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Im attending College, I love Mizzou and KC baby. My fiance is due on May 2. Were having a baby girl.

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Clancy is the Real Problem, Not the Secondary

Im not gonna waste your time with a rant about how bad Clancy is. Instead, Im going to give you the cold hard facts on why Clancy is a Cancer and will only hurt this team more throughout this year....


Breaking Down The CBA

Breaking Down The CBA

Dont forget the trash Cromartie has been spouting


This is an article responding to Cromartie's commentings on[ the Chiefs, specificly Bowe. Im intrested to see if he covers Bowe and if Bowe responds. We could see what type of player Bowe can be in this game. See if he responds to doubters and degraders.


Ravens intrested in Dwayne Bowe?

Im a Chiefs fan! Ive heard all these rumors about a Dwayne Bohe trade specifically to the Ravens. I was just wondering what you guys think about it. He is in his 3rd season, He has 200 yds reciving...


I need your help Lion Fans

I have Calvin Jonhson on my fantasy team, If he doesnt play think week, Who would be the Lions Starters if he didnt play and who do you think would grab more balls. I figured its your team so you...


Gaines Adams, The Redskins, and The Chiefs

Just something Intresting I stumbled acroos. This Season Gaines Adams has been playing very poor. Which makes me question the Bears decision to trade for him. He has only made 10 total tackles,  1...

My Mock

  My draft is a little different it is based off of the Week 6 Power Rankings. Its MINE so its a personal opinion. Please feel free to critize.

Kent Babb "How to Fix The Chiefs"


Kent Babb's article on how to fix the Chiefs this draft. I dont totally agree with the first pick but overall it is a good read.

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