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We suck again!!! -Rob Schnieder, The Waterboy

"when you give up a 2 run homer to freddie bynum... do you have to surrender your testicles in some public ceremony and no longer call yourself a man??" -by 2632 on Mon Apr 16, 2007 at 09:09:29 PM

Improving the ballclub: Not one of Peter Angelos' concerns.-SC Wed Jan 30, 2008

"Chickens are hard to catch." Jennifer Scott (Luuuuuuuke's Mom)

"Jeremy Guthrie’s funny. Sneaky funny. Smart funny. Stanford funny."

Kevbo: [to George Sherrill] George, you look a lot like Vin Diesel...

Flatbill: Let's get somethin' straight... Vin Diesel looks like me.

-From "The Making of Orioles Magic"

Jioe Flaacco, Hon!!! "He’s like a live JUGS machine."

"I do think the O’s have sucked balls this season. If that displeases you Luke, then oh well."-birdman

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Baltimore Orioles
  • NFL Baltimore Ravens
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB Delaware Blue Hens
User Blog

IT'S BAAAAACK!!! The MBP page has been updated with this year's schedule and is ready to go. One...


IT'S BAAAAACK!!! The MBP page has been updated with this year's schedule and is ready to go. One quick prop bet... someone come up with an over/under on the number of games until we break out the Tankeray. I just want to say, that no matter the number, I'm taking the over because right now I am enthusiastically pumped for this season; Like I haven't been pumped for a LOOOONNNNG time. I hope it's not just the February sports lull that's making me feel this way.

Beer Guzzling Toddler


/RANT/I dislike everyone else trying to parent other peoples' kids. Mind your own damn business./END RANT/ But, surprise!!! At a Phillies game! And now there's a regional manhunt for this kid's parent(s)... I bet the state will try to take this kid because they know SO much better how to raise a child.

Even though we all need our shoelaces taken from us...


I still believe there was some Birdland in yesterday's tragedy.  Since no one else has allowed voting for the THIRD game in a row I guess I'll keep the faith and throw this thing up here.


It's baaaAAACK

  Sorry for my 8 month hiatus.  It actually wasn't because the O's sucked from August on.  I actually watched the games... when i could, but I couldn't post as much as I wanted to.  This stupid...


Mid point MBP Poll-Finals

Bergie blew out ZAUN (not surprisingly) and somewhat surprisingly Luuuke eeked by Adam Jones, Son! in a very tight vote. Now it's finals time. Who will it be? The boy wonder callup? Or the...


Mid point MBP- Bottom Bracket

The autobid for ZAUN vs. Boy Wonder, the fave Call up, Brad "3E" Bergesen.


Mid point MBP-Top Bracket

Adam Jones outduelled Nicky for the #1 Seed and Luke JUST eeked out the #4 Wildcard Spot from Penni. Poll closes at Midnight Tonight.

"Mid-Point" MBP


So... as we all know, the all-star break is upon us.  The HR Derby was yesterday.  I started to watch it but it quickly bored me.  In my opinion the HRD has run its course.  It was cool for a while...


Halfway point MBP Poll, Wildcard

Time to vote for a Wild Card MBP... based on whatever the hell you like.  Included are all players currently on the roster except for those who already have a spot in the MBP Tourney or who are...


Halfway point MBP Poll, #1 Seed

Adam and Nicky.  Nicky and Adam.  They share an address (now).  They also share the same amount of Birdlandery.  The time is Now.  The Place is Now...  to separate them.


Mets freaked out by furries...

This is sorta off topic but pretty f-ing hilarious. Apparently Anthrocon 2009 is in Pittsburgh the same week as the Mets.   Ok, so really it's the Mets reporter... but I'll bet more than a few...


The Birdland Address

Play on the Gettysburg Address

Wieterisms on Bruce Cunningham's show

  1. Matt Wieters started WWIII... His last HR knocked Kim Jong-il's test missile out of the sky
  2. On his way to Baltimore from Norfolk, I95 was so packed, instead of staying on it, Matt Wieters parted the Chesapeake Bay
  3. Matt Wieters hit a ball so hard it scared the seagull off of Buck Martinez's head
  4. Matt Wieters scored the only touchdown in the history of the Baltimore Orioles
  5. Matt Wieters adopted Mark Teixeira's parents. He thought they needed a son to be proud of.

Orioles 1, MFY 9, 05/19/09, So I'm just walking along and... SPLAT!!!

Game Recap for 05/19/2009 vs. MFY.


In light of games like today, 12-1 Boston

and the ensuing "MBP or No MBP" discussion, I have decided to post a poll  


Nickname for Center and Right Field?

Nick Markakis and Adam Jones own Right and Center Fields at Camden Yards. It needs a name.


Game 4 Lineups (vs Rays, 04/10/09)

The lineups By Roch Kubatko on April 10, 2009 3:31 PM| Permalink | Comments (0) For the Orioles: Brian Roberts - 2BAdam Jones - CFNick Markakis - RFAubrey Huff - 1BMelvin Mora - 3BLuke...

That's what playing in the NFL for 40 years gets you.


That's what playing in the NFL for 40 years gets you.

Derrick Mason about Matt Stover's "ritual" and the game winner in Tennessee

In an attempt to just straight up rip off BTSC...

Ravens Season in Seven WordsJust like the title says... this is a blatant rip-off and all the credit for the idea goes to BostonWahoo over there. But as they say, "imitation is the most sincere...


First off... Happy Birthday Joe Flacco

now go get your Hunt Trophy.   Second, listening to 1057 The Fan out of Baltimore (Mark Viviano & The Bulldog) I heard a relatively humorous Rex Ryan audio clip.  I've searched for the audio...


The Night Before Festivus

I know festivus was a term coined back in 2000, and I don't know if you all have read/heard this poem yet, but I decided to post it here anyway. 'Twas the night before Festivus, when all through...


To put to rest that the better team did, in fact, win Saturday...

Did anyone else find it odd at the lack of replays CBS chose to air during the Ravens/Titans game?  Just to segue into this article at ProFootballTalk.com. via www.profootballtalk.com During...


Playoff Clinching Confusion...

According the AP (according to The Sun) the Ravens can clinch the last wild card simply with a NE loss.  Can anyone validate this for me... is it true?  That would be nice.  Since our game was...

According to Jamison Hensley at The Sun, Congrats Joe.


"Joe Flacco was named NFL Rookie of the Month. In November, he averaged 212 passing yards, throwing for seven touchdowns with two interceptions" Although I haven't been able to verify it anywhere else yet.

McAlister's Out


Chris McAlister, after several opinions, has decided to have season-ending knee surgery. He'll go on the IR with no other move announced yet. He has likely played his last game as a Raven. If so, thanks for you service Chris and good luck where ever you go.

Skins Land Hall


Not sure of the details, but I think I heard 3 yrs.

Politics as usual?

dayzd toe for President!

Politics as usual?

I had to dress as a nurse on a road trip to Chicago [as part of rookie initiation].


I had to dress as a nurse on a road trip to Chicago [as part of rookie initiation].

Adam Jones Trivia--- What was your worst or most embarrassing rookie mistake?

Are we all opting to ignore it, and hope it goes away?

Or are we just not actually noticing it? I, for one, have no problem with instant replay in baseball.  So what if the games get a little longer.  One of the joys of the game is the fact that it...

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