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Mock Draft v1.0

  1. CB Stephon Gilmore
  2. DT/E Kendall Reyes
  3. G Kelechi Osemele
  4. C David Molk
  5. DT/E Derek Wolfe

Mock Draft v0.9 (Anything is possible)

  1. OLB Melvin Ingram
  2. C Peter Knoz
  3. DT/DE Mike Martin
  4. TE Ladarius Green / FB Evan Rodriguez
  5. CB Coty Sensabaugh

Mock Draft v0.8

  1. OLB Nick Perry
  2. OG Kevin Zeitler
  3. DT/DE Mike Martin
  4. C Phillip Blake -- OLB Bruce Irving
  5. DT/DE Derek Wolfe

Mock Draft v0.7

  1. DT/NT Dontari Poe
  2. DT/DE Mike Martin
  3. Slot-CB Josh Robinson
  4. ILB James-Michael Johnson
  5. C David Molk

Mock Draft v0.6 (Trade Down)

  1. CB Janoris Jenkins (pick 18 - 20)
  2. DT/DE Kendall Reyes + FS George Iloka
  3. DT/DE Mike Martin
  4. DT/ILB Brett Roy
  5. QB BJ Coleman

*v0.4* Just another muck.. err Mock!

UPDATED TO v0.4 A lot of Mock Draft being thrown out there. Wanted to place my Mock in the hat and see what you guys think. I know there'll be some disagreement. I just ask you guys to keep an...

Top 5 FA Moves

  1. {Resign} A. Spencer, L. Robinson, M. Bennett
  2. DE Calais Campbell (ARI) 6'8" 300lbs [PFF: 43.1] {Age: 26}
  3. C Chris Myers (HOU) 6'4" 289lbs [PFF: 29.8] {Age: 30}
  4. CB Corey Graham (CHI) 6'0" 196lbs [PFF: 3.4] {Age: 26}
  5. Peyton Manning - QB Coach

Mock Draft v0.5

  1. CB Janoris Jenkins
  2. DT Alameda Ta'amu
  3. FS George Iloka
  4. CB Josh Robison
  5. QB B.J. Coleman

Mock Draft v0.4 [Sign Scott Wells (C) / A. Spencer (OLB)]

  1. CB Janoris Jenkins
  2. DE Billy Winn
  3. FS George Iloka
  4. CB Josh Robinson
  5. CB Asa Jackson

Free Agents Cowboys Can Sign ( * = Starter)

  1. *G Carl Nicks (Saints)
  2. *C Scott Wells (Packers)
  3. T Anthony Collins (Bengals)
  4. CB Corey Graham (Bears)
  5. MLB Larry Grants (49ers)

Mock Draft v0.3

  1. OG David DeCastro
  2. FS George Iloka
  3. CB Jamell Fleming
  4. WR/KR Joe Adams
  5. DE/DT Akiem Hicks

MOCK DRAFT: Assuming Cowboys sign Free Agent CB

  1. OG David DeCastro
  2. OLB Bruce Irving
  3. QB Brandon Weeden
  4. FS Tramain Thomas
  5. DT Akiem Hicks

INT Jason Hatcher

Starting DLine RDE Jason Hatcher NT Jay Ratliff LDE Sean Lissemore The DLine crashes right, towards the ROLB. That position is being played by Spencer on this snap as D-Ware is playing LOLB. Leaves D-Ware one-on-one. The Good: * The INT by hatcher * Look at how quick Sean gets pass the RT. If it wasn't for the FB, that could've been a sack for Lissemore. * Look how fast Hatcher was getting around the LT. If it wasn't for the HB, Hatcher would've pushed the QB forward; right into Lissemore. * DWare's bullrush forced the QB to move towards his left and take a step forward. That means the QB had one eye down the field and one of DWare. The Bad: * Tavaris Jackson, Seahawks QB, had too much time. But he also had 7 blockers to 4 rushers. * Ratliff slipped and made him take longer then necessary to get off his block. (3 seconds) * Keith Brooking was defending against #26............. Bonus: Big hit by Ratliff (00:08) Watch how Hatcher removes the HB out of the play. (00:05)

Mock Draft: Cowboys 15th Pick (If the season ended today)

  1. OG David DeCastro - Stanford
  2. DE/DT Billy Winn - Boise State
  3. CB Asa Jackson - Cal Poly
  4. FS Trent Robinson - Michigan State
  5. WR Joe Adams - Arkansas

Am I only one that wants Sean Lissemore to start?


