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Defenders of the NFL


Crabs = Leg; Gore = Leg; P52 = Arm; Bow-wow = Arm; Kap = (forms the) Head! Voltron was needed once more, to defeat a new menace of the NFL (Seahags!).

Tom Ford equals Frank Gore


Also exchange Niggas with Niners.. this is my Frank Gore fight song! (Just have to replace words and make it flow for Gore on the football field style, if you get it yo)


Dynasties are no more.

There was some chatter about the Niners becoming a dynasty team, that this Superbowl was the start of it all (leaning on the notion the 49ers were going to win). Except that the dynasties of...

Xmas Niner outfit from MIL


Mother-in-Law giving me the Niner sleeping gear, awesome socks yo!

Minimalist Niners Wallpaper


I like it here are others just in case you know someone else

Where you going?


Where you going?

NFL first: 49ers film 'It Gets Better' video


The 49ers followed in the footsteps of the San Francisco Giants by becoming the first team in their league to record an "It Gets Better" video condemning anti-gay violence and bullying. The minute-long segment features defenders Donte Whitner, Ahmad Brooks, Isaac Sopoaga and Ricky Jean Francois.

Perfect song to get pumped before each game!


The song I now listen to before each kickoff "Who's Got Better" - by Bailey

Tebow vs Willis - Madden Showdown


Every position played by Tebow for the Broncos and same goes for Willis. Quite Awesome!

E3: Madden 13, Niners Gameplay... look who's QB'ing


Many new feature like Real Time Physics and Connected Careers.

Ah, So Don Banks just made the opposite happen!


• Randy Moss' impact in San Francisco will be a lot closer to his 2010 tenure in Minnesota and Tennessee than his 2007-2009 production in New England. Moss is notorious for playing up (or down) to the level of the team around him, and he's with a legit Super Bowl contender in Jim Harbaugh's 49ers. That's the good news. But he's also 35, coming off a year's retirement, and finds himself playing in an offensive system that greatly values running the ball and the short to intermediate passing game. Honestly now, do you see Alex Smith and Moss reprising the 1998 Vikings, with Randall Cunningham and Moss connecting on playground go patterns all day? I don't. Not even a little bit. Moss might have his moments, and his game days where he reminds us of his brilliant play-making past, but I'm not feeling a full-blown renaissance or Comeback-Player-of-the-Year type season in the offing. With San Francisco now having him, Mario Manningham, Michael Crabtree, A.J. Jenkins and Kyle Williams to throw to, not to mention tight end Vernon Davis, there might not be enough action to keep Moss interested and motivated throughout the course of 16 games. And we know where that can lead, one-year break from the game or not. Moss in the guise of a content and productive role player is one assignment we've never seen him successfully pull off. Until we do, I'm dubious Read more:

49ers 2011 Ultimate Highlights Video


Not mine, but I wanted to share. GO NINERS!

San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith joins search for Sierra LaMar


Is AleX not a great person both professional and personally!

The New Nike Apparel Coming April 2nd!


Think there will be any changes (mostly small) to the Niners Jersey's?? secondary link as well

Manning in a 49ers Jersey (done very nicely - found on reddit r/nfl)


Manning in a 49ers Jersey (done very nicely - found on reddit r/nfl)

RG3 v. Luck v. Newton v. Rich Eisen (10 yard head start)


GIF of RG3 v. Luck v. Newton v. Rich Eisen (10 yard head start) in the 40, its a gif so I didn't want to attach as an image, just a link.

Niners Jacket, what do you all think?


What do you all think of this reversible Niners jacket? (thinking about getting one as it is starting to get cool/cold)

The Four Horsemen of the Harbaucaplypse. (stolen from another place, I didn't make it)


The Four Horsemen of the Harbaucaplypse.  (stolen from another place, I didn't make it)

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