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Die Hard Jets fan and casual Devils fan. Always stick up for my side of the argument. Passionate and fiery person. Penn state student.

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GGN Thread About Nothing #85-No Love

Hello denizens of Gang Green Nation. darshv3 here once again with you're 85th Thread About Nothing. We are coming off a weekend where our most hated team, the New England Patriots were eliminated...


GGN Thread About Nothing #83-Wasting My Time

Hello folks, Darshv3 here bringing you the 83rd thread about nothing. Today we're gonna take a look at the post-grunge genre, a genre that I, admittedly, really love for some reason. It was...


A grab bag of opinions on the state of the team

Howdy folks. These are all just opinions and aren't super duper fleshed-out, but I feel like sharing my own POV on some of the affairs with this organization. These views aren't from a hardcore,...


GGN Thread About Nothing #77: Never Too Late

SNIPE! Bet you didn't see me coming, did y'all? Howdy GGN, your favorite resident...uh, someone, darshv3 here with your next TAN out of the middle of nowhere. Now, I deliberated long and hard about...


A rigged competition? I beg to differ

Well it appears that this saturday's start is going to Mark Sanchez. As far as i'm concerned, and as common sense might dictate, this is probably because of Geno's ankle injury. I am not happy...


A somewhat exhaustive look at John Idzik's first off-season

Before we start, shoutout to our very own Smackdad for giving me the inspiration to write this Note: Darelle Revis's trade will not be discussed, as that seemed to stem all the way from the owner,...


Over/Under- 2013 New York Jets Edition

Hey, I finally got off my butt and wrote a fanpost! Anyway, I think most of you know what's coming, so let's go ahead and try to predict what's gonna happen with this extremely unpredictable team. ...


A single person's view of the Revis situation

Well, the Jets-standard polarizing news of the last 24 hours is the talk of a potential trade of Darelle Revis, arguably the best cornerback of all time and the best defensive player in the game...


So...what to do with all the free agents?

And so ends a disappointing 2012 season where it probably went about as bad as anyone could have predicted. Worst-case scenario kind of bad. And to make matters worse, this off-season isn't gonna...


A little perspective on what may be to come

So, right now I think we're all pretty pissed off at how things have gone. We should be. Sanchez isn't any more consistent, some coaching decisions have been really questionable, the lack of depth...


Are things really so bad right now? not really

Let me just get one thing straight and out of the way: That loss hurt. It hurt so much. I felt like someone stuck a dagger in my heart. My soul left my body for about 30 seconds after it ended. I...


game-by-game predictions for the Jets, and season landscape predictions

Pretty self-explanatory, let's do this. 1: Vs. Buffalo: I'll just get out of the way that I have an underlying bad feeling about this. Not sure why. I do think we win this game though. I expect F...


The sky is not falling over a few waivers

So, it currently seems like the second storming of the Bastille is going on right now, in response to waiver wire pickups and moves...wait, really? Waiver wire moves? These happen every year, on...

Great article about Keller


My favorite tight end. Fun fact, my friend is good friends with Dustin's brother, Damien.


Predictions and Projections for the team and Players, Part 2:

Well, the Last one received a pretty warm response, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so now we've got a part 2. Today I'll be projecting for the defense, although keep this in mind:...


Predictions and projections for the team and players: part 1

Today we're gonna go over my predictions as to how some of our players are gonna perform this season. Before I start, let me just explain what I think the offense is gonna look like. I've seen...

great article about Rex


Jenny Vrentas does it again.

3 Jets make Jason La Canfora's worst contracts list


There are some really odd names on that list. He called Brandon Marshall a bust in does anyone who reaches 1200 yards and makes the pro bowl earn the title of a "bust"?


Why I feel good about our receivers this year

Not too many people seem to agree with me here, judging from the comments on Sp0rtsfan's thread, but I, for one, really do feel good about our wide receiver corps for this season. Probably the most...


which new or emerging player are YOU most excited to watch?

Well it's been a pretty theoretical-tumble-weed time when it comes to relevant football news, since this is the time of year when everyone takes a few weeks off before grinding through training...

So, Apparently our defense sucks and Rob is a better coach then Rex


Yeah...sure, I could see the cowboys having a good defense next year, but I don't think they're gonna be better than us. Your thoughts everyone?

A must read analysis on our move to more 4-3


an excellent bucky brooks article. Man, i'm so gonna love this defense this year. I can feel it.


My expectations for the team, part 5, by unpopular demand...

So, after the poll in the last edition, it was pretty lopsided that you guys wanted this to be about Core players. Unfortunately for you guys, this is my fanpost, and since I plan to be taking a...

excellent article on the passing game


Another great Jenny Vrentas article. This is quite an informative, and somewhat revealing, read.


My Expectations for the team, part 4, Veterans

Y'all know what this is by now, so here it is: part four. We'll look at some older players this time. Bart Scott: It's been well documented that he's coming off a down-year where he was really...

The Bills are 13th in the power rankings


it's not just that they're ahead of us, look at who else they're ahead of too! Geez, that Mario Williams Kool-Aid must be pretty damn sweet.

Matt Slauson said top 4 offseason lifters voted on by the offense were 1) Dustin Keller 2) Tim...


Matt Slauson said top 4 offseason lifters voted on by the offense were 1) Dustin Keller 2) Tim Tebow 3) Vlad Ducasse and 4) Slauson.

per Jenny Vrentas. Surprised that Keller ended up being 1 but...take that Keller haters!

My Expectations for the team, part 3, prove yourself edition

You guys seem to like this Series, so it continues. Today we're gonna look at some young, unproven guys that need to make some contributions for us this year for us to be successful. Joe McKnight:...


My expectations for the team, part 2

Hey everyone, remember that last fanpost I had that involved my explanation of how I think some of our players will perform? Well, I'm gonna dumb it down a little bit and just make it my thoughts...

Cool article about the Jets in the Weight room


Another well-written article by Jenny Vrentas. It's worth spending 5 minutes to read it.

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