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Parts of my family lived in the JP area before it was part of Kentucky. I couldn't wait to get away, but dadgum it if I am not going to be buried there not far from the old Clapp farm.

Love my family, my Church, and my country.

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Tripping with the Daughters at Jerry's World

I previously mentioned the Houston daughter suggested we go to the Final Four. I said yes as did the Santa Clara daughter who will move to Dallas this summer. Bullet Holes in The Windshield,...


Bullet Holes in the Windshield. Albuquerque

I can't think of this city without thinking of Neil Young and Crazy Horse's song of the same name. Flight is four hours delayed. Nice little airport here. One of the few I had not visited in my...

Superbowl Proposition Bets

A fun little article about simulating Super Bowl Proposition bets. A diversion from last night. I am not advocating gambling. That is a sin and illegal in many states. But the math is fun.


Europe's 50 Top Players Per Bloomberg

Just saw this today. Many comments one could make, but I keep coming back to David Moyes of all things. At Everton he had two of the top 50 in Europe and yet couldn't get to the CL. Of course,...


Stanford Strength Training

Another interesting article from the NYT (boo Yankees ) about Stanford's innovative training program. Note the emphasis on yoga. I started yoga 2.5 years ago and it has changed my body and strength...


Not UK Related, but Kentucky Related. Sort Of

At the following link is a NY TImes (boo) dialect quiz that identifies where you grew up. 25 questions about certain phrases and how you pronounce certain words is all it takes. The results names...


Ok, So I Was Wrong. Sue Me.

Earlier this year I was so pumped over Stoops and Co. that I started saying UK would win 8, then I attended the Spring Game and remarked to Hobo, we aren’t very big. I reduced it to 7 wins that...


Arsenal Thoughts from a Mile High

As a supporter I want trophies, but more importantly want the club to succeed over the long term. Despite disappointments since the last trophy, I believe the club has improved in many ways. The...


So a Week Ago Friday I Had a Couple Drinks

Well not exactly. I had a couple wines before seven and a couple Bookers after ten and in between I had a couple of each but not exactly sure when I switched from wine to Bookers and how many...

Top 10 Spring Vacations in the World

The Bourbon Trail gets a Top Ten ranking by National Geo worldwide. I took in a small portion of it the Sunday following the Blue White game and I will go back. Btw, if you haven't visited the "Holy Land" of Kentucky area, go this weekend. Combine it with the Bourbon Trail and you will take care of spiritual needs in two ways.


The Rules They Need A Changing…

A lot of the talk after last night’s Championship game was about the officiating. No, really it’s about how bad it was. I think that is great because this conversation has been a...

Oregon's Court

With Oregon still Dancing it is appropriate that I make sure everyone know what it looks like and proposed designs for other schools. Of course this one is for UK

First Tilghman Player to Get a Super Bowl Ring

Bryan Hall played at Paducah Tilghman and while he never got on the field during the Superbowl, he still got a ring! Happy for Bryan, but he should have played at Heath, not Tilghman! Don't miss the side story of where Bryan's dad played in high school. Folks still talk about that team in the JP.

Cries of racism in Illinois 2A Championship Game

Interesting. My view: I thought it unlikely that Harrisburg had an all non black team and yes, they had black players. So a non black Harrisburg kid was using the N word towards the opponents and his teammates (black or white or yellow or red) had nothing to say? Not likely. Not likely when I was kid either. Then the Seton coach failed to teach a valuable lesson in walking off the court. That is, you control only your actions not the other team. Leadership man, be a leader.

The Challenge of Jarrod Polsen

Could Jarrod Polson be showing Calipari the way to better continuity?


Who Will Be Left Standing at the End of the Dance This Year?

The only TV program I watch regularly is Gold Rush. Bunch of dopes, but I do like seeing the gold. However, this time of year I do watch TV most nights while on the treadmill or after yoga or...


Some Arsenal Thoughts

1) The RVP interview last night on Fox Soccer was interesting...he wanted to play with players who challenged his abilities (he is seeing things at MU that he hasn't seen since Henry, Fabregas, or...


Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this son of York;

Of course there has been lots of grousing about this year's UK team. This team is well, unsatisfactory, particularly after the glory of last year's (in a phrase I proposed that never caught on)...


Glenn is absolutely right about this. V2

This is merely an appreciation of seven men who know their limitations -- or, more precisely, don't know their limitations -- and have sought to protect themselves and others by removing deadly...


Wesley Woodyard

Wesley is having some kind of year for the Broncos. Thanks to DJ Williams' suspension Wesley has been a starter and at times has been absolutely outstanding. Wesley leads the Broncos in tackles...


6th Place at the NCAA Championships

Great race by a UK harrier. All sports at UK are moving upward. Well, except for football which pays for many of them. Maybe Jim T will get tired of doing radio and come to Lex. Which is much...


Kentucky Gifts

This beautiful Saturday morning in Colorado I am doing some Christmas shopping. Where am I shopping? At Berea College of course. Some may know. Some may not know but a simple reminder that Berea...

Back in the JP and What Do I See?

Who knew that a Tennessee resident could buy a University of Kentucky license plate? Are you kidding me? Before you ask, I checked and no you cannot buy a UT license plate in Kentucky. Seems to me that should always be a question to ask any person running for elected office anywhere in the Commonwealth. Do you now or have you ever supported the Commonwealth of Kentucky issuing license plates with a UT emblem on them? Answer in the affirmative and it is an immediate and permanent disqualification from public office. Maybe it should go into the Constitution. Ok, Memphis Cat I have to you have one of these? Still haven't seen a UL license plate around here although I did meet a UL fan the other day. He acknowledged there weren't many in these parts.

UK Number 2 In Capital One Cup Standings-Men

There are two states with two schools in the top 10. Kentucky and California. Wow.

Coach Cal has a Book Club?

Going to be in Paducah next week and wondered when the trophy tour would be in the JP. While looking at the schedule I noticed Coach has a book club. Wow.

Tulsa Formerly Introduces Manning as New Coach

Well, I didn't think he would last long, but to be the former coach already must some sort of record.


Thoughts on Eight

1) Yes, I was excited for Kentucky, Coach, the players, and all the fans, but on reflection I am most happy for Coach. Look, I love bball and have since I watched my first game at the old Lincoln...

Kentucky: A Final Test, Then Farewell?

The second paragraph alone is worth a click. Love the title punctuation. The WSJ, as almost always, gets its grammar exactly right.

The Book Bracket

A surprising winner, at least to me. I didn't even know he had published a book. I will have to read it.

Celebration Turns Violent in LEX?

Come on kids, you are at UK, not on the Hill at CU. Goodness, grow up and show some class. This has happened before. Someone find that guy disgracing Miller's jersey and rip it off of him.

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