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Cubs sign Ryan Sweeney


Going to Des Moines. Not a bad flyer on a guy who was once a nice prospect, but hasn't been able to put things together.

Iowa Hawkeye "goldout" at Wrigley Field


The Cubs are hosting Iowa fans for "Hawkeye Day with the Cubs" on Friday, August 31st. This is in anticipation for the Iowa v. Northern Illinois game on Saturday at Soldier Field. Iowa fans are being encouraged by the Chicago I-Club to wear gold. In addition, mens basketball coach Fran McCaffery will be throwing out the first pitch. Former Hawkeye and Chicago Bull, Bobby Hansen, will be singing TMOTTBG. Hope to see my follow Hawkeyes there!

Votto/Reds near contract extension


Good for them, I don't want Votto.

More Opening Day Tickets Available


When I went online yesterday to get tickets for opening day, the best available they were offering was 200's or singles. I decided I'd have to go the StubHub route. But I checked this morning and the Cubs website now has some outfield 400's available, as well as ($100) bleachers...yikes! Anyway, just thought I would give you folks a heads up.

CJ Wilson to sign with Angels


Expensive day for the Angels.

OT: Orioles and Padres get uniform updates


I'm not sure I like the Orioles "new" logo. A little too cartoonish if you ask me, but better than what they had. I do like the "new" orange jerseys. In addition the Padres uniforms continue to suck. Yawn is right...

Mackanin first to interview for Cubs manager position


I don't know a lot about him, other than the Red Sox have already interviewed him. Thoughts?

Yankees, CC reach 5 year $122MM deal


In my opinion, the Cubs never had a chance. But in case anyone thought it was a possibility...that chance is over.

Henry Rowengartner, is that you?


For anyone that wasn't able to watch the game live, here is a replay.

Alright BCB, I know you can do some damage with this image and some photo shopping.


Alright BCB, I know you can do some damage with this image and some photo shopping.

Silva scuffles in first outing...literally


Wow I didn't know these guys took ST so seriously. I wasn't listening to the game, does it sound like Hill was on the opposite end of the scuffle?

OT: Twins honor '91 WS Gant-Hrbek moment


Great moment for the Twins. Terrible moment for the Braves. Could be seen as unclassy, but I can't help laugh.

Pujols deadline set for Feb. 16th


I keep telling myself, don't get your hopes up...

Cubs fall "out of pace" in Webb chase


I'm not too sad. I could have gone either way with Webb. I'd still like to see the Cubs trade for Garza. Or sell the farm for Felix.


Honoring Ron Santo

With the passing of Santo, I began to think about how the Cubs would honor the legend. Some of the obvious ideas came to mind, statue outside the stadium , #10 patch on the uniforms, etc... While...


DLee to the Braves?

I don't have any time to write up something meaningful regarding the move, but I figure it was noteworthy enough for a FanPost. DLee was an all time great Cub and he will be missed, however it was...

Kansas City to host 2012 ASG


Boston can't be too disappointed, seeing how they just hosted in 1999. Despite that Bud still sounds like a jackass.

Sammy Sosa will not face a perjury investigation


I'm not sure what the writer is getting at here. On one hand he makes it sound like the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform won't pursue because his name wasn't on the '03 list. On the other he goes on to say the statute of limitations has run out. I tend to believe it's the latter.

Z back to the rotation


What a bad idea. Now who leaves the rotation? Or is a trade imminent?

Bank files foreclosure on Lakeview Baseball Club


This should make the folks who don't like the AC sign happy.

OT: Soldier Field to host Iowa vs. N. Illinois in 2012.


I know there are a lot of Iowa fans on here, so I thought you might find this interesting. I just hope us Iowa fans behave ourselves a little bit better than we did in '07. Waking up the next morning to read in the Trib about drunken Iowa fans was not the proudest day of my life. I was wrong about the Hawkeyes playing at Wrigley, but this is going to be great exposure for a big market. Go Hawks!

OT Northern Iowa shocks the world


I realize this probably isn't the place for this, but my alma mater shut up a bunch of cocky KU fans today. I called this from the beginning as seen in the link above.

Taking advantage of the sun. Sorry the quality isn't the greatest, took it on my iPhone. No...


Taking advantage of the sun. Sorry the quality isn't the greatest, took it on my iPhone. No sign of the new signage. The paint job looks great.

Zito plunks Prince for bowling pin routine


I don't care if batters pose while watching the ball leave the park, but I think the bowling pin thing was over the top. With that being said, are the Giants really still that mad about it?! Seems a little silly to me...what say you?

Braves set their regular season rotation


Opening day goes to Lowe, then Jurrjens, and Hanson. Interesting that they are waiting to pitch Hudson until the 4th game, but I'll certainly take it. So it'll likely be Lowe vs. Z, Jurrjens vs. Dempster, and Hanson vs. Wells.

Nationals Park to host 2011 Winter Classic?


I'd be shocked if this rumor is true. I figured the new Yankee Stadium would be next. My personal choice would be The Big House in Ann Arbor.

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