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Promoted Fanpost: Defensive TOI and Pairings

So It was pointed out the other day that Dougie Hamilton seems to be getting less ice-time than perhaps some people (me included) expected. As usual, that developed into a debate about the merits,...


Talent or Value?

There's been a lot of discussion about free agency in the past couple of weeks and it seems to have divided people into two main camps, which I'm going to refer to as Value and Talent, and with the...


The Ohio State Play Chip Kelly Needs To Steal

Following the announcement that Michael Vick is healthy enough to return to action, there has been some speculation that he might get on the field in some sub-packages. My guess is that most people...


Chip Kelly's First Offensive Play

There have been many articles written about the Eagles this week. The speed, the options, the sheer improvement from last season. Chip Kelly has provided so many angles to cover in his first...

Striker problem? What striker problem?

Is Andre Schurrle the striker we need or the one we deserve?


Premier League Strength of Schedule

With the release of the Premier League fixture list on Wednesday came articles like ‘Southampton captain Adam Lallana believes his side's opening fixtures are more "winnable" than last season'....

Stop Moaning and Try Being Palace


Doc Brown helps us all put things into perspective.

WAGNHSSS: Doin’ it deg0ey-style

We've given you two weeks to submit your entries for the 2013 We Ain't Got No History SSS, and over the next week we'll be highlighting some of the ones that really caught our eye (in no particular...


Johnathan Hankins: Why Star is Bad Value at #4

There are a number of mocks around right now that have Star tipped to the Eagles with the fourth overall pick. Whilst he's undoubtedly a good player, I'd be disappointed if he ended up in Philly...


On Chip Kelly, the Patriots and Hybrid Defenses

There's been a lot of talk this offseason about whether or not the Eagles are likely to run a ‘hybrid' defensive front under Chip Kelly and Billy Davis. 4-3, 3-4, 4-3 under; there have been lots of...


Mock that could happen but almost certainly won't

So it's that time of year where everybody in the world has got a mock draft. Every other football article is a mock right now and they're all pretty much the same. For that reason, I decided to try...


Breakdown of Connor Barwin's 2012 season

It has been well documented that Connor Barwin's sack totals dropped off between 2011 and 2012. Many have speculated as to why this might be, but I thought I'd have a look at some tape and see if I...


Why buying Torres made me love Roman.

The career trajectory of Fernando Torres since he arrived in West London has been well documented. That he hasn't returned to the goalscoring form he displayed at Liverpool between 2007 and 2010...


So what IS a 4-3 Under anyway?

With the hiring of new DC Billy Davis, many reports have emerged that his defences are based on a 4-3 under front. This has led to a lot of discussion about how current Eagles players might fit,...


Lukaku is the best striker in the league

Okay, so that's a lie but he is doing pretty well. Take a look at the following table: That's only a selection of strikers around the league (I didn't have the time or patience to look up all of...

Fabrice Muamba announces retirement from football


Not Chelsea related, but I'm sure we can all appreciate how hard this must be for Fab and his family. Hopefully he's got his heart sorted out and can live a happy and healthy life from here on out, because that's much more important than football.

Chelsea youth suffer their first defeat of the season.


Chelsea youth suffer their first defeat of the season.


CFC and Delta Airlines

As many of you will be aware, Chelsea made an announcement back in June that they now had an official airline. Graham wrote a brief post speculating on what this may actually mean for Chelsea, but...


Deciphering Chelsea's Current Champions League Squad List

In the comments of my previous post on how Chelsea's Premier League squad might look next season, people were (understandably) curious of where we stand with the more convoluted and, ultimately,...


The Impact Of Chelsea's New Signings On The 25-Man Squad

As most of you will already be aware, Chelsea must name a squad of up to 25 players over the age of 21 that will be eligible to participate in Premier League matches from next season. To further...

Boris Becker trolls Arsenal


I guess we can add him to the list of ITKs


JT trial could be over by 2pm BST

Sky Sports News saying that the case is currently stopped for lunch but, immediately before the break, John's defense claimed that Ferdinand is not a reliable witness and that there is no case to...

Liverpool close to signing Roma forward Fabio Borin


Ex-Chelsea player to join Liverpool. Source is about as reliable as they come, so it looks like this one might actually happen.

Shevchenko To Return To Chelsea?


I know it's the Metro, but it has actual quotes so it looks like this could be legit. I don't see any way that this could turn out badly for us.

Lots of stories emerging that Spurs are looking to bring in Oscar when Modric inevitably leaves. In...


Lots of stories emerging that Spurs are looking to bring in Oscar when Modric inevitably leaves. In the last round of friendlies, he looked to be playing quite deep for Brazil and was probably their best player. Why not cut out the middle man and bring in the younger, cheaper, Brazilian option instead of Modric? More video 1. More video 2.


On Chelsea, League Tables and Next Season

So Chelsea had quite a good season in 2011/12, all things considered. There was an FA Cup win and I think something happened in Munich, but I don't really remember the details. The upshot of this...

Chelsea, Di Matteo and Luck


There's a lot of maths in play (here and you need to read two or three linked articles to understand what he's actually on about) but the numbers certainly seem to suggest that Di Matteo was quite lucky towards the end of this season.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp to leave club after talks with chairman Daniel Levy break down


Well, well, well...At least we got Di Matteo locked in before the rumours could start.

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