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Jalen Rose disagrees with ESPN poll, says "Clippers should be #1"


A few days old, but don't think anyone else has posted this. Discussion starts around 24 minutes in.

Chad Ford gives Clippers' offseason an A+


They got the only A+ out of either conference. "LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS | GRADE: A+ Additions: Chris Paul (re-sign), J.J. Redick (S&T), Jared Dudley (trade), Darren Collison (FA), Matt Barnes (re-sign), Byron Mullens (FA), Reggie Bullock (draft), Ryan Hollins (re-sign), Doc Rivers (VP & Coach) Subtractions: Eric Bledsoe (Suns), Caron Butler (Suns), Grant Hill (retired), Chauncey Billups (Pistons), Ronny Turiaf (Timberwolves), DaJuan Summers, Vinny Del Negro (coach) Much has been made of the Rockets landing Howard, but you could argue that the Clippers made the two biggest moves of the summer. First they somehow convinced Rivers to leave Boston. Say what you will about Rivers, bitter Celtics fans, but he can coach and knows how to fit alpha dogs into a cohesive whole. The Clippers needed a coaching upgrade if they were going to take the next leap, and the team landed the best one available. Rivers' arrival also went a long way in convincing Paul to re-sign. The All-Star point guard was the best free agent on the market, and the Clippers found a way to keep him in L.A. They weren't done there, though. The Clippers added Redick to shore up their shooting, Dudley to serve as an all-around glue guy, Collison to back-up Paul for just $1.9 million a year and a bouncy, face-the-basket big man in Byron Mullens. I even loved their draft pick, Reggie Bullock, who was one of the best shooters in this year's class and should be able to immediately step in and play minutes. They did all of this without going over the luxury tax (for now) and lost just one first-round pick (in 2015). As good as the summer was for the Rockets, I think the Clippers that were the NBA's biggest winners. Not only will they field a true title contender next season, but they are now well-positioned to be competitive for years to come."

Clippers projected record (current roster): 40-26. With Chris Paul: 44-22.


Clippers projected record (current roster): 40-26. With Chris Paul: 44-22.!/ESPNChrisPalmer



"Clippergeddon is about to hit and the team appears to have regressed from where it was before Kahn made it to town. I’m not sure how that alone isn’t a fireable offense. It was his job to soften the blow of Clippergeddon and he failed, in miserable and mind-blowing fashion."

30 Team Trade


Clips give up Kaman, Aminu, and Minny pick, get Danny Granger and Jrue Holiday.

Hollinger suggests Deron to the Clips again


I figured someone else would have posted this by now, but I guess not. "The lesson: Players are going to leave if they want to, and often there isn't a ton that management can do about it...And besides, I suspect the prime competitor for Williams' services has assets the Jazz simply can't match. That team, from my viewpoint, is the Clippers. LA will have cap room and Baron Davis will have only one year left on his deal by then. It's a bad organization, sure, but it won't be a bad team if Williams and Blake Griffin are on it. It's also close to his offseason home in San Diego and can allow him to indulge in his primary off-court hobby, the golf course."

If you've ever thought about buying the NBA League Pass, Blake Griffin and the Clippers are reason...


If you've ever thought about buying the NBA League Pass, Blake Griffin and the Clippers are reason enough alone to get it. Not only do you get to see Griffin put on a dunk contest and double-double clinic every night, but DeAndre Jordan has become very fun to watch, and you get Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith calling the games. It's just a really good time and Griffin is possibly the best athletic big man I've ever seen play. He's on a pogo stick.


You got to go out there and play the game the right way.


You got to go out there and play the game the right way.

Joakim Noah. Will all the Clippers sound like this a year from now?

An Example of Blatant Fan Bias


A well-written and sensible article (in my opinion) is torn apart in the comments by fans clearly drunk on Tyreke Evans kool-aid.

Thunder waive Kyle Weaver


They had to because they had 16 players. Clips should pick Weaver up, he's better than EJ in per-36 rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and TOs, shoots a decent 35% from 3, and shouldn't cost more than the minimum. At the very least, he's a lot better than Blakely.

Someone's cheaper than Sterling!


Via Chad Ford's Twitter: "Xavier Henry not playing in Summer League b/c of contract dispute. How, given rookie salary scale?" "Team customarily give player 120% of salary scale. Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley offered less. Thus ... no Henry in summer league" "Note on Grizzlies: Teams can pay anything from 80% to 120% of rookie scale amount. In 95% of cases, teams pay the 120% amount"


Is Donald Sterling Really the Worst Owner in the NBA?

Edit: This post was made independent of shap's post.  I'm not arguing that Sterling isn't bad, but merely that he arguably isn't the worst.   Various legal issues and scandals aside, is Sterling...

Hawks to offer Joe Johnson the max? Richard Jefferson opts out of his deal? Grizz give up on Ronnie...


Hawks to offer Joe Johnson the max? Richard Jefferson opts out of his deal? Grizz give up on Ronnie Brewer? What's next? LeBron to Clips?

