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Bulls are now running the flex... what the Bulls should've been running a long


YouBlewIt, Sports2 and I brought it up in the post-game thread from yesterday. This article is running on 3 years old, but it's still a reminder of what we have to aim for - with Rose or without him.

Will one of the Heat's 'Big 3' be available for the 2014 plan?


Yahoo sports seems to think so. That is when our plan kicks in, right? ...right?


B-A-B Fantasy league?

We did it last year and it was crazy, but I had fun (I think I came in second.)I would love to do it again, but I don't remember who commisioned last year, who would have the more simple option of...

Rose gets to prove he doesn’t need LeBron


Wetzel does the reverse-Woj treatment to Rose

Sham said Luol should grow a beard. here's the proof.


Sham said Luol should grow a beard. here's the proof.


2010-2011 Game Preview #78: Bulls vs. Boston Celtics

[Thanks for the way-too-late (but better then than never) game preview from Dantheman3k. Game is at 7 on TNT. -ed.] It took me so long to post this because I've been in class all day and I...


2010-11 Game Preview #60: Bulls at Orlando Magic

[Thanks dantheman3k for today's game preview. Early start at 6, not only on CSNChicago but ESPN. A Funk-free night (if you're so inclined. I am). -ed.] The battle for #1 seed in the East is on. The...

Keith Bogans wikipedia


I was perusing the colleges some Bulls players went to, when I noticed this: "Keith Ramon Bogans (born May 12, 1980 in Washington, D.C.) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls. He looks exactly like Deebo from the movie "Friday"." I chuckled.

Derrick Roses sidesteps the spotlight


A nice little article about how Rose is a person and in front of the media.

Joakim Noah already frustrated on bench


"It's frustrating, but it's part of the process," Noah said after Monday afternoon's practice.


Team USA vs Turkey, final

Apologies that this wasn't up sooner. -ed.

Analysis of Derrick Rose's jumpshot


We've seen other posts & fanshots with brief, nerdy video clips of Derrick taking and hitting some jumpshots. Here's an extreme breakdown & analysis of it. A cool read.

Adrian Peterson will NOT fumble this season


An article from the Pioneer Press about AP's off-season goal.

Brad Miller to Celtics?


"Miller and guard Ray Allen are expected to be the Celtics’ two top priorities in summer free agency following the retirement of Rasheed Wallace and a knee injury to Kendrick Perkins. ... Rivers has been behaving like a coach who plans to return. He participated in the Celtics’ draft preparation, and he had been working with GM Danny Ainge to prepare for the start of free agency on Thursday. He has also had conversations with prospective candidates to replace Tom Thibodeau on his coaching staff, but that hire is on hold." well, Bulls-Celtics rivalry, anyone? I guess.

Joe Johnson... to the Knicks!


"Plugged-in sources saying Knicks high on Joe Johnson's list of teams." not much - just a tweet - but considering I was probably the one who most believed JJ was like, handshake deal to the Bulls, I like how things seem to be playing out..

Knicks a championship squad with Lebron & Bosh?


I disagree entirely. But, of note, is how he hates everyone specifically, but really doesn't touch the Bulls much.

As Michigan State’s Tom Izzo tries to make a decision on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ coaching job, muc...


As Michigan State’s Tom Izzo tries to make a decision on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ coaching job, much of his uneasiness centers on just how frayed the franchise’s relationship with LeBron James(notes) has become, sources told Yahoo! Sports. As for his questions about where Cleveland’s organization stands with James, one source said Izzo "isn’t even sure who has a relationship with [James]." -a plus for leaving Cleveland for sure.

Adrian Wojnarowski article

Omer Asik?

I often see (and have even referenced it myself) that Omer Asik is coming to this team next year. While he's not a thick big man, he would give us some depth, and from all the scouting reports, it...

What Mr. Thibs means for the Bulls


An interesting article that goes into what the defensive guru can do for Noah & Rose... and... also is poorly thought out at points, but still, an interesting read.


Adrian Peterson: a fumbling analysis.

Adrian Peterson, has a fumbling problem. We’ve read and heard and talked about how he and his work ethic aim to fix this in the off-season by carrying a 14 lb football around, and if you can lug...

Charles Oakley talks to Lebron, says boo NYC, yay Chicago and Miami


I'm new and don't know how to FanShot, so if I block poorly, I'm sorry. But, er. "Oakley lives in the Cleveland area and is friends with James. If James does ask, Oakley would point him toward the Heat. 'I said maybe Chicago or Miami . I think him and (Dwyane) Wade would be great together,' Oakley said."


...2011 free agency?

Well, I figure we're all hyped for Lebron-a-Bull or BoshaBull or whatever and whatnot and so forth. But, I was thinking.   Say we sign one superstar and don't sign another (not that we need to with...

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