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Guess I'll be Watching the Masters


Because it looks like the Mets might get snowed out of their entire weekend series against the Twins. FWIW, I kind of like that they don't have a retractable roof, but maybe it wouldn't have been a bad idea for Minneapolis.


The Expansion Team Blues

Let me begin by stating that this is a bit of a random topic that may have been fueled by a bit of insomnia. But last night I saw a (fairly typical) comment lamenting the history of our beloved...

Cruz game-winner frame-by-frame


It's from the Washington Post, but this is a cool look at the game-winning pass, analyzing the play as it unfolds.

Red Sox Fire Bobby Valentine


I just post this to note how the two most successful Mets managers of my lifetime had very, very different seasons.

Mike Francesa Falls Asleep On Air


It's easy to rag on Mikey, especially for this, but I think he was probably doing what a lot of other people in the audience were doing at the time. Man, does Sweeny Murti ramble.

Fielding Dependent Pitching


As someone who has always been a bit uncomfortable with using FIP to analyze pitcher performance, this is a great new metric that Fangraphs has come up with to at least supplement FIP. As Dave Cameron explained in a later post, they decided against incorporating FDP into pitcher WAR for the time being, but hopefully that is a change they will make down the road.


Davey Johnson and Lessons Learned

Much like in the mid-1980s, Davey Johnson is managing a flamethrowing young phenom. Will he handle Stephen Strasburg differently than he handled Dwight Gooden?

Red Sox-Dodgers Mega Deal


So the Red Sox are basically offloading every bad contract they have to the Dodgers. Can we get Magic Johnson on the phone and see if he's interested in Bay and Santana? NOTE: Trade not official yet, as of 7 pm.

Cowboys and Redskins Losing Cap Space


Both teams are being penalized for front-loading contracts in the uncapped year. The Cowboys are losing $10 million in cap space, and the Redskins $36 million (so much for being $40 million under). This can be spread out however the teams choose over 2012 and 2013. Also, according to Profootballtalk, every team except the Saints and Raiders will pick up an additional $1.6 million in cap space.


Stuck On You

(Note: this is adapted from a blog post I just wrote. I thought it would be okay to share here) When the Nationals moved to Washington, David Brooks wrote a column suggesting that he would abandon...

Mets TV broadcast team ranked number two


This is a FanGraphs reader poll. Since Vin Scully is number one, this is sort of like being number one because he's in his own league.

Nice Article About Eli in Washington Times


This was written by Dan Daly. With the Giants playing the Skins , the folks down here have been lavishing praise on Eli all week, so it's a nice confirmation that it's not just us who think that he's a pretty damned good qb. His "elite" comment is no longer getting laughed at.


Tom Coughlin is a Great Coach, Eli Manning is a Great Quarterback

I apologize for the awfully simplistic sounding title, but sometimes it's just better to state the plain truth.  No doubt this doesn't come as a revelation to most of you.  Yet I think as Giants...


We Meet Again

Note: I know this is not strictly Mets related, but this seemed like a neat bit of trivia as we begin the post-season.   Tonight the MLB playoffs begin, and for the second year in a row the Tampa...

Ralph Kiner Rules


The article as a whole is a bit meandering, but the stuff about Kiner (about halfway down) is golden. He sure has a greater grasp on the game than most of the dolts still actively in the booth.


Was Steve Phillips Really That Bad?

This is a bit of a random subject to be thrown on here, what with the trade deadline approaching, but it's the trade season that made me think of this topic.No doubt Mets fans don't look too fondly...

Beware the Pirates


I just had to share Patrick Flood's analysis of the upcoming series with the Pirates. Very clever - Dave Barry would be proud.

Rosenthal: Mets Should Keep both Wright and Reyes


My world is collapsing in about me as Ken Rosenthal writes something that I completely agree with. I'm not sure the Mets can actually keep Reyes by offering him the contract he suggests (five years, $95 million) but at least he recognizes that there is more value in keeping them than trading them.


Finding the Clutchiest Superstar

Thanks to Fred Wilpon we now know that David Wright is an unclutch non-superstar. What about some of the other so-called clutch superstars of baseball's past?

