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The case for drafting a young big man in the first round next week....

Obviously we would have to acquire a pick but apparently some teams at the back end of the first round or looking to sell picks. it might be a good investment to buy one. We could really use a...


May 20, 2014

While many of us enjoyed this spring's postseason run. The ups and downs that we as DC basketball fans have rarely ever gotten to experience brought a lot of excitement. It showed us that we have...


Jordan gets us our name back! we've got some momentum. John Wall looks like an all star right now and Beal can play. Give us...


A year and change later....We should have drafted Andre Drummond

Look at our roster? We have the worst front court in the NBA to the point where we had to trade a first round pick for a one year rental in Gortat. You absolutely cannot draft a shooting guard...


Chad Ford has us drafting Mitch McGary at 16 in his first mock draft....

This tells me a couple of things: 1) He has us as a 7th or 8th seed in the east. 2) Bc of 1, we should be tanking Why should we, a franchise so use to losing in horrific fashion, be in a...


BRING BACK THE BULLETS!!!!: Anyone else watching this NBA BOG Press Conference.....

They basically just announced that Charlotte will be called the Hornets again after next season. Stern is basically saying that he completely understands the desire for the fan base to have their...


Whatever you do don't trade 2014 pick!!!!

Dave Telep, top basketball recruiting analyst in the country just tweeted this regarding the Celtics/Clippers trade: "Notice that the Clippers sent a 2015 first round draft pick. Nobody's trading...

Aaron Gordon, 2014 Draft prospect.


This is the 6th ranked player in chad ford's 2014 top 100.....There aren't many guys in the nba that can do this. esp, not 6'8 sf/pf


Should we be positioning ourselves for the 2014 nba draft?

From all accounts the 2014 nba draft is setting up to be the best in years. Like 1996, 2003, and 2007 good. I'm sure many of us have seen where nba gms think there could be as many as 5 all stars...


CJ Leslie....

This guy had the best time in the agility drill by far this year. which is crazy bc he's 6'9. I'm not sure he's a lottery pick but if we somehow end up with a pick outside of the lottery we...


Trade for Derrick Favors?....

I haven't see this anywhere or that they are even thinking of moving him (at some point they have to come to the realization that derrick favors isn't staying in utah) but just throwing that out...


Name changing question

I'm sure its been asked already but if the Hornets can up and change their name just like that why can't we? How much longer can they make us suffer with 'wizards?"....ted, aside from the drafting...


Now do you think we should have taken Andre Drummond with the 3rd pick?....

Now that we're 2 months into the season is everyone starting to realize that we just passed up on a huge opportunity. Rarely, if ever are players this talented sitting there at the 3rd pick and...


Jan Vesely

I think a major part of why we're 0-12 is that our top 6 pick from the 2011 draft blows. Wall being hurt clearly doesn't help. Neither does the fact that our round 1 pick this year is just...


Andre Drummond.......smh This kid is still like 18 years old. How could we, or the other 5 teams for that matter pass up on this guy? he has...


Did we give up on Javale McGee too soon?

Now before you answer this question like the homers I know most of you are (i am too) think about his athletic ability and the things he was able to do in the playoffs. I mean even that summer...


I think John Wall's jumpshot has improved!

Ok. I know this is against high school kids but that doesn't really matter. what does matter is that his form is much much better! and he also looks to have filled out more which could benefit him...


quick question about the lighting at verizon center....

why does it seem so dim in that arena when you're watching them on tv? is it the lighting in the arena or is it the broadcast. it always look s really dark to me. has anyone else noticed this? ...


What position do we need most?

So right now we basically have a team that, if John Wall improves, will lose in the very first round of the 2013 playoffs. by 2014, we're probably in the same boat but maybe we win a few more...


Drummond...and why the risk isn't that high

I'm on the draft Andre Drummond bangwagon. I'd take Harrison Barnes as well (perfect fit in my opinion. tall, athletic shooter that needs a john wall type to set him up) but Andre has the type of...


Andre Drummond should be everyones number 2 pick.

The most controversial player in this draft should be the number 2 pick, regardless of who gets the pick. These playoffs have proved as much. The Celts (the series their in now is just about...


NBA player comparisons of players being considered for the #2 pick

As Bullets fans we are all too familiar with nba mock drafts. In fact some would argue that this biggest day of our year is the nba draft lottery. We all have our opinions on who would we should...


I was at Knicks/Wiz on Friday night....(poll time)

Possibly the worst fan experience i've had in my life. Never seen a team I rooted for get beat down like that live. I wore a wiz hat and literally nobody heckled me. You know how odd it is for...


hypothetical situation (late June): we have the number 2 pick in the draft.....

Lets also say that several players have improved upon their weaknesses greatly. Obviously guys are probably not going to get taller between now and the draft nor will they get considerably more...


Veteran point guard to help Wall...

we need to bring someone in who knows how to run a team. A veteran point guard who could provide a little competition in practice and teach him how to a run a team. Steve Blake or someone like...

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