Reveling in the T'Wolves' Misery


Canis Hoopus laments a miserable draft night for the T'Wolves (kind of reminds me of the Clippers taking Chris Wilcox and Melvin Ely when they had FElton). Remember, the Clips own the Wolves' 2011 draft pick (top-10 protected, unprotected in 2012). Best case scenario: Wolves are terrible for 2 more years, top 2011 prospects sit out the draft for a year in fear of a potential lockout, the lockout never happens (because that would be horrible for all involved), and the Clips get a great pick in a loaded 2012 class. Unlikely? Sure. But certainly possible, and probably more likely than landing Lebron I'd say (though I'm not giving up hope on that one either).

Clips get an "A" from Chad Ford


Clips and Kings get As, Celtics/Pistons/Hornets/Sixers/Wizards all get A-minuses. Lowest grades: Warriors D+, Knicks D, Bobcats F. Bulls got an incomplete, but if they get Lebron and Bosh they apparently get an A+++++.

Basketball Analysis


Dean Oliver: "the more or less [teams] had [stat guys] integrated into their decision making, the more or less they were at the extremes of winning and losing." Does anyone know if there are any stat people in the Clips' front office?

Disrespect from a Rockets Blogger


[Comment From Roman] Which West Conference teams do the rockets have to overcome to reach the playoffs? Anup Shah (Rockets Buzz): Roman: All of them except the Clippers, Minnesota, and Sacramento

Hollinger Clipper Prediction


I was wondering why no one had posted this yet, then realized that not a lot of people have insider. So I guess I'll give a summary of what he wrote (btw I'm pretty sure these are very human-based, as opposed to the weird wins-produced predictions from the basketball-reference blog) 2008-09 recap: He says the perimeter players (outside of Gordon) were crap and although the frontcourt was devastated by injuries, Jordan had a "solid rookie season" and Novak "established himself as a rotation player". Clips were only team in NBA in the top ten in TO rate and bottom ten in FT rate. Clips had worst FG% and worst TS %, leading to the worst offensive efficiency in the NBA. Defensively, they were 26th. Offseason moves: Griffin "should give them an All-Star-caliber performer at the power forward spot for the next decade or so." Randolph for Richardson "was the best trade of the offseason." Biggest Strength: Frontcourt Depth "The possibilities are endless for mixing and matching..." Biggest Weakness: Small Forward "With Baron Davis, Gordon, Griffin and Camby, the Clippers have four-fifths of a superb starting lineup, but it remains to be seen what they'll get from the 3 spot this season. Last year's starter, Thornton, was second on the team in scoring at 16.8 points per game, but it was an empty 16.8 -- his PER of 12.7 was basically identical to his rookie mark, and he made the same frustrating mistakes in his defense and shot selection...The next alternative, Butler, is a fine role player but not somebody you'd be excited to have playing 40 minutes a night...they'll ride it out with Thornton this year and cross their fingers that it works out." Outlook: "As a result, the Clippers may find themselves back in familiar territory -- albeit one year later than they expected -- as one of several contenders in the West for the conference's final playoff spot...Ultimately, however, too many question marks remain to comfortably place the Clippers in the conference's top eight...The Clips may not be a playoff team yet, but with a rising star in the frontcourt and a wad of cap space to build around him, they're finally headed in the right direction." "34-48, 4th place in Pacific Division, 12th in Western Conference" (note: Warriors 35-47, Suns 40-42, Thunder 36-46, Rockets 37-45.)

Young David Robinson/John Stockton Highlights (compiled by


Young David Robinson/John Stockton Highlights (compiled by

Where will Lebron/Wade/Bosh/Amare land?


No one voted "Clippers" for Lebron (some idiot picked Boston), though Webb mentions them as a wild-card option. Clips got 1 vote for Bosh and 3 votes for Amare.


A very lengthy post on, yes, Ramon Sessions

The Case for Ramon Sessions


Handicapping the (rest of the) Rookie of the Year Race

oldenpolynice's fanshot got me thinking about what Clipsnation thinks about this year's rookies. Since we know BG will win ROY (it's nice to have unabashed/reckless optimism about the Clips, isn't...

20. L.A. Clippers — Whether they’re good or terrible, the Clips always entertain. Last year it was l...


20. L.A. Clippers — Whether they’re good or terrible, the Clips always entertain. Last year it was like a contest to see how many different ways a team can lose a game, and between that you got to watch Eric Gordon begin building an All-Star career while Baron Davis acted like Coach Tupac had threatened him before the season.


Hollinger thinks Clips will take 8th spot

That's my assessment as well, but remember that injuries can level the playing field in a hurry. As things stand now, my best guess for that last playoff spot is Clippers, but if you want to argue...


Dire 2010 forecasts = New Clippers Opportunity?

ESPN is reporting that the NBA sent teams tentative numbers projecting the 2010-11 salary cap to drop 5 to 8 million dollars:...

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