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I'm an avid Eagles fan. If you're reasonable, I'll be reasonable, if you're not, neither will I. I'm an NFL Draft enthusiast too, always looking towards the future.
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User Blog

The Make-A-Mock Thread

Everyone has opinions but not everyone has the time to make all those drawn out mock drafts. I figured this could actually lead to some good discussion about what the Eagles should do this...


About Robert Meachem

I'm obviously an Eagles fan, DeSean Jackson probably isn't coming back (good riddance) which means the Eagles need a WR. I've been looking at free agent wide-receivers and one guy that I keep...


NFC bEast Eternal Thread #33 - We Ride Juance More!

Since we already killed the 32nd one. Rule #1 - No Pictures Of Rosie O'Donnell -This is BY FAR the most important rule. Do not break it or you'll be given a very thorough shunning. Also we've run...


Prefacing The Offseason

Let's just jump right into this.


Our defense & Why The Last 3 Games Shouldn't Cloud Your Judgement

One month ago, what was the narrative that defined the Eagles season? Some would argue that it was organizational misjudgments, others would argue it was injuries, some said that Andy lost his...


The Case For Luke Kuechly

How can a guy be one of the most decorated defensive players in the history of college football and still have so many doubters? Beats me but I tend to think it's a classic case of...


Another Mock Offseason? Yup.

The Eagles finish 4-12, losing 6 straight to end the year. The worst record in Andy Reid's tenure leads to the termination of him and his staff. The 4-12 record earns the Eagles the 4th overall...


Scumbag Andy

[Note by JasonB, 11/29/11 7:32 PM EST ] Promoted from fanposts. Even if you've never heard of this "scumbag" meme. These are really funny. So Spike Eskin started this and I think it's absolutely...

Marty Mornhinweg and Jim Washburn Fracas


This has flown under the radar a bit and I think it's worth noting. Jim Washburn and Marty got into a tussle on the sidelines against the Patriots and they had to be separated. The rumor is that Washburn was upset with the offensive play calling because it wasn't affording the defense any rest. That was denied by an Eagles source but I don't see why they would confirm that.


NFC bEast Eternal Thread #23 - Tebow of Nazareth

Do you believe in miracles? Because Tebow sure does. He believes in them a lot. Any time this guy wins a football game, it's something of a miracle. He certainly heals people, he owns a hospital in...


What The Broncos Taught Me

The Broncos make me sick, absolutely sick. Why? Because they’re so inferior to the Eagles in terms of talent and yet they have a better record, that’s why. The contrast between the Broncos and...


A Mock Offseason From A Fed Up Eagles Fan

Only 164 days until the NFL draft. Am I ahead of myself? Probably. But I couldn't channel my disdain after yet another horrendous loss effectively. So, I decided I was going to make a very spiteful...


Looking At Potential Coaching Candidates

1990 Bill Parcells: 1st team, 49 years old, 11 years in the NFL, 3 years coordinating, 7 years head coaching 1991 Joe Gibbs: 1st team, 50 years old, 18 years in the NFL, 3 years coordinating, 10...


Some Points Of Reason

One week we're seeing "Can anyone beat us?" and the next we're seeing the masterpiece JoeD wrote. I'm really sick of going from one extreme to the other after every week. 5 weeks into the season,...


Previewing The Bears

Eagles should beat the Bears on Monday night and they should do it rather handily. But games aren't played on paper and the Bears are a scrappy bunch that finds ways to win. I know the way logic...


The Bum On The Cowboys' Sideline

As you can see, a prototype obese Texas bum got drunk at his favorite steakhouse and afterwards he was lured in by the giant spaceship disguised as Jerry's playhouse. But for some reason, the obese...


In My Time At Blogging the Boys

This fan post is a concession and an acknowledgement of defeat. The Cowboys are so very clearly the superior team that I have no idea why the Eagles are even going to show up on Sunday. Did you...


The Redeem Team

The dream team has failed. Somebody forgot to tell Vince Young that dreams occur at night, in the midst of darkness. Our dream turned into a nightmare. But the team has awoken from their dream...


Moving Forward

The Eagles are 1-4. The organization is in panic mode. Playoffs are looking less and less likely by the week. At this moment it looks like our only hope is to win the division but even that might...


Saying What Needs To Be Said

This team is shameful at this point and there are few who are going to be spared from this rant. This team has no heart at all, some guys have it but as a whole we've got no heart. We're so soft...


Talk Me Off The Ledge

  I'm really, really worried about the Eagles. Terribly worried actually. My mind is in apocalyptic mode. What does that mean? I researched head coaching candidates after the game today, it's that...

Mock You Like A Hurricane

Round 1 1. Seattle Seahawks – Andrew Luck QB Stanford - A darn near perfect QB prospect who fits the Seattle offense and will right the ship in Seattle. Luck would be working with Sidney Rice, Mike...


NFC bEAST Eternal Thread #13 - Dream Team Special Edition

BBI is clearly to busy philosophizin' and stuff to put together the next NFC bEast Eternal Thread so I'm doing it again. C'mon BBI, step your game up!  The Rules of The bEast  First Rule: You do...


The NFC bEAST Eternal Thread #12 - What is an Udalango?

It would appear that BBI is too scared to show his face 'round these parts anymore now that the injury bug devoured his team. Unfortunately the more likely scenario likely involves BBI and school...

Examining The Rookie Specialist - Will The Hen(e)rys Hold The Eagles Back?


How well can we expect Chas Henry and Alex Henery to play? And has a team ever went into the season with both a rookie kicker and punter? I wrote an in depth piece to attempt and answer these questions.

Debunking KC Joyner


KC Joyner and his Giants piece can consider themselves debunked.

State Of The Redskins


I took a look at the state of the Redskins from an Eagles fan's point of view. I think that I managed to actually be pretty positive about the team.

State Of The Washington Redskins


Well... It's the Redskins so... I tried to be positive because I feel bad for them.

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