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49ers vs. Lions: Niners Nation Q&A #2, by David Fucillo,

The other thread was getting hard to load. I'm not trying to steal Mr. Fucillo's thread,  I haven't seen him around so I'll start a new one in his honor.   Hey guys, this is Fooch from Niners...


We now present you to you , for your tailgating pleasure in the "D", The Booty Lounge.

The next home game when you out of towners start asking about where to tailgate, and are usually pointed to the Eastern Market area you know have something else to do beside eating hot dogs.   It's...


Yeah Baby, we back in the bigtime!!!!!...MNF at Ford Field.

October 10th against the Bears....Goddawg, finally!     This was the number 1 major, shameful, embarrassing thing that Millen created with his destruction of this organization, and the biggest slap...


After a weekend of wildcard football, I can say this.

In previous years I would sit down and one of the first things out of my mouth would be, "Well were about to watch a whole different type of football then what we witnessed all year long."   The L...


What would Calvin really be worth in a trade? Realistically

I'm not trying to start a war, I'm not saying it's the right or wrong move to make. I have my opinion which I believe is pretty well known regarding the matter, but just for thinking out loud sake,...


I believe this is too important for a FanShot....good read on how the Lions are viewed.

Five respected followers of the NFL have been asked to address five issues involving the Lions. The issues: if they're better than their record; areas that must be upgraded; whether general...


Schwartz should be extended immediately......

Joshun, quit hyperventilating....lol   For 1 additional year only at this point. Here's why I say that.   As we seen after the Pats game, the team while not out and out quitting on Schwartz, has...


Anyone from the site heading up deer hunting this week?

  via lh6.ggpht.com Or sitting around a campfire or bar watching the Lions on the night before Opening day? I have to work tonight, but then I'm heading north to my place up north. I'll be...


Gentleman, I come in peace

I know some of you ignore me(I don't really care), and some of you debate me, but remember, and understand one thing, we all want the same thing for this team.   I have been very curious for quite...


Is DWheelz12 some sort of idiot?

That's Derrick Williams of course on Twitter. Now of course everyone is entitled to their time away from work, and to do what they want. You look at some of his Twitter times and he's going to,...


Tell me something. Does this place go ballistic on roster cut day?

I wasn't around last preseason, and after reading all of banter(which is stuck my nose into) over the KS cut possibility, I'm holding my breath over the final roster cuts, as to how bad this site...

NFC North Blog


Seifert passing out some Randy Phillips love.


I have a serious question for some of you detailed analytical types regarding the Lions offense.

What do you call it? Like the West Coast Offense, how can it be classified?   I know what I'm seeing, and to me it looks like some sort of cutting edge, multidimensional hybrid thing that can't be...


Someone stop me, I'm about become a 52 y.o. groupee.

It's Stafford........I have, as of course thousands of us have done through the years been witness to countless Detroit Q.B's, have of course watched 100's if not 1000's of football games. Have...


Is Amari Spievey the puzzy type? I hope not, we need him

Rookie corner Amari Spievey has been missing a lot of camp with to an assortment of injuries. He isn't getting any sympathy from the Lions coaching staff, especially coach Jim Schwartz . "He's ...

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