The Pirates offered $1.4 million, but Ohlendorf cast a Super 2 enchantment and utilized his career 4.40 ERA to gain an added chest o' gold. 11 paths to Arbitration Mordor remain...who will get bogged down by the swamps of the low roads and who will ascend unfettered on the high road, earning extra-precious coins in the search for a ring?? Jered Weaver's trek to greatness is soon to follow... ----------------------------------------------- If you hate them, I'll update in a more mundane fashion... -C

Braves beat Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Oh God, 2 hours ago?? I checked before I posted, and saw nothing. Something's fishy... Plz delete. Interesting enough to fanshot, I suppose. June 5, 1985 is apparently the day they filmed the Wrigley Field scenes of the movie. Braves win, Braves win!! -C

Stop hoping...Wagner's still retired.

Summary: Agent said he's filed out his retirement papers and will be filing them soon enough. Thanks for last season, Billy. You were great. -C

Jim Callis snippet from RaysProspect interview...

"We do rank the Royals No. 1 in the Handbook, with the Rays checking in at No. 3. That was before the Garza trade, and when we update the rankings in the spring, the Rays (as of now) will move past the Braves and into the No. 2 spot." Just a confirmation of how stacked our farm system is...coming in at #2 behind the Royals prior to the Rays' Garza trade is quite impressive. RABBLE RABBLE FRANK WREN SUCKS RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE -C

Carlos Gonzalez signs with Colorado thru 2017

Early rumors point to a seven-year, $80MM deal. Huge coup for the Rockies, even if only three of the seasons go beyond his team-controlled years. They've now got their 3-4 hitters locked up for the long-term. Those 3 free agent seasons could very easily have been worth $20MM/year, and it looks as if the Rockies will be paying about that much for each of them. The $20MM for his pre-arb and arbitration years could be a slight discount over what he could make in arbitration, but not by an amazing figure. Not exactly team-friendly, but a solid extension nonetheless. -C


OT: What grinds my gears?? The term "Ace"

First off, a disclaimer to say this isn't directly in response to anyone, but to the notion of making up our own definition of words that already exist is okay. I see it happen on sites of all...


First Annual Minaya Cup

The idea is pretty simple...we're going to give out a fictitious award for the worst MLB GM, based upon which signs the worst free agents and makes the worst deals (both bad trades and FA...

MELKYWATCH 2010: Follow the Insanity

So far, it's been pretty quiet, but I have the feeling it's about to get nuts up at the Winter Meetings. What team is crazy enough to sign this mother-effer?? We'll find out and bring it to you live!! -C


The official 2010 MLB Awards Post

Pretty self-explanatory the interest of not clogging up the interwebs with each day's edition of awards, the goal is to keep them all in one place, handy for all to see. Today we have the...

Roy Halladay offers advice to nation's youth

Excellent op-ed from Mr. Halladay, courtesy the Onion. -C


Please excuse my rosterbation from afar...

Over at Talking Chop, the SBNation Braves blog, there seems to be a lot of mention of Red Sox OFers on the move. While most of these involve underpaying in a trade of Ellsbury for mid-level...

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