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To all the "fans" who booed Rudy tonight.....

Please stop booing Rudy, or please stop going to games at the Rose Garden.

Mike Woodson fired.


Woodson is fired. Many think Mike Brown may be next. It appears that ISO offense is unpopular as well as unsuccessful. I hope Nate is paying attention.


Seth Pollack wants NO Blazer Fans on Bright Side of the Sun

Pretty disappointing for a site editor if you ask me. He started this with that "Hate" thread, did nothing to put out the fire it ignited on both fronts, has been banning people with reckless...


A cute story about my mom, a blazers quilt, and Jerryd Bayless

Amidst all the hoopla about the trade deadline, playoff aspirations, our new center, former players and sad goodbyes I thought it might be a good time to tell a cool story about my mom and just how...



I'm a little disappointed in the lack of love on here for my hero and favorite Blazer ever Joel, "The Thrilla", "The Vanilla Gorilla", "Ghostface" Przybilla. After the hug party when Greg fractured...


Sunday 29 JD - zombies vs vampires

Vampires are hot right now. Zombies? Not so much. The Twilight movies have catapulted vampirism ( is that a word? ) into the hearts, minds, of wallets of teenage girls everywhere. I still say...


The official post Atlanta loss RANT thread.

After a loss everyone wants to cut loose and talk about everything that's wrong with the team ( and coaching staff ), including me for that matter. Let's put all this cleansing ranting into one...


Dario Argento's predictions for the 2009-2010 season

AK1984 inspired me to do this post, so I kept ( mostly ) the same format as him.


To anyone who would like to email the NBA regarding bloody, nasty, crusty scabs.

Here is a link to the contact NBA page. I wrote an email telling them how I will NOT be purchasing NBA league pass if the games are going to be this long and boring with scab officials. I'm sure it...


Just got my half season tix in the mail!!!!

It came in a UPS box, has a little Blazer man purse in it, and an A-frame calender / season ticket guide. BRING IT!!!!!!!


ESPN ( on TV ) reporting Hedo and Blazers are " hammering out a deal " as we speak.

Looks like it's close to a done deal. Haven't found anything about it online yet. Only saw it on ESPN.

Portland thinking about trading up to get 5 or 6 from wolves?


Evidently Portland and Phoenix are considering moving up. Not sure how reliable this guy is.


Trade Drawer-worst trade possible edition

With draft day ( KP's favorite trade day ) fast approaching, the Finals coming to a close, and the NBA offseason looming it's obvious that several people on here are getting trade fever. I feel it....


Summer School Gate!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's true. Greg Oden is going back to Ohio State to take classes. Why the H@#$ would anyone be pissed / concerned about this? There have been a flurry of posts about this, almost as if he got...


Are we ready for a ( Artest / Stephen Jackson type ) head case? ( with poll )

On 95.5 the game the other day on Wheels at Work ( Monday I think ) KP was interviewed, and had a few verrrrrry interesting things to say. He was asked about possible off-season moves by Wheels,...


The refereeing in game 1.

Sorry if everyone is sick of this subject, but I think the refereeing may be the single most important indicator of how we do in the next few games. The calls in game 1 made me sick. I was shocked....


Blazers Edge meet-up for first road playoff game?

I missed Blazers Edge night. It really hurt, but I had to. Family obligations come first. I was quite jealous of everyone who went especially after seeing the pictures. It made me think that we...


What the h@#$ is a l@ker?

I was going off on a pretty funny ( IMHO ) rant in someone's "it's time to move on from hating the l@kers" thread, and thought this point was too good not to highlight... What the h@#$ is a l@ker?...

Lamar Odom suspended 1 game

I think this is actually bad for the blazers, considering they play Houston tonight.

A message to you Rudy.

This was a great win. GREAT WIN. But I won't be able to fully apreciate it until I hear that Rudy will play basketball again. I'm not even talking about this season, I just want him to come back...


For anyone who would like to Email NBA.com about Reggie and Kenny's disrespectful remarks.

Kenny and Reggie's disrespectful remarks about Rudy wearing the Martin jersey as a tribute really ticked me off. I'm no NBA historian, but even I knew Martin was the first Spanish player ever to...

RLEC for Andre Miller?


Good idea? His contract expires after this year.


Trade Drawer. Everyone loves ( or wants ) a 3 way!!!

So with all of the Quick talk I thought it might be different to share ideas about OTHER fun, trade possibilities. I was thinking of ways to get the player I want the most for the blazers (...


Yes indeed! We have turned a corner! ( with poll )

For the last month or two, ( after the very satisfying 14-6 start ) we have been essentially playing .500 ball, flirting with playoff basketball but not able to truly separate ourselves from lesser...


How did everyone come to be a blazer fan?

So I was expecting to watch the Kings game tonight from my warm living room couch, as I have a half season of tickets and tonight wasn't one of my games. But my friend called and invited me to join...


Welcome Fairweather Fans!!!!

So I am a paramedic. I work for the local ambulance company that provides 911 service for most of the portland metro area ( excluding Beaverton ). I work with some pretty volatile people....


Rudy for 6th man of the year!

I think he will be a candidate for 6th man obviously. He's already one of the more effective players off the bench in the league. Is it possible to start a "Rudy for 6th man" campaign? Who decides?...

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