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Fellow Eagle fan needing help


I need some help. Can anyone tell me where I can live stream eagles games? Much appreciated

BGN Mock Draft


Just thought I would come back and share my pick with you guys. You will see some of the people I envisioned for the Broncos were gone, specifically Shaizer. Thanks for all the input you gave me a few weeks ago


Hello from Bleeding Green Nation

We are in the process over at BGN of doing our yearly mock draft. I chose the Bronco's this year and I want to see what we are looking at your side for the right choice to make over on my side and...

Walton Jr. breakout season


As I agree with the breakdown given. It is just great to have Michigan BBall back and stronger than ever.

Let it begin


Chris Johnson, 1 yr deal to Eagles. That is just what we do.

He is on his way, you sure you dont want him? Manziel Declares


If he was a late rd get I would say yes but top 10 or 15? Probably

Black Mamba to Philly


Well he has officially announced he is coming to the NFL. He would be more likely a 3rd rd pick. Would he be a good fit in Philly? Slot WR, Kickoff and punt returner? I would think so and Chip knows this kid better than most. Whats your thoughts on the Eagles using a 3rd on Thomas?

Thank you BGN writers


I just wanted to thank all the BGN writers for keep us up with great stuff to read and with whats going on Christmas day. It is appreciated. Let all know we are the greatest fans and we will not be denied. E-A-G-L-E-S!!!

Romo Out


And this is where it begins

Congrat's to Justin Blackmon


How do you keep messing up like this? Guy was suppose to be a beast coming out and has done nothing but become another wasted talent.

Personal MilkShakes


So I found this interesting, A milkshake for the end of practice to specifically meet each persons needs depending on their workout/diet. This must be the science coming in play now.


Mock Draft - 2.0 (Final)

Alright guys, I would like some feed back on this one. I had my first one a while ago but it was busted right away as I really expected Lewan to come out in this draft. But I am just going to go...

Will Nnamdi restructure?


Well we all seen this coming, I guess we will find out later this weekend if Nnamdi will be an Eagle or not


Bradley meeting with eagles

Gus Bradley meeting with Eagles today according to reports. Adam S from ESPN broke the news just minutes ago. Lets go get him boys. Jeff Lurie and Howie have him in place and according to Jason B,...

Lewan stays in school


I was disappointed in this. I was sure after a great bowl game he would come out. top 20 pick and chose to stay., Good for him


Mock Draft - 1.0 and Beyond

So here is my mock draft/off-season moves - Just some opinions of mine that I think would benefit our team. Of course this is also assuming that everyone I think is coming out in this draft will be...

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