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Video: Steph Curry on fire in Game 6


Probably viral by now, but one of the sickest things I've seen in a long while.

Brandon Jacobs very frustrated


Not that huge of a deal to me. He's injured, and we haven't needed him to play. Always a little unsettling, though, to see a scratch in Harbaugh's airtight ship.

Mark Sanchez: "There's no throwing the ball at a teammate..."


Not Niner related and obviously taken way out of context for comedic effect, but I couldn't help but think: that pretty much sums up your QB-ing last year.

PJ3 v TJ Workout


Reports are filtering out. Apparently: PJ3 missed a lot of shots (including a few airballs) and TJ is confident he can play the 3. Otherwise, not much news.

First Take: Should 49ers be NFC favorites?


Spoiler alert: Coach: Yes, because they have a SB defense. SAS: Yes. They won't have the best regular season, but no one wants to play them in the post season. Skip: Mehh... I'm not sure Seattle doesn't win this division... meh...

A thousand apologies if this has been posted already, but I found this hilarious. "but if you have...


A thousand apologies if this has been posted already, but I found this hilarious. "but if you have sort of a vision for the future, a Bogut, a Lee, a Curry… Klay Thompson, whoever the small forward might be… I think that’s a pretty impressive group to look at." - Mr. West

We have a gold helmet


Things we think we have learned about Harbaalke from the 2011 draft: - Gold helmet makeup is significantly weighted - Power/explosion matter more than size/speed - Willing to draft players for skillsets and work out positions/roles later - Willing to draft players for their ceilings instead of their floors Things that might make what we think we learned from the 2011 NFL draft not matter in the 2012 NFL draft: - The Walshian draft philosophy held different strategies depending on where the team currently stacked - Where we are now vs where we were then is very different (... but perhaps not to Harbaalke who have known what they had) Admittedly, I am pretty neutral about Sanu. I like the size and the sticky hands but the alleged lack of separation is worrisome. However, in the event that there is no clearly superior player of any position on board at 30, I think Sanu might have the gold helmet advantage.


OT: Gary & DBruce Show

Just wanted to see if anyone else out there is listening to the fancy new "Gary & DBruce Show". A little awkward in the beginning but sounding strong. What do you guys think?


Need a Predraft Distraction?

If you're giddier than a grown man should be about the NBA draft, stop glancing at the clock on your desktop every two minutes. It feels like an hour but really, but there's no use torturing...



I'm in the boat that most rumors will not come to fruition but most are fun to talk about. This rumor to me isn't worth talking about but, FYI...


Anatomy of a typical TK trade rumor special

So, it seems like GSOM is pretty divided on whether it's worth trading Randolph or not. Personally, I fall into the faction of "vomits every time Randolph and trade are in the same sentence and...


Currytree Theorem: Needs Disproving

Greetings all! Long time reader, first time poster. I have been back and forth with a few of my friends over who we should draft with the 6th pick. The conversation basically boils down to Monroe...

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