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A little something for Opening Day...


With bullet points. Or possibly Bulliet points.

Giants Baseball Fans and Fandom


Just a little appreciation of Giants fans and our secret weapon, the broadcast team. I also name some of the talented writers that write about the team. I even name-check Grant & this site. The blog is mostly poetry, the arts, and politics, but I'll also write about the Giants when I see fit.

Watch the San Jose Giants playoff game tonight for free!


Click on the link. Click on the link to the PDF. Print out the PDF & take it to the SJ Muni Box Office. Two free tickets to the game that cost you nothing. No purchase necessary.


Things to love about minor league baseball

Game log from the top of the second inning, Connecticut @ Reading: With Tyler LaTorre batting, Bobby Felmy steals (9) home. Sharlon Schoop steals (2) 2nd base. Sharlon Schoop advances to 3rd....


Cheap San Jose Giants tickets

I put up a post recently @ about the half-price tickets promotion the Little Giants are doing for every Friday night home game. It's here: h...


Went to the SJ 4/21 Giants game. Some comments.

Alderson was pretty amazing. He changed speeds, went inside & outside. He seemed to have total command of the strike zone. His release point was off a bit in the fourth inning, so he gave up the...

Promo for SJ Giants


Just put up a post for the SJ Giants home series earlier today. You all know about this, but if you come to SFFuncheap & give me some stars, my employer likes it.


Too cheap to tango?

Here's what baseball prospectus says about the Giants' 2008 draft. You need to be a member to see all of it. I hope this doesn't alert the fair-use police. h...


Depodesta on prospects

Here's the link: The money quotes? "My only answer is that in a perfect world (which rarely, if ever, occurs), I prefer...


Villalona, from tonight's Greenjackets broadcast

After Angel Villalona made a diving catch of a line drive in tonight's game, Greenjackets play-by-play announcer Nick Barrale made a comment about how AV's defense is pretty amazing, and said that...


Joe Sheehan at Baseball Prospectus on Tim the Enchanter April 26, 2008 Prospectus Today Lincecum and Lefty by Joe Sheehan   Remember the 1972 Phillies? I don’t, either. I was a...


Bowker at 1B!

JT is breaking him in:   Special instructor J.T. Snow is excited to see John Bowker in the major leagues, and not just because the...


Better than Feliz?

McCovey Chronicles, I give you Vasili Spanos! Who?

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