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Kevin Goldstein Top 50 Prospects


It's suscriber only and unfortunately, I am not a suscriber. If someone here though can pls inform me of where he has Wheeler ranked (and if Harvey is on the list) that'd be fantastic

Ruben Tejada is Awesome


The gist of this (my research) - Tejada is probably gonna be only the 2nd player primarily playing shortstop since 1940 to have a career obp of .350 through his age 22 season - minimum 850 PA. (Tejada currently has a career .349 obp and 791 PA)......The other player - our good buddy A-Rod


La Russa is a Troll: Carlos Gonzalez Starting at DH over Wright

The only way I'd be fine w/ Wright not starting at DH in the AS gm was if a worthy candidate like Andrew McCutcheon was in his place.....but Carlos Gonzalez???? Really????? Not only does he have...

Now This is Fantastic


The Twins and Rangers wet their collective pants from thunder at The Ballpark in Arlington. This is pretty darn funny.

Worst Call by an Ump Part II: Filthy Cheating Yankees


(per espn) It was too late, of course, to help the Indians or Hannahan, who argued the call after seeing a replay in the clubhouse and got ejected. "I can live with the fact that he didn’t see him drop the ball, or live with the fact that he didn’t see the fan jumping up and down two feet away, excited he got a foul ball,'' Hannahan said. "But to not ask him to see the ball is absolutely inexcusable. And it’s frustrating.'' Hannahan said the expressing of that opinion, without swearing, was what got him tossed, an account DiMuro pretty much confirmed. "He and I got into a discussion about the play,'' DiMuro said. "He told me to reference the tape replay and that is why I ejected him.''


Mets Shortstops vs. Reyes

jose reyes - .270/.349./.381 w/ 78 hits (2 hrs), 22 extra base hits and 34 runs (1.5 WAR) mets shortstops (tejada, quintanilla, cedeno) - .282/.351/.376 w/ 72 hits (2 hrs), 20 extra base hits and...

Sheer Awesomeness - 25 Best Names from the Draft


I don't think you can go wrong w/ Skye Bolt or Damien Magnifico

Awesome Recap of Wheeler's Dominant Start


Now I'm officially pumped. Dude has allowed just 7 hits in his last 3 gms combined

Breaking: Falcons are Getting Hard Knocks


Well, it seems that Woody Johnson didnt win out after all......


Why GGN is Awesome (and Better than Ever) - An Offseason in Review

Well, I've been here as an ever loyal member if GGN for quite a bit now and I've been a big fan of this site ever since I found it (it's been my favorite Jets site except for maybe the now...


Blogging 101: A Users Guide to GGN - How to be a Pro

Lately, I"ve noticed that there have been quite a few people who have been flustered by some of the features here on GGN. This will be an opportunity to teach the good folks here some of the tricks...


Trading Up/Staying Put/Trading Down - Who you got?

As the draft gets closer and closer (it honestly can't come any sooner for me) I've begun to get intrigued by how the Jets will approach the draft. As everyone knows, "Trader Mike" Tannenbaum has a...


GGN Thread About Nothing #6 "You Had Best Not Mention This Fellow Named Tebow"

Note: While this is a random thread, I am trying to make this (at least this specific one) a Tebow free zone. I am posting this now to save my sanity. I can't talk about Tebow anymore. Sorry. If...


Peyton Manning Yay or Nay: A Poll (And Other Fun Stuff)

I know this is probably really short enough to be a fanshot but since nobody here reads fanshots (sorry rtj but it's true) so I'll make it a fanpost (even though in all honesty, I really havent...


GGN's Thread About Nothing #3 "For the Love of a Mother Duck"

Hey guys! rexthejet is out on a nice tidy vacation (he went to Israel for the week - presumably to kill some jukes - which I know ought to make Cervezaverde quite proud) so I figured I'd take the...


Zach Brown, OLB, UNC

Now, farankly, I don't watch much college football, nor do I really know how to scout anybody all too well based on videotape. I do however know what areas the Jets need to improve on this...


Randomly Naming the Random Thread for Random Thoughts Thread of Randomness: A Contest

A few days ago, rexthejet, an esteemed moderator extraordinaire and proprietor of innumerable Seinfeld gifs and goofy fanshots, took the step of starting a weekly randomness thread on this blog....

Schotty Extension is Apparently for 2 Yrs not 1


What the heck are the Jets brass thinking???????


The Jets Problems and How to Go About Fixing Them: Offense

I know it's really kinda early to go into offseason prognostication mode, especially considering the fact that the Jets still (somehow) have a very legitimate shot at making the playoffs. However,...


Great News: 2010 Dead Money Will Not Count Against the Cap

Breathe a sigh of relief everybody. John Clayton had been reporting that the Jets were $1.3 million over the cap. Thing is, that this calculation was done assuming that dead money counted. The new...

Awesome Baseball Website I Found


I was looking around for bad John Sterling calls because my friend and I were making fun of him as usual (as an aside if anyone has a site where they have many of his bad calls, pls link me to it) and I found this AWESOME webiste with many classic calls and stuff including tons of Mets stuff. This place is a treasure trove.


The Jets Salary Cap Situation

As many sources have reported, the Salary Cap for the upcoming season is scheduled to be set at around $120 million. This would be roughly $8 million less than the cap number from the last capped...


Prelude to Free Agency (Finally!!!!!!!!!!)

As the news starts to sift in that the lockout may finally be coming to an end (I almost don't want to write this for fear of jinxing it) its time to (finally) actually start thinking about free...


Midseason Review: A Happy Recap

Well, just a couple of days prior to the start of the season, I posted a piece here in which I tried to give an optimistic outlook on the coming season. At that point, many people (spurred on of...'s Rob Parker at it again


Just a few days ago, Parker wrote this piece of garbage in which he stated the mets shouldnt resign reyes (w/ AA fanshot bout it here). Now, he's back saying that the Mets making a playoff push behind return of David Wright would be bad. What a moron


Dear Fred,

Dear Fred,This post was written specifically for you. For a few years now my once high opinion of you has soured. I used to think you were a pretty nice guy, even a very good owner (although...


Favorite Alltime Random Mets

I started thinking about this because I saw a mention that Endy Chavez is back playing for the Texas Rangers, coming back from a bad injury. This brought back memories of both Endy's fantastic...


Preparing for (Hopefully, Fingers Crossed) Free Agency: Thoughts and Hopes

Well, now that the draft is over, we finally know (at least somewhat) how our team looks. Coming into the draft our DL was old, short on talent and athleticism and lacking depth. All that has...


Scouting Muhammad Wilkerson: A Comprehensive Look at What the Experts Say About the Newest Jet

Here's what some of the experts had to say about our newest Jet, Muhammad Wilkerson   from Positive: Terrific junior defensive line prospect with a great amount of upside....

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