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Buffalo was never interested in CJ2K

Buffalo Bills: The Bills' reported involvement in trade talks was a head-scratcher with C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson entering contract years. Now apparently, the interest was overblown. The Buffalo News reported that the Titans called the Bills to gauge interest in a trade, but Buffalo wasn't interested. According to the News, the Titans might have floated the Bills as a possible trade partner to make it seem like they didn't just cut the running back.


What the Fitzpatrick signing means for Buffalo

Houston just signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a two year 7.5 million with 4 million guaranteed. Houston can go of of three routes. 1) Houston cuts or trades Schuab rumors are the Raiders are...


FanSpeak fun

don't usually post FanSpeak mocks but i pulled off a pretty good mock out of them figured i needed to share it with you guys would be pretty awesome if it happened feel free to post yours as well ...

Corey Graham takes a tour of the Bills locker room

just wanted to share this not only for the local hero Graham taking a tour but Chris Brown reminiscing about the 90s and player locker locations

A Will says Byrd wants to stay in Buffalo

not huge news but its something positive

Aaron Williams signs extension

Buffalo Bills Safety Aaron Williams signs an extension


Looking at the Bills salary cap spending by position

Via Forged in Buffalo With the news that unrestricted free agent Jairus Byrd rejected the Buffalo Bills’ contract offer that would have reportedly made him the highest paid safety in the...


The Cush BROP

first off while I am sitting in my awesome GM chair at my sweet GM desk I send off an assistant to bring me Beef on Weck and some Andersons custard now that the craving is cured i get to work...


TJ Graham breakdown of Attempts part 3

The time has come this is Part 3 and the Last of the TJ breakdown series Weeks 11 ( Jets ) to 17 ( Patriots ) Again sorry for the poor editing the software kept freezing on me and didnt save my...


TJ Graham Breakdown of Attempts Part 2

Week 6 ( Bengals ) to week 10 ( Steelers ) TJ Graham Every Attempt Part 2 (via ITSCUSH2PUSH) Sorry about the editing the software kept freezing and i didnt check the entire video before...


TJ Graham breakdown of Attempts Part 1

Here it is Rumblers Part 1 of the TJ Graham Attempts breakdown Part 1 consists of week 1 ( Patriots ) to week 5 ( Browns) TJ Graham every attempt part 1 upload (via ITSCUSH2PUSH) Week...


Rumblings Mock Draft 3 rounds

gauging an interest in doing a mock draft 3 rounds to start with trades of course random teams via over the course of one week (hopefully) it will be 3 rounds...


A player Buffalo should trade for

This player is currently 3rd on his teams depth chart. This player has a career 4.7 YPC and 9 yards per catch. This player stands 5'8 205 pounds ran a 4,4 forty at the combine. This player...


So not how i wanted the last Bills game I'll see this season to end

Unfortunatly the Falcons game will be the last Bills game I get to see this season and it wasn't how i wanted it to go but I'm proud of them none the less its Buffalo for life As i embark on my...

Bye Bye Flynn

Buffalo Bills have released Matt Flynn and signed Evan Rodriguez


Is Jacksonville moving players

Do you guys think Jacksonville is already looking at next season and in a dumping player for pick position? Going through their roster there are many players I'd be interested in Buffalo picking...

why i think Byrd is gonna play Thursday



Game Review : What Whaley and Marrone should do next

First off lets review some good and some bad from today's game the Bad Colin Brown The dude is getting abused every game trying to use strength to make up for lack of technique doesn't...

Bills Claim DB Brandon Burton

Bills have claimed their first player former Vikings DB Brandon Burton


Could Buffalo keep 7 or even 8 Wide Receivers on the roster?

with 50 roster spots up for grabs ( 53 - P-K-LS=50) is it possible that Buffalo could keep 7 or even 8 Wide Receivers on the roster Teams around the NFL for the most part keep 5 to 6 on their...


A Stumbling Rumbling Fantasy

since i keep getting booted from Leagues the year after i win them I thought i would post here to see if there is any interest in a Rumbling fantasy football league would be through ESPN would...


How the Patriots won Moneyball

When the Patriots signed a one Tim Tebow yesterday they effectively signed and won the Moneyball sweepstakes i as many are not a fan of Tebow because of his offseason media frenzy cast that comes...


What Is The Most Logical Trade Down for Buffalo

Sitting around waiting for the schedule to drop and Im struggling to think how far Nix would drop back or if he would drop back at allWhat players are gonna drop to 8 or what team isnt going to...


Fun Little Draft game to kill time till the draft

i found a cool little draft game it has trades *cough Ron cough cough * heres what my draft looked like i traded out of the first round completely and it went...


Glennon the Good Bad and down right Ugly

heres some game tape on Mike Glennon the good standing at 6'6 combined with his high release point very few balls can be tipped has ridiculous arm strength reads defenses well can and has put...


A crazy not so crazy draft idea

so as i see all these mock drafts and 99.99999% of them have 1 qb going in the 1st round and its Geno Smith to Buffalo with pick 8 i say why take Smith at 8 if say he'll be there at 16 or 20...


Buffalos Big FA signing 2013

Last year i correctly called Buffalo signing Mario Williams HERE Now I am putting my streak (1) :) on the line and going to say Buffalo signs Nnamdi Asomugha Nnamdi has a 15...


Gpluehri's BROP

first off for coaching i have had enough of Gailey i think he could win here in Buffalo in 2013 only problem is I'm under the impression he doesn't think thati clear house on coordinators minus...


we need a new defensive scheme my vote is the 5/2

Well after another amazing defeat i think its safe to say the opponents know are defense and how to beat it To be honest it isnt that hard to figure out what the defense is going to do...

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