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Wells on Waivers?


Casper Wells is possibly on waivers - would he be worth a look for the OF? It would be ironic if he were available because of Bay's ST performance!


One missing piece?

A lot of people seem to be saying the Mets are only one piece away from contending this year. I'm not so sure about that, but there's one guy that hasn't got much of a mention, and that's Tuuu...

Weird British Interpretation of Baseball


OK, I don't really know the story behind this, but apparently in the 1980s there was televised international "baseball" between parts of the UK and it doesn't look a whole lot like real baseball. It is called 'British Baseball' and I can't believe I've never come across it before (as a British fan of baseball, I mean). More details on the sport here:

Yankee fans are chuffing twatbags even in Scotland!


Yankee fans are chuffing twatbags even in Scotland!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (or alternative midwinter holiday!) to one and all. I wish you all a happy, relaxing and peaceful break from the daily grind.

The (Pitching) Gospel According to Dickey Click here to embiggen


The (Pitching) Gospel According to Dickey Click here to embiggen

I've not been posting much lately as I'm on the road, but in Austin I went to the LBJ museum and...


I've not been posting much lately as I'm on the road, but in Austin I went to the LBJ museum and saw this badge, which is obviously a slogan we can all get behind.

Lou Gehrig's Disease might need renaming?


Was he a habitual liar about his health though?

Deranged aristocrat charms Americans


is the implication, at least in my mind


Mets are ranked at No.7

The Mets are ranked at No.7 in this week's ESPN Eric Karabell podcast power rankings, behind only the Rays, Yankees, Cardinals, Twins, Phillies, and Tigers.


Doomsday Chat Thread

Just for anyone who is watching today's games and happens to be near their computer... Chelsea v Liverpool is surprisingly even so far

The D-Train might be back on the tracks


Not Mets-related, but I know Willis is a guy a lot of people like and it's good to see him rolling again after all his troubles

Sherman on Trading F!


Apologies if this has been passed on already, I couldn't see it. Sherman speculates on the Mets trading El Martillo at the deadline for an ace.

Chad Gaudin on Waivers


Not really the kind of pitching depth we need but hey, he's better than Ollie, right?

Draft compensation 'loophole'


This has probably been discussed before with reference to different free agents, but it seems a daft loophole in the compensation system.

LoDuca seeking work


Via Baseball Think Factory. No thanks, Paul!

Nick Evans catching in the bullpen plus a little bit of BP. I think I am a bit generous about his...


Nick Evans catching in the bullpen plus a little bit of BP. I think I am a bit generous about his catching abilities! Something weird happened with this video as it has 125 views after only 6 minutes. Odd.


A Modest Proposal (Realignment and Expansion)

OK, it's an old and well-worn idea, but I'm dragging it back up. As a British sports fan, one of the hardest things for me to comprehend is that sporting competition in MLB is so unbalanced. I get...

A few short clips from tonight's game warmups etc


A few short clips from tonight's game warmups etc

Pat Misch Audition? Really?


Initially I was laughing at the idea that Misch was one half of a "very promising" battery, but the 'article' goes on to set up this outing by Misch as something of an audition for the 2010 rotation. Based on one start. Now I realise the Mets are somewhat screwed, but is Pat Misch really even close to being an SP option next year?

Youkilis Charges Mound, Reaches Pitcher


As the commentators say in this clip, it seems pretty unusual for the hit batter to get as far as the pitcher and for them both to end up scrapping on the floor. FWIW I also think this was semi-accidental. Anyway, while this was happening, the patented Worst Line Up Ever! was providing some *real* entertainment. Ho-hum.

Murphy: Good, But Not Good Enough For Correct Forename Reporting


Don't know if this has been commented on already, but another one for the growing list of David Murphy appearances: the main article seems to be correct but the summary on the menu page linked here has Daniel as the other biblical D-Man.

Kazmir on the block?


I realise there's probably a bit of sentimentality here, and a sense of wanting past wrongs righted, but would it be beyond the realms of possibility to trade F!, Brad Holt and Ike Davis to the Indians, Victor Martinez to the Rays, and Kazmir/Crawford to the Mets? Mets seem to be the only ones who could conceivably make the payroll room for those two, and it's not just a deal for this year. Just wondering...

Wily Mo and Valentin released?

Wily Mo Pena and Javier Valentin released, says Bart Hubbuch of NY Post, via

Pacing the Mets

I'll keep this short and sweet, but after precisely one-sixth of the regular season, the Mets are keeping the following pace (tiny sample size disclaimer obviously): Wins - 84 Losses -78 [BTW,...

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