According to ProFootballFocus... Dallas vs Seattle: Kenyon Coleman (-1.6) Marcus Spears (-3.3) Sean Lissemore (+2.4) Jason Hatcher (+1.7)

Asa Jackson


The video isn't good quality and you have to work a bit to find him because he isn't pointed out, but you will be pleased with his efforts. He is #2. 5'10" 188lbs 4.40 40yd Proj: 3rd - 5th Round School: Cal Poly The first thing that you'll remember after watching him is his toughness. He is a strong CB who will go head on with a RB to make the tackle. He shows that Dez Bryant aggressiveness. Given the opportunity, he'll lay out a WR. Asa is fast with Mike Jenkins type speed and shows good agility. He's also a return man with a good ability to find the ball in the air. This is extremely important for CBs when an offense goes deep. Here's an article on him from August 22, 2011. Here's a video to one of two of his pick-6 so far this year. Jump to 1:52. For Comparison: Orland Scandrick - 4.32 40yd Frank Walker - 4.33 40yd Mike Jenkins - 4.38 40yd Gerald Sensabaugh - 4.44 40yd

LSU vs Alabama: Who to watch?

  1. CB Morris Claiborne: LSU (6-0, 185)
  2. CB Dre Kirkpatrick: Alabama (6-2, 192)
  3. SS Mark Barron: Alabama (6-2, 220)
  4. ILB Dont’a Hightower: Alabama (6-4, 260)
  5. DT Josh Chapman: Alabama (6-1, 310)

Miller Time!!!


No, not Von Miller. Julian Miller! Another RKG. Plays non-stop football. Doesn't quit on a play. Plays 3-4 DE with good strength and acceleration. Victor Butler speed. 6' 3" 268lbs 4.76 40yd For comparison: Victor Butler - 4.76 40yd Jason Hatcher - 4.82 40yd Jay Ratliff - 4.85 40yd Projected to be a 4-5 round pick, could be another late round steal if he actually falls that far.

Joe Adams


A WR from Arkansas that is a KR and can play HB with DeSean Jackson speed. Currently projected as a 5-6 round pick, but he can very well go higher. If the Cowboys can pick him in the 5th round, its a steal. 5'11" 190lbs 4.38 40yd For comparison: DeSean Jackson - 4.35 40yd DeMarco Murray - 4.37 40yd Kevin Ogletree - 4.38 40yd Miles Austin - 4.47 40yd He fights for extra yards, very agile and shows qualities of the RKG. He isn't afraid to catch the ball in the middle and can take a hit and still hold on to the ball. This kid can spread the field and open up the field for Dez, Miles and Witten. I'd take a shot at Joe Adams and let Ogletree go. Joe Adams is a playmaker.

Strength of Schedule Wk 6


01 - Cowboys 02 - Broncos 03 - Rams 04 - Bills 05 - Dolphins 06 - Niners 07 - Eagles t08 - Seahawks t08 - Vikings 10 - Bears 11 - Raiders 12 - Patriots 13 - Lions 14 - Colts t15 - Falcons t15 - Jaguars 17 - Buccaneers 18 - Jets 19 - Panthers 20 - Saints 21 - Chiefs 22 - Texans 23 - Ravens 24 - Titans 25 - Bengals 26 - Steelers 27 - Browns t28 - Giants t28 - Packers 30 - Cardinals 31 - Chargers 32 - Redskins

