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5 Reasons the Wild will improve more than 5 wins

This post brought to you by the number 5! I'd like to start off by saying that I was wrong about Ryan Suter. I didn't think the Wild had a good chance to sign him. How very wrong of me. On the...


Ignore the blonde: Why the Minnesota Wild should go after Matt Carle and Dennis Wideman

Imagining #20 on your team? So are fans of every other team... There's been a lot of talk on this blog recently about the Wild going after Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. I've already had my say...


Introducing the Parise Possibility Points System: An Epic Parise Post

Since watching the Wild has been boring and depressing recently, I would like to think about something else. How about Zach Parise? I know the Hockey Wilderness team did a post recently about...


Pensburgh fantasy hockey?

I've never played fantasy hockey before, but for some reason would like to start up a team this year.  I know there have been Pensburgh leagues before - does anyone know if there's one going on for...

Crosby's concussion symptoms recurred


Interesting article over on nhl.com about Crosby - apparently his concussion symptoms recently recurred. I'm glad he didn't play then! Dear God, I hope he's okay for next year...


Geno or Kovalev + Neal?

For the sake of discussion, let's have a debate.  No matter what happens, you would never want a player of Malkin's caliber to get injured or leave your team.  That said, GM Ray Shero, in whom we...


Call me crazy, but I want to see more of Brent Johnson

I think that when Fleury is at his best, he is a solid goaltender.  However, the past two years I have been really frustrated with him, so I think the Pens should make him earn his spot back from...

Michalek interview at Empty Netters


Hey fellow Pensburghers, just thought I'd let you know there's a cool interview of our new boy Zbynek Michalek over on Empty Netters. In it, he talks about playing a more offensive game, the Pens organization, and idolizing Jaromir Jagr!


The fourth Line is looking good!

The Penguins will boast a gritty fourth line in 2010.


Sensible Rules Changes

In light of the other day's post about 2v2 overtime, I thought I would make a post about rules changes that are a little less fantastic. Proposal 1: No points for an overtime/shootout loss.  I...

Ponikarovsky signs with Kings


Per TSN, Poni has signed with the Kings, terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed. Seems like the Kings are picking up our sloppy seconds a lot lately with Whitney and now Poni!


Staal is big time!

via viewfrommyseats.com Us fans at Pensburgh and the Post Gazette have all been talking about Jordan Staal moving to Line Two with Evgeni Malkin to form a "Staalkin" line.  There seems to be two...


Free Agent Stats: Bang for the Buck

I've been thinking a lot about who the Pens may sign this off-season, and got inspired to do some statistics today.   I figure the best (or at least easiest) measure of the overall value of a...


Is Tangradi ready?

via www.thehockeynews.com I've seen a lot of recent comments projecting possible lines for next year.  Many of them include Tangradi in a Top 6 Winger role.  While he undoubtedly has the...


Game 2 Lines

Well, I am bored and have nothing to do right now, so I want to speculate on lines.  Does anyone know for sure what the line combos are gonna be?  Seems to me that Dupuis deserves to get bumped up...


Fedotenko does not deserve his spot with Malkin

I think there have been enough comments in game threads, recaps, etc. for this to justify its own post.   Let's not beat around the bush: Ruslan Fedotenko, while a solid player, has been holding...

Guerin plans to keep playing


Apparently, Guerin does not want to hang up the skates just yet. It will be interesting to see what the Pens offer him and if he stays in Pittsburgh.


Minor leaguers?

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