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Sam Cassell is coming back!!!!


This has been the dream of so many of us. Balmer better get to work on getting that bronze statue of the big cajones dance in front of Staples!!!


Are you ready to forgive Elton Brand?

A new Clippers era will begin soon. We are all aware of the positive strides the club has taken both on the court and in the front office. Truth be told, Elton screwed the Clippers and ran to...

Lakers and Nick Young Offended by the covering up of the Banners


This just totally made me hate Nick Young. But I'm so happy that this at least annoyed some of those Laker douches. They've been crapping on us for years. No longer do we have to hear from them about how there is no rivalry with the Clippers because for there to be a rivalry, the Clippers have to be good. No longer do we have to hear that the Clippers are the JV team of LA. I hope they fall and fall hard this year.

Chancey rips Blake, but is nice about it


The headline on ESPN is typical... something TMZ would do to pull people into reading a much ado about nothing article. Interesting for die hard clipper fans though....

Bledsoe and Butler for Afflalo?


Lock it up! I'd even thrown in the rights to Yaro Koralev and Marko Jaric! haha


Upgraded Team-- Now time for upgraded TV Analysts

As much as I liked Reggie Evans as a competitor that busted his ass for our team, I knew that eventually he had to go if we wanted to take the team to the next level. For the good of the...

Kyrie challenges Kobe 1 on 1 for 50 grand MUST SEE


Spare the Kobe hate for 2 minutes, 48 seconds of your life. This is an awesome exchange between an young up and comer and a grizzled vet. Sounds like something you'd hear at the playground, but they are grown NBA players. Classic!

Carmelo teaching Blake some new moves


Remember when Eric Gordon came back from team USA a changed man? Let's hope Blake's surroundings will make him All-NBA 1st team next year!

Get ready for the SHAKE AND BAKE!!!


If i practiced this 1000 times, i still wont be able to do it. I cant wait to see it!


10 Most Disappointing/Overrated Clippers of the past Decade

10. James Singleton: There are probably 12 of guys I can put in this player's spot (See Quinton Ross, Bobby Simmons, Rasual Butler). He was a hustler/specialist who was overvalued by most Clipper...

If Lebron came here... repost


I posted this 2 years ago and although the names and characters have changed, look at all the stuff that has come true. I'm so thankful to have a team fighting for playoff positioning... Forget all the negativity. Serentiy Now!

Clippers raise Season Ticket Prices


This really really sucks... I understand an increase, but 15% is not chump change. Ho Hum


20 Best Memories: Chris Kaman

Here are some of my favorite Chris Kaman memories from the last 8 years, no particular order: Feel free to add some! 1) Getting grabbed in the nuts by Reggie Evans and told everybody about it in...


I'm glad the Clips ain't Summer Ballin' or Negotiating

I dont know about you guys but i'm really glad Blake, Deandre and EJ are not busy with either playing in all of these overhyped schoolyard games, or negotiating for the NBA Players during the...


Am I nuts? Dwight Howard on the Clippers?

Is this a huge longshot? Yes. Has the GM of the Magic already proclaimed that he's not trading Dwight Howard? Yes. BUT...you never know what happens in this league. Remember how sudden Deron...


A new horizon... LAC: A great Free Agent Destination

I keep thinking that if Lebron had seen Blake Griffin play last year, he may have seriously considered coming to play in Los Angeles.  I mean who wouldnt want to play with a young stud like Blake? ...

Top 10 NBA Jersey sales.... No Blake?


Blake probably didn't make the top 10 because the league geniuses didnt make enough to fill the enormous demand.... just my assertion.


Reflections of this year and the past decade

As a 10 year season ticket holder I think there have only been 3 really good seasons to be a Clippers fan.  The other 7 seasons were plagued by injury, dissapointment, depression and...


Players i HATE

There are certain players in the NBA I can't stand...   If they just dissapeared off the NBA landscape, i'd never miss seeing their mugs on TV or in person again.  There is something to be said...

A Prequel of Blake Griffin in the Slam Dunk Contest


A Prequel of Blake Griffin in the Slam Dunk Contest


Maybe I was wrong about DJ

This kid has been quite a revelation the past few weeks.  He's turned from a dumb athlete to an intimidating basketball player.  It took 3 years, but he seems to finally be "getting it".  His...


All Star Game Tickets

Some STH rumblings.... So, as i a season ticket holder, i got a letter from the Clippers today.  I can buy 2 upper deck (300's) tickets for $500 a pop, $1000 total!  They should give those crappy...


Kirilenko out for Tomorrow's Game

I guess that's the extent of my post. I'm really glad that the outcome of this game has not been decided yet.... usually you an pencil in Utah, San Antonio, and Portland as teams that rape us with...


Clips only 6.5 games out of the playoff race

Am i absoultely insane to be posting this message?  Winning 4 out of 5 games is no slouch, but it's also nothing to get THAT excited about, right? Here's what they have going for them: *They've...


The Blake Effect-- my wife ASKED to go to the game tonight

Are you serious?  We were watching the Chicago game on TV the other day and midway she asked if I have the tickets to the next game (i have a 1/2 season package).  After telling her i did have...


Why doesn't Sterling ever get heckled?

  I am actually stealing this quesion from someone who posted this question on the LA times website. You guys hate him so much, and he's such a horrible owner, why does nobody have the balls to...


Baron vs Bledsoe on Fisher at the end of the game

Baron Davis should have been in to defend the last play of the game.  There was a timeout called and VDN easily could have inserted him into the game. Did the gang play better overall when Bledsoe...

Another Reason to HATE Andre Miller


Can you believe this guy? He should get suspended for 5 games for intent to "send a message". What an asshole.

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