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Im attending College, I love Mizzou and KC baby. My fiance is due on May 2. Were having a baby girl.

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  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
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User Blog

We need to rebuild

I dont post many fan shots on TDS. To be honest, I live in Missouri and have only watched 20 something Rockets games this year. But it is becoming appearent to me that this team in just not that...

DWB's Mock

Wow it has been a long time since I made a mock draft. I recently took a new job that sends me all over Missouri and just haven't had the time. I rarely get on SB nation and when I do I usually...

Evaluating The First Round W/ DWB

I figured I would drop in and give a grade out to every pick. I know Dan or someone will probably do this, but differing opinions never hurt.

Mike Johnson Scouting Report

Mike Johnson 6'5 310 pounds | Guard | Alabama Versatility - He played LT, RT, and LG at Alabama. Scouts project him as a OG in the pros and I have to agree. I think his versatility will add to his...

Rodger Saffold NFL Draft Scouting Report

Rodger Safflold 6'5, 318 pounds | Offensive tackle | Indiana Awareness-Good awareness, however, Ive seen him whiff on a couple blocks. Usually doesn't have a problem recognizing his assignment...

Mock Draft Blues

  via Whats up guys, Figured I would drop you a quick mock, only 3 rounds. Ill try to consider FA and The Combine eventhough they mean nothing (lol).

Could the Chiefs Draft Jimmy "Gavone" Clausen?

I read something interested from Mel Kiper. He pretty much came up with a situation where the Chiefs might draft Jimmy Clausen if he grades out higher than  O Kung. Personally, I don't think the...


Houston, Knicks, and the Future

Hello everyone. Im DWB and this is my first fan post on TDS. However, Ive been reading you're guys work every couple days for a little bit. I live in Missouri, so I don't get to watch many Rockets ...

Mock Draft 5th Edition - Im an All Star

Hello MTD posters. I havent been on for a while because my fiance is sick. She is pregnant, Dont worry though everything is fine and my daughter Gracie Christine will be here in two months with no...

Give a little REC'age for JP

I just wanted to make this post to thank JP. I know I had fun tonight with his mock draft. He did a good job and he is working hard just to throw this all together. It is alot tougher than it looks...

MOCK DRAFT PREDICTIONS (If Not, You Dont Belong here)

I know you probably want to know what this is, well it is exactly what it says. Alot of us mockers are well known for the one liners we all use. Example, "Tim Tebow wont go before round 3!" or...

The Greatest Mock Draft Ever, Mock Draft 4th Edition (The Updated 4 round addition youve been waiting for for a really long time but it was never there. Well, Now it is.)

I didnt plain on making another mock so soon. But, Snead is coming out and I have a huge draft crush on him. I really do hope he falls to the 3rd round and the Chiefs were able to pick him but I...

2011 1st round mock.

This is so TJ isnt the only mocker with a 2011 mock draft up. Two reasons these are very good 1) The 2010 draft is almost here and will be gone before we know it 2) Everyone should get an early...

DWB's Official Posistional Big Board (Updated 1/8/2010)

I figured I would throw together my official big board for every position for any mocker that wants to see someone elses opinion. Mocking the Draft has the same thing on their website if anyone...

Mock Draft #3

Here we go again, We've learned alot of things since my last mock so lets do a quick run thru. Joe Haden is for sure entering the draft, Eric Berry is in, and Jevan Snead is probably staying for...

Stock Up, Stock Down! Pt. 1

I was wondering who you guys thought have hurt or helped themselves thru the Bowl Games so far. Ill have a couple people that have hurt their stock and a couple that will help. If you guys want to...

How I'd Fix The Chiefs (Its Possible)

Im copying this idea off of a couple posters fan shots. I know someone else did the Chiefs but I think I can do better. Here is my shot at fixing the Chiefs.

Positional Outlook on The Draft

How are all of my Friends doing? I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Im sure your following days will be filled with playing your new gameboy advance. JK Anyways, This is my opinion on the best...

Matt Hoch makes 22


Matt Hoch switches his pledge to Mizzou. Big questions remain as to how many scholarships Mizzou has left. This makes 22 commitments so far.

NUBs lose big time ILB


ILB Chris Williams was granted a realease from Nebraska. For those of you who dont know Williams. He is an ILB out of TX, Recruited by Mizzou, NUBs, and several other Big 12/SEC schools. Williams choose NE in the end. He had injury issues which force him to red shirt. I dont know if he is done with FB forever or if he is going to sign with someone else. [Title edited for spelling -- ed.]

Take A Look At The Visitors This Weekend


This weekend is probably even bigger than last week! Marcus Lucas **** WR 6'4/185/4.5-High Interest Keeston Terry **** WR 6'3/185/4.58-Verbal KU Tristan Holt **** CB 6'0/183/4.45-Verbal MU Dexter McDonald *** 6'2/180-Verbal Illi Edwin Gaines *** 5'11/165/4.4-Verbal MU Bud Sasser *** 6'4/200/4.6-High Interest Braylon Webb *** 6'2/180-Verbal MU The reason I think this weekend is bigger than last is we have a shot to take two in-state guys away from two teams on our schedule next year. We should be hearing about some commitments later today, I will keep everyone updated as best I can. GO TIGERS!! [Promoted for Front Page Friday!]

4 Star Recruit Tristan Holt is appearently going to visit Arkansas on Jan 8th. He is now a soft...


4 Star Recruit Tristan Holt is appearently going to visit Arkansas on Jan 8th. He is now a soft Verbal. I wouldnt put to much into it, Plenty of Kids take visits after they commit. It would be nice to keep Holt but we will have aa strong class without him. It just sucks he is a DB. A good sign is his DB partner Braylon is still solid so he might be able to keep Holt with us.

Mizzou Football Recruiting Class Sky Rockets After Huge Weekend


Missouri's recruiting class jumped from 41 all the way to 17th in the nation. With Rivals filling in grades for alot of the recruits including Tristan Holt, 4-Star DB from TX. The additions of Tyler Gabbert, Marcus Murphy, and Kenronte Walker also contributed.

Who do you think the steal of the draft will be?

Im just wondering what us "Mockers" consider to be the wleeper of this years class. Dont say Brandon Grahm because he is considered a 2nd round pick. Dont pick the obvious. Just for fun, Who do you...


Getting to Know our Recruiting Class (UPDATED 12/19)

Im new to Rock M Nation but not to SB Nation. To be honest I didnt even know the site existed until not to long ago. I follow Mizzou sports with all my heart. One of my favorite things about...

Mock Draft #2

Based off of standings. My mock is mine, I own it, of course SB nation has the exclusive right to show it off in all of its greatness. There are a couple picks that people may not like and I really...


5 ways the Chiefs get a win this Sunday

I'm not confident the Chiefs can best the Steelers this Sunday. I hope the Chiefs can have a good game and keep this close. Before everyone crowns the Steelers with a victory, Lets go over some...


Looking at the Chiefs Future O Line

I know every chiefs fan want the Chiefs to go out and sign a bunch of FA to make us win now, but that probably wont happen. Pioli has been known to add veteran leadership on defense but not so much...


A Couple Prospects in Action

The Chiefs have alot of Holes to fill this off season.  Im not gonna give you a mock draft instead I'm going to let you know of a couple guys I watched through out their collegiate career that I...

Cory Wotton


I was impressed by this guy today. He went up against Bulaga and held his own. He only had 1 tackle and a FF for a TD but he was the only player to put pressure on the Iowa QB and looked like he could just bull rush Bulaga and Calloway back.

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