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Question about Land Shark Stadium

Hi, my name is Colin Wyers and I'm a writer for The Hardball Times. I'm doing a study on the differences between ballparks and how they affect scoring decisions. To do this I need to figure out the...


What should I write about?

Many of the old-timers around here may recognize me; my name is Colin Wyers and I've written for the Cubs blog Goatriders of the Apocalypse in the past (and I gather they've survived just fine...

Why does Pujols regress to the mean?


Like I promised in the thread about relief pitcher WAR, an article about regression to the mean that addresses the problem faced with regressing players who are only at this point potential major leaguers.

Simple Zone Rating source code


A peek at outfielder ratings in Simple Zone Rating. Oh, and the SQL source code used to generate Retrosheet SZR. Have fun!

Creating A Retrosheet Database, Part I


If you thought RJ was dangerous before...

Brewers frontrunner for Sabathia?


So sayeth a SF beatwriter, of all people.

2009 Brewers ZiPS Projections


In case you were curious. I must say, I like Szym's new format.

Marmol injured


Carlos Marmol injured in a car accident. Doesn't seem too serious, from the text.

I can has sneaky power?


I can has sneaky power?


Question about Bill Hall's defense

This is probably a moot point right now - seeing as Hall is no longer an outfielder - but I was doing some graphing this morning and I had a question. Here's a graph of Bill Hall in the outfield...


How much does gazing at home runs hurt a team?

Let's start a little project here. We have a few hitters (Soriano and Ramirez come to mind) that like to appreciate their work at the plate a little more than some might appreciate. So let's start...


Do Not Read This Diary

You were warned.The Baltimore Sun is still talking about a Gallagher/Outfielder for Roberts trade.We're the "most likely landing spot" for Roberts. It seems like MacPhail would like to get a deal...


Pujols Cannot Straighten Out His Arm

Not kidding.Pujols had a press conference a few days ago during the Cardinals Fan Fest. Mostly it was a conversation about steroids and journalistic ethics. But then there's this: Pujols said he...


Canseco Allegedly Tried Extorting Ordonez

The New York Times is reporting that the FBI looked into allegations that Canseco tried to extort Magglio Ordonez into financing a movie project in exchange for not being named in Canseco's...


Computer Says Cubs Favored To Win Division

This is a bit old (from about the 15th), but I just ran into it today and figured someone might be as interested in it as I am. An early Diamond Mind simulation of the '08 season favors the Cubs....


Phil Rogers Handicaps Trades, With Math! (Pt. 2)

He calls it a clarification. I call it a huhwhathuh? When I wrote about this the first time, I tried to explain that it was just one way to evaluate the ebb and flow of talent, not to judge an...


The Cardinals Would Like You To Join The Crazy

Tony LaRussa seems to rapidly be losing his ability to shut his mouth, and I'm not sure that it's the best thing for clubhouse unity.We all remember when Mad Tony ran Scott Rolen out of town on...


Astros Invite Clemens To Youth Camp

As an instructor.Yeah, I know that when your big offseason acquisition is at the center of a media firestorm involving congressional testimony and illegal drug use, reminding people of the other...


Saturday Morning Headlines

I'm doing this early because I have enough things to write about and I have a LOT of spare time at work right this moment. I'll probably update after some more Convention stuff comes out as the...


Thursday Morning Headlines

Well, with the baseball season approaching - less than a month until pitchers and catchers report - the engines of the writers are starting to warm up again. Nothing too exciting, yet. But some...


Marlins announce price hike, utter contempt for fans

Okay, so they only announced the price hike. The utter contempt is strongly implied, though.Individual game ticket prices are increasing by anywhere from a buck to a fiver. Parking is increasing by...


Kevin Goldstein Grades Cubs Prospects

My Baseball Prospectus subscription didn't get renewed for Christmas, so I can't read the whole thing.But I can look at the list at the top: Five-Star Prospects Geovany Soto, C Josh Vitters, 3B ...


Levine Says Roberts Trade Dead

This according to people at NSBB. and Orioles Hangout. Words like "0% chance" are being used. Would be nice to see someone other than just Levine corroborate this before we entirely put the Roberts...


Why Alfonso Soriano Needs To Lead Off

Okay, folks, let's clear the boards here, take a deep breath, relax, and look at this from a slightly different perspective.Let's start this off with linear weights. I like linear weights. I like...


We got straight cash money for Izturis

So, it's finally been announced what we got in return for the Cesar Izturis trade: "an undisclosed amount of cash."Oh, and the peace and security that only getting rid of the Wizard of Iz can...


Brewers Close To Signing Cameron?

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is reporting the Brewers could be close to signing free agent center fielder Mike Cameron.Cameron hit .242/.328/.431 for the stinkin' Fathers last season in spacious...


Phil Rogers Handicaps Trades, With Math!

It's everything you could have wished for, and then some!First, I'll let Phil explain the reasoning behind his new metric. Take it away! For the purpose of identifying the most on-the-surface...


Astros Sign Erstad, Continue To Suck

Just what the Astros needed - a punter.It's a $1-million plus incentives contract to be a fourth outfielder and provide gritty, veteran leadership to all the kids the Astros traded away to...


2007 Arm Ratings

A first pass on my 2007 arm ratings for outfielders is now available.That's a full listing of kills, holds and advances for all outfielders with at least one opportunity last season. I'd like to...

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