And the Hits Keep On Coming


Evidently the New Yorker wasn't the only magazine to offer a glimpse inside of Fred Wilpon's strategic thinking. He spoke with Tom Verducci and had this to say: Speaking about the Mets' prospects of improving with a smaller payroll, Wilpon said, "If we're fortunate enough, [catcher Josh] Thole can be the kind of player we think he can be. [First baseman Ike] Davis keeps progressing. Whoever is at second base progresses as a young player. The shortstop [Reyes] -- I know there's a great question about whether we can keep the shortstop, so we're preparing for that if that should happen. [Third baseman] David [Wright] we hope gets on track. [Outfielder Jason] Bay is good guy and a professional. Pagan comes back and he's not a totally expensive guy. Beltran will be elsewhere. We hope [Fernando] Martinez can take that spot. Now, he's fragile but he can hit." Thanks to Patrick Flood for the link.


A mini-rant About Fellow Mets Fans

There are times when I am embarrassed to be a Mets fans, and its because of other Mets fans.  I don't know how may times in the past 24 hours I've run into variations of the "but he's right" when...

Most Memorable Homeruns for Each Team


Craig Calceterra came up with his list of the most memorable homers for each team. His nominations for the Mets were Al Weiss during game 5 of the '69 Series, Dykstra in game 3 of '86 NLCS, and the Ventura grand single. I also mentioned Piazza's post 9/11 homer. What do you guys think was the most memorable Met homer?

Joe Pos on Beltran


I was watching the Dan Patrick show on Fox Sports (yeah, yeah, I was shocked too - I didn't realize he was still on the air), and he was talking about his dislike of Beltran. He considers Beltran "soft," and similar to JD Drew in that he puts up numbers but has no memorable homeruns. The stupid hurt, and I was going to do a fanpost when I got back from California. Thankfully I saw this Joe Posnanski post and he saved me the time. He doesn't address Patrick specifically, but he says what I was thinking. And my apologies if this was already discussed here. I was out of town and couldn't really access AA.

Bowden on Trade Partners for Jose Reyes


Because we haven't had enough columns about this. In fairness, Bowden does say he would re-sign Reyes if he were running the Mets. However, he loses a little credibility when he says, "It doesn’t make sense to get only two draft picks as compensation if he leaves as a free agent." Ummm, that's exactly what Bowden did when he had Alfonso Soriano in 2006.


MLB Top 20 Games: Mets vs. Astros, 1986 NLCS Game 6

It's on now on the MLB Newtwork for anyone interested, and will be replayed tomorrow night and I'm sure throughout the week. Darryl is in studio with Bob Knepper. It's rated number 5. I actually...

Sportswriter basically blames victim for being beaten


I read through this a couple of times to make sure I wasn't missing some genius form of sarcasm. Nope. This is the equivalent of blaming the rape victim for wearing a short skirt.


Outsiders Attacking The Family

(Bumped from FanPosts. --Eric) --- "It's as though we were made for each other. Beauty and the beast. Of course, if anyone else calls you a beast, I'll rip their lungs out." - The Joker "I stands...



With the season upon us, I thought I'd take it upon myself to start a predictions thread for the upcoming season. I already did an NL East preview, but here are my picks for the rest of the...


National League East Preview

Note: I wrote this for another blog and thought I'd share it, if for no other reason than to spark discussion about our respective prognostications.  I didn't write this for a sports blog, so I...

The Nats advertise their stupidity


It's actually comforting to know that thinking like this resides within the division. This is the text of an ad running here in DC for MASN, that station that the Orioles and Nats play on. It features Nats' manager Jim Riggleman.: How many ball games are won by one run? Last season, 732. A walk, a bunt, a well-placed single and a sacrifice fly. You call it small ball; I call it SMART ball. In baseball there’s a stat for every situation. Tie game, man on second, Ian Desmond at-bat. In day games, he’s batting .219. That’s what the stats say. Do you pinch hit for him? Absolutely not. Sometimes, you believe in the stats. Sometimes, you believe in the players.

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