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"When you're rich, you don't write checks. Straight cash, homey."

-- Randy Moss

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ACC 8+1 Schedule Being Kicked Around

It looks like the ACC is considering an 8+1 schedule. As in 8 ACC games with an annual game against an SEC team. Obviously the SEC would have to agree to this arrangement, but this could help to cement the ACC's SOS. So, this will give SU the possibility to have Clemson, FSU, and Alabama all on the schedule in one year.


Notre Dame Begins Trying to Weasel It's Way out of ACC Schedule

Well, this didn't take too long. Remember when Notre Dame went halfsies with the Big East they were supposed to play a certain number of Big East teams each year. They, uh, didn't do that. Then,...


The Battle of Raleigh

Raleigh – Colonel Shafer ably commanded his 44th detachment in Raleigh en route to Atlanta. Shafer’s group suffered few causalities after a decisive victory against Col.’s Doeren’s...

Syracuse is your #5 Party School!

Finally, after years of hard work, dedication, and comprehensive institution-wide initiatives, Syracuse University has reached new highs in the party school ranking. Syracuse is now ranked #5 nationally, ahead of such social stalwarts as Ohio St, Florida, and Penn St., but behind perennial power house WVA and UCSB. Iowa took the mantle with this year's top party school ranking. Syracuse represents the most prestigious ACC party school.

FHCDM Challenges Bills Reporter to Call a Play

FHCDM got into it w/ a reporter today. After being asked several times why Mario Williams wasn't practicing (lower body injury) he got mad then asked the reporter to call a third down play. I don't foresee this ending well for FHCDM in Buffalo.

Wherein We Laugh at Rutgers

Remember when Rutgers fired Head Coach Mike Rice for abuse towards his players? And then fired Tim Pernetti for covering up the abuse? Rugters "Alum" Eddie Jordan was then hired as head coach to clean up this mess. He was supposed to take over the program and coolly guide the Scarlett Knights into B1G. Well, it turns out he never graduated. From college. At Rutgers. This is a problem b/c Jersey likely requires head coaches of NCAA teams to be college grads. So, Eddie Jordan may have to frantically sign up for some "independent study" course for Maymester so he doesn't lose his job offer that starts in September. Another bang up job by the Rutgers Athletic Department.

NBC Sports Calls TNIAAM A "Snarkfest"

I guess College Basketball Talk is mad that Nunes probably gets more traffic. /Snark.

McCullough Trying to Reclassify to 2013

Five star 6-10 power forward Chris McCullough who is committed to SU is trying to join the team next fall instead of 2014.


Too Many Bowls?

One my favorite things to keep track of in college football is the number of bowls vs. the number of bowl eligible teams. Last year came real close to having more bowls than bowl eligible teams....

DUKE Loses!

Our future ACC compatriot #2 seed DUKE University has lost to #15 seed Lehigh! And #15 seed Norfolk St. beat #2 seed Mizzou. Thanks 15 seeds for taking the heat off of Syracuse. Well done!

WVU Cancels Sept 8 Game Against FSU

It appears that WVU is heading to the Big XII next year. So, they just withdrew from their scheduled game against FSU at Doak Campbell. I would bet that SU would be a good candidate to play at FSU on Sept 8. We are supposed to play WVU away this year anyway, so we wouldn't lose a home game. Plus we're going to the ACC sometime, so it seems like a natural solution for SU to replace WVU.

Schiano is off to the NFL

The cornerstone of the "new" Big East will be a Rutgers team without Schiano. Hopefully this will tighten our hold on Northeast recruiting. Let's all go ahead and enjoy some schadenfreude at Rutgers' expense.

Fine Accuser Lied

To the surprise of no one, the inmate who accused Fine of sexual assault was lying. Great investigative journalism ESPN.

Pitt HC Graham to Leave for ASU

Well, that was brief. Pitt's football coach is leaving for Arizona State after less than one year with Pitt. I can't see HCDM pulling such a stunt. Who does Pitt get now?

CNN Vid on Syracuse University for Veterans Day

This is a pretty cool vid for Vetrans Day. Nice 5 minute video on Syracuse bb and its relation to our soldiers in A-Stan.

Syracuse getting AP votes

So we're now at #32 in this week's AP football poll. Ahead of schools like The U, Rutgers, and TCU.


Mike Wilbon Gets Up on His High Horse

In an article just posted on ESPN Mike Wilbon is somehow able to rip Syracuse for bailing on Big East.  He makes a litany of grievances against SU.  WIlbon says that Syracuse has destroyed the...


The Irish Question and the Big East

I'm posting way, way, way more than usual. It appears that Notre Dame's quest for football independence is coming to a glorious end. Inviting Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC is a convoluted and...

And we're in the ACC now. Unofficially.

The ACC presidents apparently have already voted to accept Cuse and Pitt as their 13th and 14th members. That was quick.


USC v Utah Score "Revision"

This post really has nothing to do with Syracuse.  But I still think it's worth a brief fanpost.  On Saturday, USC beat Utah 17-14.  However, the PAC12 "adjusted" or "revised" the score upward...


ESPN Insider Syracuse Basketball Preview

Does anyone have an ESPN insider account who can copy and paste the 2012 Syracuse Preview?   I guess there's a minimum word count for these things. ...

The Big 10 Continues to Flex its BB Muscle

Penn State beat #13 Wisconsin 36-33. Vomit.

Greggers in Familiar Territory

The hot seat. Rich Rod is now trying to dispel persistent rumors that he's going to dismiss Greggers immediately. I imagine it's too late in the season to fire the Defensive Guru. But rest assured that Greggers is a dead man walking at U of M. I wonder what once storied football program Greggers will eviscerate next?

Don't talk to Ryan Bartholomew before a game

Here' Ryan telling ESPN about his game day superstitions.


Quick Thoughts on Saving the Big East

The Big East is facing is greatest existential threat since its creation.  The Big 11 is likely to take 1-3 BE members. (Bet on 3). Once the three marquee teams are gone, then the BE will in all...


More bowl games.

The NCAA approved two more bowl games for the next four years. This brings the total number of bowls to 35.  That means that 70 out of 120 FBS teams will playing some postseason bowl game. The...

96 Team Tourny "Done Deal"

The NCAA has reportedly expanded the men's D1 basketball tournament to 96 teams. So, if you enjoy watching the Northeast Conference regular season champion and other middling non-BCS mid-majors then you'll love the expanded NCAA tournament format. Meh.

Cheer for Caldwell College

Rutgers has taken a page out of the book of Schiano for basketball scheduling. They play Caldwell College, a D2 team on February 9. This is probably Rutgers best change to win a basketball game before the season ends. Granted SU has some easy non-con games, but at least we play those games in October and November.

#1 Seed

Rivals places Syracuse as a #1 seed. Bring on Morehead State!

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