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Jeff's First Half in Review


Always fantastic first half in review post by our former leader. Always brings me back to 2006's, which I can never read all the way through without cracking up laughing.


2009 NCAA Final Four Open Thread.

Well, what a weekend. Surprises and great basketball everywhere. UConn was able to withstand the loss of Jerome Dyson (which I thought would cost them any shot at the Final Four) and get through...


7/31 Rumour Mill: Griffey----->White Sox, Bay---->RED SOX, Manny---->DODGERS

I figured we should save the front-page post for Mariner trades/non-trades. If not, then ignore this. Griffey has apparently been picked up by the White Sox. Take it away, Ken. The Reds have...


Extra (FREE!) Ticket to Mets/M's on Monday (Felix-Johan)

I have a single ticket available for Monday night's (7:10 pm EST) game against the Mets. As of now this would be Felix against Johan. The ticket is located in Outer Field Box 142 Row H, which is...


Joe Morgan is an Asshat

I was reading through Fire Joe Morgan and stumbled across this gem from a JoeChat. In response to a question re: Willie Randolph, Joe tries to make an argument that managers get more shit than they...


Yuni: The King of the Three True Outcomes

Most of us have heard of the Three True Outcomes at some point in our baseball watching. Basically the 3 outcomes are HR, BB, and K (Or pop-up to 2B, soft grounder to 1B and weak fly to right for...


Jonathan Papelbon is hilarious

Even though most [all] of us hate the Red Sox, I think that everoyne appreciates how good Papsmear is. Or not. But either way he's a great pitcher and apparently he has a good sense of humor. Don't...


Caple: Sign Bonds, Mariners

http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=caple/080407 Preaching to the choir.   Get it done. F Vidro. P.S. I'm only at like 21 words, so today's Wikipedia fun fact: As a...


There might be hope for our favorite guy

http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/turcolumns/story?columnist=stark_jayson&page=rumblings Stark looks at why Bonds hasn't been signed and talked to 3 unidentified officials. It's the same stuff that...


Bill James' Projections-M's Lineup=Awesome

I was looking at the projections on Fangraphs to help with my fantasy team when I noticed that Bill James' projections were much higher for us than ZiPS or PECOTA. The numbers weren't that far off...


Sickest College BBall Game Ever

Villanova 68, LSU 67.Nova trailed 54-33 with 8:49 left.Dante Cunningham hit a layup with 5.9 secs left to give us our first lead.I'll admit, I gave up. I said to my roommate, "Fuck, we're unranked...


Oh Baby Jesus (Trade rumor stuff)

SO my friend tells me that there's a rumor that the Twins might trade Johan to the Angels for Weaver, Willits and Matthews Jr. First off that would be one of the most one-sided trades I have ever...


Team of Favorite Players

I was bored in my American Government class and so I decided to see what would happen if I made a team composed of my favorite players. Really I just wanted to see how good it would be. Here's what...


Felix and 300 wins

Bear with me here. I know that wins suck as a pitcher statistic, and it is WAY WAY too early to be dicussing Felix's chances at 300 wins.However, I was bored as hell in my Calc class today, so I...


Yuni at home

Does anyone know/have a theory as to why Yuni sucks at home this year? Coming into tonight's game, he's hitting .227/.237/.356 at home in 132 AB. He's hitting .328/.364/.410 on the road in 134 AB.L...


ESPN's Top Pitchers to Watch

ESPN (Jayson Stark) did this interesting thing where he polled 20 GMs, ass. GMs, and scouts about what pitchers they would pay the most to see. Coming in at #1 was the three time CY winner Santana...

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