Strength of Schedule Wk 5


I'm keeping the calculation for all the team's SoS. Here are the rankings, including Week 5 results. At #1 should be no ones surprise! Wait until you see the bottom of the list. 01 - Cowboys 02 - Broncos 03 - Bears 04 - Dolphins 05 - Jets 06 - Raiders 07 - Vikings 08 - Patriots 09 - Chiefs 10 - Bills 11 - Falcons 12 - Eagles 13 - Colts t14 - Jaguars t14 - Panthers 16 - Bengals 17 - Rams 18 - Seahawks 19 - Buccaneers 20 - Saints 21 - 49ers 22 - Lions 23 - Steelers 24 - Packers 25 - Texans 26 - Titans 27 - Ravens 28 - Cardinals 29 - Chargers 30 - Browns 31 - Redskins 32 - Giants


Yard Stick Wk4: Outcome vs Expectation

The outcome, for the most part, didn't meet many Cowboys' fan expectations. Turnovers ruined the Cowboys' lead in the game and ruined an opportunity to go into the bye with a victory. As lousy...


Yard Stick-Wk4: Cowboys-Lions Efficiency

Previously, we observed the stats regarding the Cowboys' Defense vs the Lions' Offense. Then we took a look at the Cowboys' Offense vs the Lions' Defense. With just a day away from the Lions-C...


Yard Stick-Wk4: Cowboys O vs Lions D

Previously, we took a look at the Cowboys' Defense versus the Lions' Offense. In that match-up, we could see how explosive the Lions' passing game can be and how miniature their running game...

Injury Report


The Cowboys conducted a light practice at Valley Ranch on Wednesday and quarterback Tony Romo (ribs) and wide receiver Dez Bryant (thigh) were limited during the session with injuries. Fullback Tony Fiammetta was added to the report with a hamstring injury. Fiammetta was listed as limited. Also, Miles Austin (hamstring), David Buehler (groin), Derrick Dockery (knee), Jason Hatcher (calf) and Orlando Scandrick (ankle) did not practice. Phil Costa (knee), Mike Jenkins (shoulder) and Felix Jones (shoulder) did practice with their ailments. It's expected everyone will play in Sunday's game vs. the Detroit Lions with the exception of Austin, Dockery, Buehler, Hatcher and Scandrick.

During his first month as a starter, inside linebacker Sean Lee did something no other player in...


During his first month as a starter, inside linebacker Sean Lee did something no other player in franchise history has done. He earned the NFC Defensive Player of the Month award. As hard as it is to believe, that is a first for the Cowboys. The award dates to 1986. The Cowboys coaches have credited Lee with 36 tackles, more than twice as many as any teammate. He also has two interceptions, two fumble recoveries, three passes broken up and one tackle for a loss.

Sean Lee earns NFC defensive player of month

Yard Stick-Wk4: Cowboys D vs Lions O

Last edition of Yard Stick, we took a look at the Cowboys-Redskins' game and the outcome pretty much met the expectations. The stats didn't tell us how it will occur, just what to expect in...

PFF Game Ball: DeMarcus Ware, OLB, Dallas Cowboys Anthony Spencer may have caused the game...

PFF Game Ball: DeMarcus Ware, OLB, Dallas Cowboys Anthony Spencer may have caused the game sealing fumble, but it was the continual presence and pressure brought by Ware that stopped the Redskins getting into a rhythm on offense. A 10 total pressure day is pretty good. A Tale of Two Corners It seemed rather odd for DeAngelo Hall (-2.9) to come out and say he was going to target Tony Romo’s ribs. After all, this is a cornerback who has rushed the passer just once all season (in 176 snaps). That didn’t change in this game, and perhaps he should have been less focused on Romo, and more on covering the Cowboys’ receivers. Hall gave up five of the five balls thrown his way, for 85 yards, allowing four first downs and plenty of yards after the catch. In contrast, Josh Wilson (+3.1) made some big plays in the secondary. He allowed only three of eight balls thrown his way to be completed, in large part due to him breaking up four passes. Re-Focused – Redskins @ Cowboys, Week 3

Power Rankings Wk3: By The Percentages

Personally, i'm not sure how power rankings are entirely decided. I'd like to think that there must be more then just popular votes. How can a team like the Ravens be above the Cowboys in ESPN...


Yard Stick-Wk3: Cowboys-Redskins Stats Observation

Cowboys fan, worldwide, are rejoicing because of the victory over division leader, Washington Redskins. After much trash-talking, started by the Redskins' DeAngelo Hall, the Cowboys come out...

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