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Curry said he'd still like a long-term extension when he's eligible in October, but understands...


Curry said he'd still like a long-term extension when he's eligible in October, but understands this season complicates things.

Via TK's Twitter -Also notable, Curry will begin to wear an ankle brace next season

Curry- "At this point, I've run my ankle into the ground trying to play on it injured"


MT2: Curry- " I think its about that time to just really keep the grand scheme of my career on the forefront and worry about that so I’m not coming back next year and we have a healthy lineup and I’m the only one that’s banged up. I don’t want that to be the case. At this time, we’re just waiting to see what the next step is. Still don’t know." Sounds like he'll be shut down the rest of the year (as if you needed anymore confirmation). Good to see he realizes the grand scheme of things.

Stephen Jackson: "I just want to play"

"It’s not like I was being a jerk in Milwaukee," Jackson said.

Niners Release Shawntae Spencer


via Eric Branch on Twitter

Monta Ellis won't demand a trade


MTII- Monta Ellis on recent trade rumors- "I have faith, plus I’m a loyal guy," Ellis said. "That’s just not me. It’s just I’m different. My situation is different. I was a second-round pick. I started off making a few hundred thousand (dollars). To be where I am now, I’m grateful." "I probably could go to Orlando or Chicago and get a championship," Ellis said. "But if they don’t move me, what can I do? Hopefully — if they don’t move me – they get somebody in here so we can win and I don’t have to go through this every year." Thoughts? Please read the whole article as I just posted two interesting excerpts.

3-Way Magic, Hornets, W's trade not happening


MTII- "One of the sources said the Warriors would not give up Ellis for Hornets center Chris Kaman, reportedly New Orleans’ key piece in the three-team talks. Golden State sources have consistently said they want a star in return if they move Ellis. Kaman, who is two years removed from his best year and is a free agent at season’s end, doesn’t qualify in the Warriors’ minds. There is basically no combination of players, from Orlando and/or New Orleans, that will make the Warriors part with Ellis.... With that said, there is a faction in Warriors management that feels something needs to be done, even if it’s a smaller-scale deal."

Randy Moss to work out for 49ers on Monday


Moss to the Bay?..... Again?

Steph OK, expected back tomorrow vs Clippers


Steinmetz: Warriors coach Mark Jackson said Curry could have returned tonight, expecting to have him back tomorrow vs. LAC.

Rubio Out For Season With Torn ACL


Feel bad for the kid... There goes Minnesota's playoff chances...

Buy or Sell?


5 ESPN Analysts give their take on 5 different teams, Warriors included, that should Buy or Sell before the deadline.

Udoh Starting Over Biedrins vs Raptors



Curry will skip Skills Challenge


*Cue David Stern naming Lin the replacement

Why don't the W's play Udoh more?


A great read from none other than TK.

He use to DRIVE. WHAT. HAPPENED. EDIT: More Beans Reminiscence:...


He use to DRIVE. WHAT. HAPPENED. EDIT: More Beans Reminiscence:


Can someone tell me why

Tarrell Brown plays over Shawntae Spencer? Spencer is decent.. Brown is god awful in coverage and I cringe every time the ball is thrown his way. I haven't even seen Spencer in ST or anything....

Patrick Willis has Grade 2 Hamstring Strain


He may miss some time, which may not be a bad thing after all. This gives Willis some time to get fresh for the playoffs and lets Larry Grant shine a little.

ESPN:Coaches that have done the least with most..


none other than.... you guessed it! Copy and pasted the articles to save you some scrolling... From David Thorpe: "l Iike the Warriors' talent, on paper. What I don't like is their indifference to defense, and Keith Smart has to be accountable for that. That team should not be a bottom-five defensive team. From Beckley Mason: "Of the innumerable field goals Keith Smart's Warriors have surrendered this season, 64 percent have been assisted. That's the NBA's highest rate, and illustrates the potentially playoff-worthy Warriors' utter inability to prevent opposing teams from executing their intended offensive actions."


Do you still have faith in Lacob? Read up.

Take it back to this time one year ago.... Word that the Warriors were for sale just sprung, and everyone was ecstatic. The Larry Ellison campaign began, and we all thought the Warriors were saved...

The 5'11 Blake Griffin


Jacob Tucker, fresh out of Illinois College, is 5'11.... with a 50 inch vertical. Better dunker than Blake Griffin IMO

ESPN: The Market for Iggy

can someone with insider help us out here!?! thanks :)

Gadz + Bell for T.Prince


its obvious prince is being shopped, with this trade the warriors basically swap expirings, however Prince is actually good. He brings a playoff veteran presence to the locker room and if it doesnt work out, its 11.5 mil coming off the books for the off-season... a win win either way. Detroit would do this because they could use an extra big man, and the contracts are expiring so they have nothing to lose.

NBA.COM Interview with Monta Ellis



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