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Simple Game Day Recipes

Now that football season is finally upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to collect some simple game day recipes to share with the DN community. I know there have been many discussions on...


The Faces Behind the Userids

At my job, I frequently deal with people that work in geographically disparate offices. When speaking to them over the phone I form an image of what they probably look like. In the few instances...


cyberuck's first attempt at a mock draft

I've never done one of these before, so bear with me. I'm not entirely sure I understand the rules, and I'm not too familiar with most of the draft prospects, so I'll just go with what I think the V...


Kluwe waxes poetic yet again!

Another brilliant Kluwe rebuttal to homophobic ranting. He uses quite a few words, and quite a few real dictionary words to boot! Yee haw! The original article can be found on the Pioneer Press...

Bounty suspensions overturned


That's all I have to say about it.

Clay Matthews wears diapers! I knew something was off with that guy...


Clay Matthews wears diapers! I knew something was off with that guy...

Chargers fans are pretty good


Club level server trips and spills over $1000 all over the crowd below, and they return all of it. My experience with them was pleasant, and I can think of no better fans than the Vikings and Chargers to come together in the same stadium.

McKinnie to Ravens


Two year deal. I'll be keeping my eye on his performance.


Webb to WR?

Per Mark Craig from Star Tribune (emphasis added): Joe Webb ran one play at receiver during the group install (offense runs play with no defense). He lined up wide right, ran a deep route and...

Progress being made in secret NFL meetings?


Secrecy abounds with the NFL/NFLPA meetings in Chicago. Is there hope for optimism here? Jerry Jones had this to say: "We can’t make a comment about it at all but we’re trying," Jones said. "We’re trying. I think the fact that we’re meeting is good." My guess is this will continue until the 7th, at which time a statement will be released - hopefully it's a resolution to the matter and we can get on with football.

Ray Edwards to take on Kimbo Slice


Isn't that interesting? Why yes. Yes it is.

The only Ponder video you need to watch.


The only Ponder video you need to watch.


What's the story with Bomar?

With all the talk about drafting a QB in the first or second round, I was hoping somebody had some insight on the value of Rhett Bomar. We liked him enough to give him a 3 year deal, so he must...

Marshawn Lynch TD-67 yard game winning run vs Saints


For those of you that like to watch this as much as I do, behold! One of the greatest runs I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

Kevin Williams added to Pro Bowl roster


Since Donkey Kong Suh is injured and cannot participate, our boy Kevin will be added to the roster. Congrats!


Joe Webb a possibility at WR vs. Bills

Looks like Frazier is on the same page as most of you - put in Webb at receiver if we're shorthanded.  While I definitely hope we're not put in this position, it would be exciting to see and could...


Ben Leber was right (sort of)

“I was shocked by it a little bit,” Vikings linebacker Ben Leber told reporters. “It’s something we have to stand behind. We’re not going to let it be a distraction or anything like that. It’ll be...

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