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I am the product of growing up in NW Iowa with a fanatic Twins follower for a father and a fanatic Vikings follower for a mother. Despite my misleading tagname, I live in Chicago and try to see the Twins every chance I get (lived in DC for 3 years during law school...and then New York for a few...happily back in the midwest now).

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  • MLB Minnesota Twins
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Marquis - it's official


Twins announced they will sign Marquis to a one year $3million contract. Commence gnashing of teeth.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Thome!


Thome put on waivers. I assume he won't make it to the Phillies, but someone on the comments at MLBTR suggests he could still get there if he refuses his assignment? In any event, I hope he lands someplace that will give him a shot to win!

The Common Man anoints the Twins with nicknames


The Platoon Advantage: Nicknames For All! Nothing we haven't seen before, but something to take up five minutes of your afternoon nonetheless. My personal favorite: Setup: Matt Capps = State Farm He’s the expensive insurance policy in case Joe Nathan isn’t healthy to start the year.

Guerrier to Dodgers: Peace out Matty G. You will be missed.


Dodgers To Sign Matt Guerrier: MLB Rumors -

Chicago Sun Times Thinks the Twins are Boring


And I'm really broken up about it. Ha! 'Twins Way' is upright, but it's no fun compared to Sox :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Rick Morrissey

Crasnick/Koskie on Morneau


Not a lot of new information there (and a horribly unflattering photograph [edit] of Justin), but another nice write up about the danger of rushing back from head injuries. Whenever I read one of these, though, my heart breaks for Koskie. What a horrible ending to a great baseball career.

Twins' Mahay may have been last of breed - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN


I had no idea! I do hope he can come back, but he's getting up there to be making a post-surgery career resurgence.

He wouldn't leave: Mets' Dickey makes fierce plea to stay in game


This headline caught my attention - good stuff. I'll always have a soft spot for Dickey time. What a character.

Twins in on Haren; also on his no-trade list, via MLBTR


Is it weird that I take it personally that someone would put us on their no trade list? The nerve! Anyway, if the Tigers are also in, as the article purports, I hope this doesn't turn into an AL central bidding war (don't worry, they are ALSO on his no trade list, so it's nothing personal. He clearly doesn't like cold weather). They need him more than we do, I suspect, but I really don't like the idea of the Tiggers shoring up their suspect starting pitching staff.

MLBTR breaks down potentially available 3Bs


Help At The Hot Corner: MLB Rumors - I still don't know what this team needs to fix most, but I'm certainly more impressed with the starters that are potentially available than I am with the third basemen. Nonetheless, there are a couple names on this list that might be worth sniffing around to see if their teams would cover some of the payroll owed them. Does anyone have thoughts on Callaspo? Is he an improvement on Punto or just more of the same? I'm not sure that the Royals would deal in their division anyway, but he might be a nice buy low option.

Small bright spot - Twins have easiest path to the playoffs, per ESPN (Insider required)


In Olney's blog this morning, he tracks the second half strength of schedule for the playoff contenders. As you can probably guess by looking at the schedules, the Twins have a much easier path than the Bitchsox (pardon my French) and the Tiggers. Olney ranks the Tigers as having the 4th most difficult schedule of the contenders, the Sox as having the the 7th most difficult and the Twins as having the 15th toughest (out of 17 "contenders"). Olney notes that "[a]t one point,[the Twins] play 13 straight games against teams with records under .500." I'll take it.

Rangers To Acquire Cliff Lee via MLBTradeRumors


For those still paying attention, Sherman/MLBTR reporting Lee and Lowe to Texas for Smoak and three others. At least it's not the Yankees, I guess. Sigh.

How hurt is Joe Mauer? Don't ask him -


Hmm...probably nothing, but if it is impacting his performance, I'd rather see him sit a few consecutive days to get back to peak performance. I guess he knows his body best, but I thought the constant references to "banged up" were a little disconcerting - company line, perhaps? Hopefully he gets healthy soon!


Armchair GM: How can we finally beat the Yankees in the post-season?

Because west coast games also have the unfortunate effect of pushing out gamethreads a few hours, I need to kill some time with my afternoons this week. Therefore, for your unnecessary but...

Daily White Sox Update: White Sox' Buehrle, Guillen ejected for arguing balks


Anyone watching this game that can report? Sounds strange... and also awesome.

Bert on retaliation HBPs


Shockingly, he's a fan. Really fun read though. Goose Gossage is a trip. ----------- Unwritten rules violations - Three former pitching greats share their thoughts on how best to mete out justice

Should the Twins DL Neshek and promote Slama?


Neyer examines the case to promote Slama ahead of Delaney, despite the issues with the 40 man roster. I just like the idea of two Nesheks. I don't care how much Slama profiles like Neshek, there is only ever going to be one Neshek. Or does Slama have a blog, too? .... ---------------------- Room for two Pat Nesheks in Minnesota? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

Horrible translation, but the gist is that Liriano considered retiring after TJ and does NOT want to close


For those of you have language skills, here is the original article in Spanish: For the rest of us, sorry about the translation, but it is still an interesting read (even if you have to guess at certain things)

Smoltz joins TBS as Analyst


Good for him. Not sure that this gives us any indication one way or another on his intentions to pitch this season. It sounded like he was interested in coming back later in the season anyway. -------------- John Smoltz Lands TBS Job: MLB Rumors -

Joe Pos -


I love Joe's love of Gardy. Because it's an endlessly entertaining debate that always comes back to: PUNTO!

Span: too dynamic to remain static (or just lasik surgery)?


Span has been, in the imitable vernacular of Batgirl, my Twins boyfriend for the last couple of years. He's fun to watch and, it turns out, even more fun to follow on twitter. Rob Neyer briefly tackles the question of why he is so gosh darn good (or in his words "one of the game's best leadoff men")l after languishing in the minors for six years. ------------ How Denard Span became Denard Span - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

The Mauer love continues


Tim Kurkjian: Minnesota Twins' Joe Mauer as great a person as he is a ballplayer - ESPN ------------- I know, I know. The media is starting to sound like a broken record with their love affair with Mauer. I don't mind though; I can't hear enough good things about Joe. -------------- From Jon: If Joe's such a nice young man, WHY WON'T HE SIGN?

Cabrera's MVP Vote: Of course! We forgot about the WBC!


Belatedly, Voter Explains Why He Chose Cabrera Over Mauer for M.V.P. - Bats Blog - --------------- I guess I don't think winning the award unanimously is THAT much better than winning it almost unanimously, but it is interesting to read Konishi's reasoning. I love how he makes it a cultural thing to include the WBC as a criteria for MLB MVP (as opposed to merely being utterly irrelevant). Ah well, for what it's worth, maybe Joe can get it unanimously this year!

Really Nice Thesier Article on Delmon


Personal struggles helped Young grow | News ----------- This kid just breaks my heart sometimes. Really encouraging stuff in the article, though, and Kelly got some good quotes from Morneau, too. Here's hoping Delmon has his breakthrough year this year!

La Esquina: Jorge Arangure lists five players whose performances in the winter leagues have them primed to make an impact in MLB. - ESPN


Insider Access required, but Jorge Arangure lists the Franchise as one of his five potential break out stars in the MLB this year, based on performance in the winter league. He quotes Liriano as saying he has his confidence back and that his arm "feels great." Arangure's take: "More important than the statistics, Liriano was throwing harder than he has since 2006 and was relying again on his slider, a pitch he had been afraid to use after his surgery." Sounds encouraging to me...

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