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Aaron Brooks to SacTown for 3 million this year.


He's making 3 million this season....and what's Hinrich getting? This is seriously retarded, Brooks posted 20 and 5 a couple of seasons ago, the guy can ball. Oh.....but he doesn't live across the street from the UC.

Rockets to Amnesty Luis Scola.


He's owed 21 million over the next 3 seasons, which is a pretty damn good deal considering Omer's getting 25 over his next 3. Is there anyway to do a sign and trade here???????

Bomani Jones dishes on all these bums getting big-time deals. Jrue Holiday wants a max-deal....can...


Bomani Jones dishes on all these bums getting big-time deals. Jrue Holiday wants a max-deal....can you blame him? Good stuff from this guy I never heard of before.


Sign me up for Michael Beasley

[I'm sick of threads being full of Michael Freaking Beasley (including the ones I yanked these comments from), considering he plays at a position at where the Bulls are pretty established, there...


BaB Fan-Poll: Taj or Booz, who's better.

This isn't much of a fanpost, it's just a poll. I was debating JuiceBox today regarding who the better player is at this point and I feel that Taj is clearly the better basketball player. Booz is...

Azubuike to the Mavs


It's been 2 years since he last played after tearing a tendon in his knee, but he can play. He's 6"5, 215 pounds and is (was?) super athletic. He would have been a nice addition given Rip's injury issues, the lack of bench scoring and the excessive minutes Luol is playing.

Miami radio sidekick: Rose Most ‘Fraudulent MVP We’ve Ever Seen


Got salty after Rose's 'there's a time and a place for dancing" comment he made after being asked about the intros for the ASG. The schmuck also dropped "Who the hell is Derrick Rose?"


Time to Get Creative: Trading for Michael Beasley.

Beasley's on my fantasy team and in a little nugget I saw while looking at his player page I saw this: The Lakers and Minnesota have talked about a trade that would send Beasley to Los Angeles,...

Perkins Rips on Lebron.


"You don’t see Kobe [Bryant] tweeting," Perkins said. "You don’t see Michael Jordan tweeting. If you’re an elite player, plays like that don’t excite you. At the end of the day, the guys who are playing for the right reasons who are trying to win championships are not worrying about one play.

Derrick Rose was ill last night?


I was listening to Kendall Gill's appearance on the Mully and Hanley show and they were saying that Rose was ill last night, so I googled around and found this from Mark Potash. Apparently Rose was sick last night, at least per Doug Collins. That's befitting, as the Bulls made all of us sick last night too.

"Javale McGee is the Future of the NBA"


Momma McGee, your son is a with it.

Edwards inks 1 year deal w/ SF 49ers


Yeah, he'll likely be suspended for a few games, but the Bears missed the boat on this one. Edwards on a one year deal will be like Williams on a one year deal, highly motivated. A 4 WR set with Edwards, Williams, Knox and Hester/Bennett would be excellent. I know lots of you don't want him, but I'm upset about losing out on this guy.

CJ Watson Tweets DRose has won the MVP.


Per CJ's twitter account it's all but official. DRose has done it!

Jesse Jackson on the DRose bandwagon, fast forward to 2:15.


Jesse Jackson on the DRose bandwagon, fast forward to 2:15.

Pretty cool vid of DRose doing his MVP thing back in high school.


Pretty cool vid of DRose doing his MVP thing back in high school.


A Response to Dwyer's Crap Awards Compilation.

I posted this in two other threads, but someone proposed that I turn it into a FPost so here goes. Y'all saw the Dwyer list for the awards up until this point, and in case you didn't here's a link....

The 12 days of Quitness...enjoy!


The 12 days of Quitness...enjoy!

Rtbulls23x consistently pumps out the best Bulls mixes(sorry JBJ, yours are damn good too :). )...


Rtbulls23x consistently pumps out the best Bulls mixes(sorry JBJ, yours are damn good too :). ) It's a shame that Paypa buctherd Wiz Kalifa's masterpiece, though.


Let Derrick's Greatness Be Known.

I'm not as married to these numbers as some of you are, but let it be known that Derrick leads the league in USG% and is 10th in PER. Of the guys ahead of him in PER, only four are in the top...


Bulls Nuggets Summer League Thread

[From the FanPosts. How dare the Kyle Korver press conference overshadow this. Here's an update from David Thorpe (via commenter RM's destroyed fanshot): "@coachthorpe James Johnson looks far more...


Luxury tax question, with regards to 2010 free agency.

  I'm no capologist, so I have a question for any of you that know how the NBA's salary cap and luxury tax system work: There's a lot of talk about the Bulls not likely to exceed next year's cap in...


Can Kelenna Azubuike Be Had?

Y'all probably don't keep a close eye on the Bulls, but as a Bulls fan with a lot of free time in the PM I've watched my fair share of Warriors basketball the last couple of years. One guy that's...


Potential Ben Gordon Replacement?

The way things look right now, Ben Gordon will not be a Chicago Bull next year. I'm not saying it won't happen; it just doesn't look very likely. With that said, it's time to start thinking about a...

Need a laugh?


Here's a little yahoo snippet: Larry Hughes is beginning to settle in, Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni has put the versatile guard into the starting lineup in hopes of inspiring ball movement. He's got the ability to make more plays than Wilson Chandler. Hughes got 38 minutes against the Miami Heat, finishing with 19 points and five assists. The ball was in motion from the jump, too, and the Knicks went into the intermission with a 67-59 lead. That was too good to pass up.


After calming down a bit, here's my (somewhat) clearheaded thoughts.

Quite a lot has taken place within the last twenty-four hours. If everything reported is actually true, the Cubs have traded Jason Marquis and Mark DeRosa and in return received Jose Viscaino and...


If No Lefty Bat Falls To Us,

here is a name that has not been brought up on BCB yet, and he probably won't cost too much: Edwin Encarnaion.


Randy Johnson Revisited.

In an article posted on MLBTR it is being reported that after the Diamondbacks offered Randy Johnson 2-3 million for one year(thats downright insulting) he is looking to find a new team. That is...


Here's a Name That Defintely Has Not Been Brought Up.

Here's yet another trade idea, although the impact of this one might not be felt this year.  


Killing Two Birds With One Stone.

       With all of the ideas thrown around over the last few days about who should be acquired and who should go, I am surprised to have not seen more discussion about Brian Giles. Two things were...

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