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All hope for Clayborn is gone

Ask for more Fanposts and you shall receive. I've been wanting to write something up on Clayborn anyways. With that said, when the Bucs signed Michael Johnson...Clayborn was done here. Will he...


Who needs to go/stay

Hi guys! I'm fairly new to Raw Charge, but I've been a Lightning fan for almost 15 years now (didn't watch hockey before that). Quick story, my first Lightning game I attended was against the P...


Best/Worst Prospects in April

It's been awhile since I made a fanpost here on Draysbay and what better way than going back to my roots. As much as I love Rays baseball, I find our prospects more fascinating. That being said,...


Question for Regulars of OPP

I think I've commented on these boards maybe 2 times...ever. I do, however, frequently read most of the content on the site. I've noticed a trend in terms of draft preference from some of the...


Likely Cap Casualties

This season was disappointing. A lot can be blamed on Schiano, but the players have to take some of that as well. I'm going examine some of the disappointing players an explain why certain players...


You're the GM!

Ok, bye-week means I'm bored. Obviously we all see what's wrong with this team and I'm sure each of us has an idea of what we would do if we could fix our beloved Bucs. I'll give two scenerio's....


Top 20 Prospect list

Forewarning, I am NOT a scout.


Top 15 unsigned picks

Signing deadline is coming soon (August 15). Just wanted to start a thread about the guys who have yet to sign. Normally I do lots of research on our draft prospects but haven't been able to this...


Kick Him When He's Down- The Saber Argument Against BJ

How can one explain the enigma that is BJ Upton? Fans drool over his potential, but loathe the results he's had this year. He's not the best player on the Rays, not the worse either, yet mentioning...



Sources say it's either C Bobby Wilson or 2B Sean Rodriguez.


Notes on Draft picks

I recently saw scout videos of our 4th round pick Ty Morrison, 15th Brandon Meredith, and 29th Brandon Magee. As most of you know, they are 3 highly thought of OFers. Morrison signed already and...


Low Level Prospects to Keep an Eye on

We all know of Price, Davis, Hellickson, Brignac etc... It's easy to know those guys. They are talked about more and consider less likely to fail because they are closer. Well this post is...


Players that should be moved to their next level

Below are some players low level players who are playing very well that deserve some consideration to move up. 1. Jason Tweedy- 20th round pick in 2008- 27 G, 105 AB, .408 OBP, 865 OPS, 12 SB and...

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