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What Made Pat Quinn's Leafs Tick?


A walk down memory lane...

Special Teams letting us down. Again.


How do special teams percentages actually affect the teams' bottom line?


WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO??? Draft Database and Analysis v4

The Daoust Draft Database has been updated! All of the information you need for the 2012 NHL Draft.


The Futility of Sports Fandom, Quantified

Despite what the media wants you to believe, the vast, vast, vast majority of time as a fan is spent lamenting another losing season.


Death to Percentages: Special Teams +/-

  I think at least 75% of us would agree that percentages have their place – scores on an exam, alcohol content, what kind of milk am I drinking?, etc.   But 30-40% of the time, percentages are...


Perspective Revisited: Your team still sucks too

Is this a little bit cheesy?  Re-posting an old fan post of mine?   Too busy / lazy for new material, so I put out a ‘best of’ collection instead?   Maybe.  Ok probably.  In any event, I revisited...


If we don't think of the future, who will? (Leafs Trade History, Brian Burke edition)

Looking at Brian Burke's trades involving prospects and picks.



Instead, the team Kaberle says he is really trying to impress is his current employer. "I’m hoping (it will encourage the) Leafs to keep me here," he said. "I have to play 100 per cent every game. Hopefully, I’ll stay healthy. I love it here. I’ve said it 1,000 times before. I want to be successful here." IF YOU DON'T LOVE TOMAS KABERLE YOU'RE A BAD PERSON


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy Media

Dowbiggin's article today was infuriating on a few levels, but this in particular made me mental: That might be a problem as "blogger" has come to be synonymous for bending the rules on sourcing...


Also not so hot at drafting? Chicago. (More Draft Analysis 94-present)

The most complete NHL draft database that you will ever use.


Detroit isn't that great at Drafting (and other secrets): Draft Analysis 1994-2009

Everything that you've wanted to know about the NHL draft in the 30 team era.


Perspective (or "Your team sucks too")

Even with four bad seasons behind them the Leafs are still top dog in Canada.

Steve Mason Death Threat


Man, the Flames have the best fans, don't they? Talk about passion.

Viktor Stalberg - Hobey Baker candidate


Website promoting Leaf prospect Viktor Stalberg, who's up for the 2009 Hobey Baker award (NCAA's top men's hockey player).


Are Fans Finally Fed Up with Lousy Leafs?

Editor's note: I promoted this to the front page for being a good look at something that's sort of always been associated with the Leafs; selling out no matter what. - Chemmy   From the Toronto...


Leaf Draft Pick Trading (Cliff / Burke era) revisited

Deadline day officially blows.   Screw you and your salary cap Bettman. With all the 'excitement' out of the way, it's probably a good time to take another look at what picks have been moved in...


Mats Sundin Commercials

Editor's Note: My favourite line is "What mask?" OK - It is officially "Mats Sundin weekend" around here. Someone mentioned the Sundin commercials in another thread so I thought I'd post a few of...


We've Always Been at War with Mats Sundin

PPP just posted the title in another thread, and he's right.    This is a great article from a Toronto magazine in mid-2004 talking about Mats' often-strained relationship with Toronto fans.   It's...


Leafs Trade History 99-Present Part 3 - Free Agents

By request... a collection of Leaf free agent signings since the Quinn era.  Yay.


Leafs Trade History 99-Present Part 2

Editor's Note: The best commenter named after Dapper Dan Daoust has put together an amazing look at the Leafs' trade history since 1999 with a special emphasis on the draft picks moved. Part one is...


Leafs Trade History 99-Present Part 1

As promised in my last post,  I’ve gone back and compiled a hopefully complete record of all Leaf trades going back to the Pat Quinn era, summarizing the picks and players moved by each of the...


Did somebody just trade another draft pick??? Remain calm.

A look at the Toronto Maple Leafs' trades involving draft picks.

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