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Common Sense

These are times that try fans' souls. The front runner, the doom sayer and the fair weather fan will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their Nationals...


Home Opener FBb Meetup At Upper Level of Red Loft

You heard about the party being busted right? Not to worry. There's a new fiesta in the making as we speak. It's out at the Red Loft. Full cups, everybody's going to be there. You ought to go.

Nats' RHP Taylor Jordan Quietly Makes His Case


So much of the conversation about the Nats' fifth starter has focused on the presumed incumbent Ross Detwiler versus the out-of-nowhere 2013 success story Tanner Roark. But Taylor Jordan is quietly making a case for himself.


Mike Rizzo's Checklist (Updated 2/13/2013)

This brings up to date the checklist that I first posted in mid January and then updated shortly thereafter. 1. Hire a new manager and staff 2. Pick up veteran starter for rotation 3. Pick up...

NatsFest Special: The Many Roads to NatsTown


So who is going to NatsFest on Saturday? We are. d_c_guy is. Are you? Hopefully we see you there if you're going. But how did you get there? How did you become a fan of the Washington Nationals? Here's one story...

Nats Fan Primer: Federal Baseball Lexicon, 2014


Cyborgs? Icons? WDIAM (What Does It All Mean)? This handy guide explains it all. Or at least is a flying head start...


Mike Rizzo's Checklist (Updated for Arbitration Filings)

This updates the checklist that I first posted two days ago. 1. Hire a new manager and staff 2. Pick up veteran starter for rotation 3. Pick up LH relief pitcher 4. Pick up 4th OF/LH bench...


Mike Rizzo's Checklist

I started this in a comment a couple of days ago, but since the offseason keeps moving right along, I decided to keep it up as a fanpost. The offseason checklist: 1. Hire new manager and staff 2...

Nationals' Roster Update: Mid-Winter Edition


A look at the Washington Nationals have done to improve their roster since the end of the 2013 campaign. All the moves and non-moves that have left the Nats where they stand today as Spring Training 2014 approaches and what might still happen...


Roster Update As We Make the Turn Towards Spring

With snow on the ground and on my last vacation day before slogging back to work on Monday, I thought I would spend my time on Nats baseball. I start with my roster forecast from last October,...


Chris Snyder for Backup Catcher? Quite Possibly ... Yes

Because he is slightly above league average in CS%, grades out positive on defensive metrics on both Fangraphs and Baseball Reference. Offensively, Snyder is nothing to write home about. Prior...


Happy Baseball Solstice!

From Winter Solstice to Baseball Solstice. Today marks the halfway point between the end of the World Series (October 31) and the first day pitchers and catchers may report for the new season...


Tweak It, Don’t Blow It Up (Nats 2014) Payroll Update

This post could well be subtitled "movin’ on up" because that’s what the Nationals payroll has been doing. The payroll bottomed out in 2007, at $37,347,500 (all actual salary figures are based...


Tweak It – Don’t Blow It Up (Nats 2014) Chapter 3 – Roster Mechanics

With the bleak prospect of a Red Sox-Cardinals World Series confronting us, we continue our pivot into the offseason. In Chapter 1, I took a brief look back at 2013. In Chapter 2, I offered a...


Tweak It - Don't Blow It Up (Nats 2014). Chapter 2 - A Modest Proposal

In my previous installment, I looked back at the 2013 roster. A team that was in many ways the same team as the 2012 team that won 98 games had to scramble over the last two months just to win...


Tweak It - Don't Blow It Up (Nats 2014) Chapter 1

The Nats entered 2013 with a roster that was essentially unchanged from the 98 win 2012 team that was one agonizing strike away from the NLCS last year. There were changes around the margins. Three...


Strasburg: the More You Think It Through, the More You Realize that the Nationals Have Thought It Through

General Thinking About Innings Limits I love the commenters (professional and amateur) that don’t want to acknowledge that the Nationals had a chance to walk through all of their options as...

FYI: Lucas Giolito to make his professional debut tomorrow


According to Patrick Reddington at SB Nation DC, the Nationals' #1 pick (#16 overall) will get the start tomorrow in Viera FL.


The Gathering Storm

The next time some Philly Phan whines about injuries, I'm going to laugh in his/her phace. With Ramos going down, the Nationals injury list is pretty impressive (Ramos, Morse, Werth, CMW, Storen,...

Washington Nationals: TNG (Harrisburg Coaches Edition)


FBb's d_c_guy's series on the #Nats' minor league staff Washington Nationals: TNG (Harrisburg Coaches Edition)

Washington Nationals:TNG - Who is tending the farm? (Syracuse Chiefs Edition)


FBb's d_c_guy w/ A Minors Update: #Nats:TNG - Who is tending the farm? (Syracuse Chiefs Edition)

Introducing: Washington Nationals, the Next Generation


Greetings! Most of you know me already - I’ve been a member of Federal Baseball since 2009, and thoroughly enjoy learning about baseball and experiencing the Nationals with my fellow fans at FB. O...


A Federal Baseball Lexicon

As the baseball season has gotten underway, with the assistance of increased attention on the Washington Nationals, we've had a number of newcomers to our posting threads. This is GREAT! Welcome...


Federal Baseball Singers Anthem Recording Session

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church, 4444 Arlington Blvd, Arlington VA 22204 (Classroom 12) When: Saturday, March 3, 2012, 1:30pm until 5:00pm In celebration of the new contract extension for...


Federal Baseball Singers?

Starting in a thread last season (and touched on a couple of other times in the past few months) there was discussion about possibly getting together a group (Federal Baseball Singers? Feel free to...


USA Today MLB Organizational Report: Washington Nationals

The headline is Contenders or pretenders? With or without Harper, 19, team expects to take next step. The article does a general writeup with some organizational stats (including that the...


Mark Zuckerman Walks Through Bryce Harper and the "Super Two" Ramifications

In a post on Nationals Insider, Mark Zuckerman walked through the ramifications of various debut dates for Bryce Harper, assuming that occurs sometime in 2012. Because that question only comes up a...


Playing "Guess Along With John" on the Nats Top 20 Prospects

In addition to my regular tour through FB, Nats Insider and other outposts on teh interNats, I am a fan of John Sickels' site. I've learned a lot about minor leagues from his comments and those of...


Question for the Minor League Mavens: When is a former prospect "back?" (Matt Antonelli Edition)

How long does it take for a former prospect to regain his status?  How significant is age against a prospect when the extra years are lost not to middling performance, but to injury? The guy who...


To September1 ... and Beyond! (Roster Edition)

As we all know, as of next week (September 1) teams may play anyone on the 40 man roster - i.e., they are no longer subject to the 25 man "active roster" limitation. Right now the Nationals show...

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