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Remembering 2006

It was so much fun to be relevant back then...  There was so much promise...      The Bad:  1) Sam Cassell's 8-second violation 2) Raja Bell's rape job over Daniel Ewing   The Good: 1) Sam...


I feel for Cavs fans... Do you?

I remember the day very vividly when I read an ESPN article saying that Philadelphia sent some scrub to another team for some 2nd round pick to clear up some cap space to sign Elton Brand.  2 days...


New Uniforms?

Ralph recently mentioned that the Clippers are tweaking their uniforms for next year.... anyone have any information or sneak peaks?  I know we've discussed those Blue Alternate Uni's before-- but...


The Clippers are just a bunch of Pansies

"They're just a bunch of Pansies"  Madagascar (2005) When is the last time a Clipper got ejected for getting in someone's face?  Or for standing up for a teammate?  Or even got upset for the...


Are Ralph & Mike Objective enough?

I recently wrote a message to Mr. Lawler through facebook.  Sometimes i find myself sitting on the couch wondering why he and Mike are not ripping the players' effort.  I guess it  wouldnt make his...


kaman is an all-star! yay!

Chris Kaman has been named by NBA Commissioner David Stern to replace injured West All-Star guard Brandon Roy (right hamstring strain) in the 2010 NBA All-Star Game in Dallas. Kaman will be making...


Just another blah blah year

Same story every year...  Do these story lines sound familiar? ***High hopes for the playoffs are gone relatively quickly.  Even after the 0-4 start, we knew this was not a great team.  They...


Losing hope for the season

I hate reading pessimism.  I hate writing it.  But i'm pretty much done with this season.  It's been a downhill roller coaster ride.  Clips are about 5 games out of the 8th playoff spot, with ZERO...


Say Lebron would come here.... Personal implications

I know it's a pipe dream and it's been discussed ad nauseum....  but here's a different take on Lebron in Clipperland. Overnight, the Clippers become top 5 most watchable and talked about teams...


To Boo or not to boo Elton Brand?

  This is the first time I'm going to see EB in a game against the Clips since his abandonment. I'm actually pretty over it now, but when i think back and remember how much heartache he caused...


Season Ticket holders getting screwed again

  Again, the Clippers are pulling these shenanigans. These tickets are available at CHEAPER rates than the ones i paid for in the same section. Didnt they get the point last year?   I just emailed...

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